Walter and Harry

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Halloween and Meeting

It was near the end of October when there was an announcement after the evening meal one night. Professor Dumbledore told them that there would be a new set of exams starting from next year. They were to be taken in the fourth year and would only be in the seven compulsory subjects. The exams were called Elementary Certificate of Magical Achievement, ECMAs for short. There was quite a bit of buzzing around the room especially from the third years as they would have to sit these next year and there OWLs would be the year after. They thought they had another year before they had anything to worry about.

There was more information about them once everyone had settled down. Everyone would get a result sheet no matter what their results were but would only get the certificate if they passed all of the subjects. If they did not pass they would have to repeat the same material the next year and re sit as they would not be ready for their OWLs. This was obviously not very popular among some of the students but it was pointed out that the exams would be much easier than the OWLs and if people had trouble with achieving an OWL in a subject there would still be the opportunity to show they had learned enough to pass the earlier exam.

The ECMA certificate was likely to become the minimum entry requirement for any sort of magical position after they left Hogwarts. So everyone needed a rounded magical education before they started to specialise in whatever they were planning for a career.

From the third year students choose two or three new subjects in addition to the ones they take from year one and two. As these are options it was decided that they were not necessary to pass in these early level exams. The most important subjects were the compulsory ones and as there was a very low pass rate for some subjects like 'History of Magic' it would at least see that all students made some effort in all subjects no matter what they wanted to do after they graduated.

"I think this is a good idea" Harry said to Leo.

"So do I as people will get their material ready a year earlier and get themselves organised for the easier exams and the next year they will learn from their mistakes" Leo answered.

"Even the people like Walter may have a chance of passing something. They may have to stay back in fourth year for a second time but that would be better than going on to work that was beyond them." Harry continued as they made their way out of the Hall.

When they returned to their common room Professor Flitwick was talking to all the third years and Harry and Leo heard him say that the certificate was very easy and he would expect all Ravenclaws to pass with outstanding in each subject.

The next morning when they were on their way to breakfast a girl came running up to Harry.

"Hi Harry, I am Susan Bones, I just saw your brother being taken to the hospital wing."

"Thanks for letting me know, what happened and did he look very ill? I want to work out if I should go and see him before breakfast?" Harry answered.

"I didn't see his face but Professor Quirrell was there and looking very nervous. I think you should have your breakfast first or you may miss out." Susan answered.

"Thanks, I'll do that." Harry said and thought how helpful the Hufflepuffs were. It may be as they knew him through Emery.

"There is something odd about that Quirrell. He is always around when something happens to Walter." Harry said to Leo. He didn't say anything about the way he always gets the pain in his scar when Quirrell is near.

"He is odd and also not a very good teacher." Leo replied.

After breakfast Harry went to the hospital wing and saw Walter. He was sleeping and Madam Pomfrey said he seemed to have some sort of spell damage but he would be alright after some rest. He then had a talk to his great grandfather's portrait about what happened so the message would get home.

Harry went to potions and Leo was sitting with Emery and Stewart so he went to take his place with them. Snape looked up and Harry started to say something to him and he just nodded and pointed to the ingredients written on the board.

The next morning Walter was at breakfast with Oscar and the girls and looked normal.

It was now Halloween and everyone was looking forward to the party that night. At lunch time Tamara came up to Harry.

"Harry, Ron was really rude to Hermione in charms today and she won't come out of the girl's bathroom. She is in there crying."

"That is a problem with Ron. He can be very rude and has a lot of hang ups. It is a pity because he can be fun when he is not in one of his moods. Tell her not to take any notice of him as it is not worth it. She is much more mature than him."

"I have tried to talk to her but she is too upset at the moment so I will have to give her some time."

Tamara was at lunch on her own and Simon was talking to Ron and did not look very pleased. When they went to the feast that night Harry saw Hermione sitting with Tamara. They were nowhere near Ron and Simon and there were some larger older students between them. Harry felt that they were deliberately hiding but he was pleased that Hermione was there.

The feast had not been going very long when Professor Quirrell came in and said there was a troll in the basement. Everyone was told to go back to their common rooms with their prefects.

"That is a bit silly, why don't we just stay here?" Harry said to Leo.

"Yes that would be better but we had better go."

They started to follow the others in Ravenclaw out when Ron and Simon moved away from the other Gryffindor students. Harry beckoned them over.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Hermione is in the bathroom and she does not know about the troll so we are going to find her." Ron told Harry as he started to move away.

"She was in the feast but was at the other end of the table so you did not see her. I heard that you were rude to her Ron. You should be more reasonable and think before you open your mouth sometimes."

"You sound like my mother. OK I was not very nice and I am going to apologise."

"That's good we had all better catch up to the others as we don't want to run into the troll on our own."

Harry and Leo quickly caught up to the other Ravenclawas as Ron and Simon caught up to the Gryffindors. They finished their feast in their common room and found out in the morning the troll had been sorted out. Harry wondered about Quirrell though as every time anything strange happened he was about. Harry made sure he told the portrait all about what happened the next morning.

About two weeks into November Harry and the other siblings of the children with the curse decided to hold their first meeting. As Harry was the only first year and there were two third year Ravenclaws they decided to try to find a room near the Ravenclaw common room. Professor Flitwick found them a room and they had their first meeting on Friday 22 November 1991.

They decided to introduce themselves in alphabetical order of their family names:

The first one was Laura Beckett who said. "I am Laura Beckett and I am a Gryffindor in my 6th year. My brother William was born on 12 September 1980 when I was five and a half. I was looking forward to having a sibling but he was difficult right from the start. When I was ten and he was four and a half our younger brother Richard was born and William went crazy. Richard was born on 15 March 1985. We could not leave them alone for a minute as he would bite the baby. He was constantly attention seeking and did not learn to do the things one would expect. He expected to be treated like baby Richard was. That is just a start as you all have your stories to tell. He has done some accidental magic so he should be here next year."

The second one was Cedric Diggory who said. "I am Cedric Diggory and I am a Hufflepuff in my 3rd year. My brother Lester was born 9 September 1980 when I was nearly three. He was also a difficult baby and was very jealous of Nolan who was born just over two years later. He was even worse when Annabelle was born when he was four and a half. It was also unsafe for us to leave him alone with her and he also bit her but he did not bite either Nolan or me but he used to hit us. He also should be here next year."

The third one was Nadine Emrys who said. "I am Nadine Emrys and I am a Ravenclaw in my 3rd year. My sister Florence was born on 15 May 1980 when I was almost two. I can't remember her not being around but she was always difficult although she seemed to get a little quieter about the time she was almost eleven. She took ages to learn to read and when our five year old brother, Rhys was born on 16 June 1986 she didn't like it at all. Rhys is lovely and had never expected any more attention than a little boy his age needed. He knows to keep out of her way and mum says he is much happier now that she is here. I think it is a good thing to have them here as they are happier with each other."

The fourth one was Harry so he said. "I am Harry Potter and I am a Ravenclaw in my 1st year. My brother Walter and I were both born on 31 July 1980 and we have nine younger siblings." There were a few there who did not know that and they were rather startled.

"Walter was always difficult and the boy who lived business did not help. Damon was born when we were under two and he learned very quickly to keep out of Walter's way. Damon and I became very close when we were little and we still are. Fortunately we have two other boys close to his age living at our place and he has them with him now. Walter never took part in any family events unless they were centred on him. He was generally taken away when we had parties for the little ones as he could not take singing happy birthday to one or two year olds even when he was over eight. He just managed it in the last few months before we came here but still had a funny look on his face. The last birthday party we had together was when we were one. After that it was all about Walter and the lady next door put something on for me at her place. She is the grandmother of my good friend Emery in Hufflepuff. That is all from me right now."

The fifth one was Julie Richardson who said. "I am Julie Richardson and I am a Ravenclaw in my 3rd year. My brother Ian was born on 2 October 1980 and is still very immature for his age. He should be coming next year and it is a good thing too as it will give mum, dad and my other brother a break. He has always been difficult and was also hard to control when our brother Glen came along on 8 December 1982. It is quite clear that these children are jealous of younger siblings as they take attention away from them. He is obviously a slow learner as they all are and we could accept that as it is not usually the child's fault but we used to get very upset at his antisocial behaviour. It is similar to what all of you have spoken about."

The sixth one was Cyril Rigby who said. "I am Cyril Rigby and I am a Slytherein in my 6th year. My brother Wayne was born on 21 May 1980 and did not have enough magic in him to come here. He is now in a special class at a muggle school. My mother was muggle born so she still has the connections to get him in there. I have an older sister who has finished school and works in a shop in Daigon Alley. I have been watching the four who are here this year and they are not as bad as my brother. I did not think it was any use sending them here but I have now changed my mind and I feel that they are learning and they are together."

The seventh one was Rosanna Sparks who said. "I am Rosanna Sparks and I am a Hufflepuff in my 6th year. My brother Oscar was born on 23 April 1980 and was one of the first of their kind born in this country so no one knew what was wrong with him. We have a sister of five and her name is Heather. Oscar was very difficult when she came along on 5 May 1986 and you will all know how hard it is to keep the little ones safe. He was in care for a while and it helped him as well as the rest of the family. As many of you know it was very expensive but at least they got to know each other and the ones who did not go there have had a harder time and so have their families. Oscar is very slow academically and will be struggling but I think it is doing him good to be here. We are going to have a new baby in January so that is another reason why it is better that Oscar is here. Heather is much happier at home now as well and is looking forward to the new baby."

So that was all the introductions out of the way.

"Well we all have a similar story and I am glad Hogwarts will take them as I think it will be good for my brother to come and be with others like himself. It will also be nice for mum, dad, Nolan and Annabelle to have some time at home without the stress Lester causes." Cedric said.

Cyril said, "I wish my brother, Wayne could come but it really would be a waste of time as he can't even read properly. My parents have been to some of the meetings and found out a few things and one is very interesting. You have probably all noticed that every little bump they have leaves a mark. As they get older their blood gets very thin and they bleed very easily. They have just been told that the blood replenishing potion will not work for them. I just got the letter today."

"I didn't know that." Harry said. "I know they scar very easily and it does not go away. Walter's eyes got very pale shortly before he turned eleven and I noticed the others who come here are the same. When do they have the trouble with the thin blood?"

"Usually it starts between the ages of thirteen and sixteen and they have it for life." Cyril answered.

"I also did not know about that." Julie said and all the others said they also did not but they had not had a letter in the last two days and their parents had just had the meeting.

"Oscar's eyes went pale shortly before he turned eleven and it happened very suddenly. I have noticed since he has come here he is eating more healthy food. For the last few years he has just wanted sweets and cakes and would not eat his meat and vegetables. All of them are looking better and do not look so fat although they are still big." Rosanna pointed and they all agreed.

"I will have to ask about William. He was still eating badly when I left and was a very unhealthy weight. His eyes also went pale over the summer." Laura remarked.

"It is interesting that all of the people here except me have brothers but there are about equal numbers of boys and girls with the condition." Nadine said. "Tara Layburn has a younger brother and he will be here in two years as he was born in July 1982. He has had a hard time so it is good that he is having a break from Tara. His name is Philip."

"What do they do about the bleeding?" Harry asked.

"They have to be very careful to stop the flow as soon as possible and if they lose too much they have to have a transfusion like muggles. This means they have to match the blood groups so it is a good idea to know their blood group and also their families. If they have transfusions from a family member with the same blood group they are a lot better for a few weeks but then they go back to the way they always are. Other people must not take blood from them or they will get the same condition." Cyril said.

"That is scary." Julie said. "How long does it take before that happens?"

"I don't know that yet but after our parents have a few meetings we will find out more." Cyril answered.

They talked for a while about how their families had been changed and how things would have been if this had not happened and then it was getting late and Professor Snape came in.

"It is getting near curfew for the younger ones so I think you had better close your meeting now."

So they all packed up and made their ways to their house common rooms. The Ravenclaws did not have far to go.