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Robyn (rmhale)


The first time I kissed Jasper was a wet, fumbling nightmare. It happened on our third date. Well, I made it known we were actually on a date the third time we went out.

Walking along the river bank in the calm peace of nightfall, he turned to look at me and I saw the invitation in those fiery eyes.

I closed my eyes, leaned forward with an open mouth and hit his cheek. After a few moments, our lips aligned.

It was a slippery, messy moment of perfection in my adolescent life, one that I wouldn't trade for anything.


Jasper loved chocolate, the darker the better. One might actually call him a snob about it.

That was a lesson I learned very quickly. I knew he loved the silky, sweet goodness and, wanting to secure his most ardent affection, I bought him a bag of Hershey Kisses.

Jasper ate a few and his expression could only be described as comical. Then he gave me a lesson in real chocolate. He pulled out countless foreign, bizarre wonders; one even had chili powder in it.

But I'll never forget that kiss.

His tongue tasted bitter and spicy.

I fell in love.


My high school years were a learning experience. Classes and tests prepared me for the world ahead in a university.

Applying for scholarships taught me patience, proper letter writing and the importance of all the volunteer work my parents made me do.

But I learned the most important lesson in my life from Jasper. He taught me to love unconditionally, with all that I am.

After giving my Salutatorian speech, my mother took a photograph that sits on our mantle today.

I walked off the stage, straight to my boyfriend and kissed him and the cameras clicked madly around us.


Summers in the South were sweltering.

All of the excitement of choosing an apartment together took a backseat to actually moving. There were weepy parents, sad siblings and moving on a 106 degree day.

Texas in July was unforgiving.

By the time the U-Haul was unloaded and the gravity of it sank in, we were grinning like fools.

"Edward," Jasper said. "We live together, alone. No more shushing while we're fucking."

I launched myself at him and pressed my lips to his. All I tasted was stale soda and dust, but I'll never forget that kiss in our first home.


I was allergic to cardiovascular exercise.

At least that was what I told Jasper the week after we moved in and he woke up to go running in the park behind our house.

Smiling, he leaned down and whispered that I was amicable to other exercise before kissing me.

I reminded him that I was available for said activities, but he wanted to put in ten miles before breakfast.

He kissed me when he got home. It was sweaty, salty, slick and delicious. Those kisses lead to a thorough fucking in the shower.

Morning runs were encouraged from then on.


On our five year anniversary we had a quiet dinner at home followed by a Jasper sundae.

I used his body to feast on delicacies such as Tahitian vanilla bean gelato which I licked from his stomach.

I painted "I love you" on his chest in caramel chocolate sauce before lapping it up with my tongue and sharing the rich flavor with him in a gentle meeting of our mouths.

His cock was covered in whipped cream, then topped with a cherry. I scooped the fruit into my mouth, biting into it as I kissed him. The flavor was explosive.


A decade passed. Jasper's face burrowed in our fluffy pillows was still strikingly handsome.

We spent the evening recreating my favorite kisses and it was time to add more.

Pulling out the lip balm, I smeared it all over my lips, leaned over him and proceeded to rub against the swollen, abraded skin around his mouth.

I felt his warm breath as he opened up for my tongue, moaning and grasping my hair tightly.

What I intended to be healing kisses turned into lazy love-making.

There would be infinite kisses, a lifetime's worth.

I couldn't wait to experience them all.

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