A/N: The Challenge from my twitter girls...to write drabbles that are smutty and not sad...I hope I did them justice. According to Word...each drabble is exactly 100 words.

Thank you to the girls who gave me word prompts: tuesdaymidnight, emznluv, Savannah-Vee, Meikela and missjend

Pairing: Jasper/Edward

POV: Jasper


The room was dimly lit.

Music was pumping, bodies writhing and drinks flowing.

The vibration from the speaker was pulsating through my body.

I danced without abandon, arms in the air, hips rolling to the beat.

Behind me, I felt his body moving with mine, I closed my eyes and leaned back.

Strong hands gripped my hips then slipped under my shirt, my skin was on fire.

His face was buried in my neck, inhaling, licking, sucking, biting.

I needed to see him, feel him, touch him and taste him.

If I turned around, there would be no going back.


Slowly turning in his arms, I opened my eyes and saw perfection.

Flashing viridian eyes, damp copper locks and soft red lips

He took my face in his, amidst the crowd on the dance floor and brought his mouth to mine.

I gasped, feeling his kiss in every nerve throughout my body.

His silky, wet tongue slid past my lips as his fingers plunged into my hair.

They gripped tightly and I moaned into his mouth.

When his tongue glided along my own, a white-hot inferno blazed a trail to my cock.

He was fucking delicious and I wanted him.


The kiss went from passionate and hot to tinged with desperation.

We both needed more and couldn't do it here.

"My room is upstairs," he told me while licking up and down my throat.

Pulling back I looked into his eyes, "Take me there so I can fuck you."

The beautiful boy in front of me groaned, took my hand and pulled me up the stairs.

As soon as the door slammed, clothes flew in all directions until nothing separated us but air.

I grabbed him and hauled him to me, kissing him as I pushed him against the wall.


Grabbing his legs, I pulled up and wrapped them around my waist.

His cock was hard against mine and my hips began to grind into his.

"Oh, fuck," he whispered, throwing his head back.

I attacked his throat with my mouth, licking the salty skin.

My hips kept driving into him, showing him how hard I was going to fuck him.

Dragging my finger down his jaw, I pushed it into his mouth.

He ran his tongue all around it and I moved it in and out.

Running it down his ass, I pressed it against his entrance…"Yes," he hissed.


Holding tight, I carried him to the bed and laid him down.

He pointed to the nightstand and I prepared myself for him.

He was fucking gorgeous, poised and ready for my cock, on all fours.

As I pushed the head in, we both moaned, and then I slammed into his tight ass.

My hips began thrusting like crazy and he was screaming into the room, begging for more.

I pulled him up and held him in front of me, fucking and stroking him.

He couldn't hold back, it was breathtaking as I felt his cum dripping down my fingers.


Needing to see his face, I laid him down on his back.

His bottom lip was between his teeth, and I kissed it free.

I pulled his legs around my waist as I slipped my tongue into his mouth, tasting him again.

His mouth was slick and sweet and I was drowning.

Pushing into him once again, my hips moved back and forth and my fingers intertwined with his.

Our eyes stayed locked as my orgasm drew near.

One last thrust and I cried out, "Fuck…cumming."

My mouth crashed into his and I held him close.

I was home.