"Second Chances"


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Full Summary: Graduation is finally here and both Casey and Derek are thrilled. But will a visit from two brothers get Derek to realize what he has right in front of him before it's too late? Now what if these two brothers cause Casey to act differently than what Derek is use to? [Set during 'Futuritis' for LWD]

Crossover with Supernatural (pre-series).

Casey's POV

Everyone is excited about high school graduation, a milestone that tells everyone that we are ready for the real world either for more school or to work, it's a sign saying that we could take care of ourselves now and should be given the chance to. Well I've been waiting for this day since I was first told that I was going to high school. Now that the time has come, I'm even more ecstatic on the ceremony as I forget about all the pressures and decisions I had to make during this final year. I'm relieved that the day has finally come.

I never wanted to go to high school, I never wanted to leave my family but that's what my father wanted me to do. I had been home schooled up to that point while my brothers went to school with so many transfers on their transcript it's not funny. My family moves around a lot and putting me in school to learn the basics was pointless, so my family just taught it to me. My brothers are definitely smarter than your average teenager since they picked up on material so fast and then they taught the information back to me. I remember my oldest brother, Dean, being the slacker and 'player' of the school and not caring attitude but he still understood the material more than the rest of the class; I say he's a genius for it. My other brother, Sam, is the same thing but he actually puts the effort into school so that he learned the material faster, which allowed him to graduate faster than his fellow students. It was useful for me too since he just taught me the stuff anyways so that I was prepared for when I had to go to high school. I was learning high school material before I was fifteen. My dad, John, said that all of his kids had to have high school diplomas at least, and that if we wanted to continue then we could but he wanted us to stay and help him with the family business. All of us wanted to help our dad out in the family business which all started when my mom, Mary, died in a house fire when I was seven months old. My dad was never convinced that the fire was accidental and it turned out that my mother was killed….by a demon in my nursery.

Ever since that day we have lived on the road with my dad learning how to hunt down the supernatural and track down the thing that killed my mom. Along the way as we traveled across the country, my dad began training my brothers and me, once we were at the appropriate age and he told us everything that went bump in the night. I started training when I was eight and usually stayed back at the motel with one or both of my brothers while Dad went on a hunt. He was usually gone for awhile leaving me with my brothers as they basically raised me until I was fifteen when my dad decided that I needed a normal high school education and experience and sent me to live with my Aunt Nora in Canada. I fought with him about it since I didn't want to leave and my brothers fought along with me but he promised that if I wanted to continue hunting after high school, I could come join them once I graduated.

So I moved in with my Aunt Nora and cousin, Lizzie and became a regular high school student. I didn't put all my efforts into school but I still managed to get the best marks. Thank you Sam and Dean for all those years of teaching me. I still gave the appearance of being so grade-conscious but I never needed it, so the long hours of 'homework' in my room ended up being a few hours with the extra time perfecting my martial arts training and staying in shape. Aunt Nora knew about the hunts but she never pursued it but she took the basic precautions that a hunter takes to protect themselves so Lizzie doesn't know what really happens out there in the dark.

For a year it was just the three of us and I was fine with it until Aunt Nora decided to get married to a George Venturi who already had three kids of his own. Aunt Nora never told them I was her niece but that I was her daughter since I would be staying until I graduated. Living with the Venturis was definitely new and weird for sure. His eldest son, Derek, reminded me a little bit of Dean which made me even sadder since I couldn't see them. Sam would occasionally email me telling me that they are still alive and asking how school was but that was it. The middle child, Edwin, was definitely a weird one with his spying, pranking and blind obedience towards Derek. Lastly there was little Marti, who was very sweet but seemed to only like her own siblings which was fine with me. The more time went on, the more the Venturis accepted the McDonalds and me into the family, aside from Derek who took his free time pranking me and annoying me to death. Sure, I'm use to the pranks because of Sam and Dean but Derek just made it worse since it always reminded me of my brothers. Derek constantly wormed himself into my life to annoy me and I had to try so much harder to try and hide who I really was. As time went on, there were good times and bad with all the members of the family but I always thought about my family that were on the road in America. I had to try so hard to hide all my training from everyone that it got exhausting at times.

My hiding can finally come to an end as graduation was approaching. Hiding who I really am, hiding my true emotions can finally be let loose once I've gotten my diploma, the moment that will signify that I am free to be me again. I still applied to university just for the fun of it and was accepted to all of them. I was declared valedictorian and needed to write a speech. I wasn't nervous but I knew that my family would be proud if they found out. I got them what they wanted, I had gotten my high school education at its fullest. It was a week before graduation when I told Aunt Nora that I would be going back to my family after the summer and she agreed to keep it a secret. I wanted the household to act as if I was just going away to university and not out of their lives for a really long time like distant relatives do.

Chapter 1 Sneak Peek (Casey's POV):

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Graduation day had finally arrived and I was overwhelmed with excitement. My speech was all memorized and basically what I believed the future had in store for us and something everyone could relate to. And if all else fails, I could just wing it. Everyone else in the house were all frantic, apparently Derek had already left and told Edwin that he wasn't going to graduation which caused George to freak out. Lizzie was stuck watching over Marti and Aunt Nora just seemed to have her mind elsewhere as if something else was going to happen.

I was all dressed and ready to go in my purple and black halter floral dress that went up to my mid-thigh with a black sash just below my bust. I also had the silver charm bracelet that Sam had given me before we had said our goodbyes. I was all ready and waiting downstairs when Aunt Nora came up from her basement bedroom.

"Mom, where is everyone?" I asked Aunt Nora as I waited in the quiet dining room. I had to call Aunt Nora 'mom' while I was living with her. It hurt at times but I never got the chance to know my real mom.

"Everyone's in the car but I'm just looking for something." Aunt Nora answered as she paced around the kitchen looking.

"Are you okay? You seem distracted."

"Yeah, I'm fine, just looking for my camera." Before I could say anything the door bell rang. "Casey, could you get the door for me?"

"Doesn't George have a key to get in?"

"It's not George. I'm expecting these people, so please could you?"

"Alright." I turned around and headed to the front door as I heard Aunt Nora scrambling to find the camera.

My eyes were staring at the doorknob and once I opened the door I saw two pairs of well dress legs that seemed to be in suits. I slowly moved my gaze to the two faces and my eyes widened at the sight of two guys in casual looking suits with huge smiles on their faces and I couldn't help but smile too. They weren't just two guys, they were my brothers.



Derek Michael Venturi - born March 2, 1986 (age 18)

Cassandra "Casey" Diana Winchester - born April 19, 1985 (age 19) - WILL BE EXPLAINED LATER

Edwin Daniel Venturi - born April/May 1990 (age 14) - entering Gr. 9 in Sept. 2004

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Madelyn McDonald - born July/August 1990 (age 13) - entering Gr. 9 in Sept. 2004

Martha "Marti" Aribella Venturi - born Jan. 1995 (age 9) (turned 8 when Derek was with Sally in gr. 11)

Dean Winchester - born Jan. 24, 1979 (age 25)

Sam Winchester - born May 2, 1983 (age 21)

'Supernatural' is AU because of the following changes:

- Sam and Dean have a little sister (Casey)
- Casey is extremely close to Sam and Dean
- Sam didn't go to Stanford (he graduated from high school before Casey left to live with the McDonald's)
- Mary Winchester (mother) died in Casey's nursery at her 7-month birthday anniversary (not 6 months after Sam's birth, in his nursery like in the SPN series) - Mary's death is now on Nov. 19, 1985 (not Nov. 2, 1983)
- John Winchester has not gone missing yet but does do hunting cases separate from his sons

'Life with Derek' Changes:

Casey will definitely be OOC since I'll be working in her true identity as a Winchester THEREFORE some episodes in the series might have been altered to suite that (but the outcome is still the same...like if Casey getting surgery or Derek getting chicken pox, the outcome of each episode should still remain the same to a point...otherwise I would state it during a chapter)

Derek thinks he's 6 WEEKS older than Casey when she's really the older one out of the two (will explain Derek being younger in an outtake)

ALSO, there is NO 'Baby Venturi' like they announced in Season 4's 'Surprise'.

AND, Casey DOES NOT get back together with Truman during prom in Season 4's 'Surprise' (she agrees to go with him like in the episode but they don't KISS and they don't get back together) - Derek and Emily ARE NOT a couple (they just went to prom together)

Keep in mind JOHN WINCHESTER is NORA'S OLDER BROTHER! (John, Nora and Fiona Winchester)

Originally Published: May 6, 2010

Edited: March 24, 2011