Takari, TK fic =) The following takes place totally apart from my last fic. Lol. Hahah this one is kinda based off a dream I had but that's what I find cool about it. I think its also a pretty creepy story but that's my opinion hahaha. So a little specs. TK, Kari, Davis and Ken are 18, and heading to university. Yolei's 19. Cody's 14 (I think, I might adjust his age a bit). Izzy and Mimi are 20. Sora, Tai, and Matt are 21 and finally Joe is 22. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy.

Chapter 1 Captured

"TK," Kari poked the blonde and realized he was fast asleep. She gaze upwards to the sun glare right at them. Though under the tree, they were barely protected from the sun. The boy was sound asleep on Kari's lap. How adorable. Kari thought to herself giggling. Careful not to make him stir, she reached for her bag and pulled out her camera. The brunette then pointed the camera and took a picture of the sleeping boy.

At that the boy, slowly woke up to see Kari's camera pointed right at him. Immediately TK sat up right and glared at the brunette. "What did you do?" He questioned her.

She feigned innocence, "Uhh... me? Nothing..." She said as she hid the camera behind her back.

"Really now..." He went to reach for the camera, but she immediately stood up and ran off. He chased after her until he tripped and fell on top of the brunette. There he took his chance and made for the camera.

"Hey now give it back," Kari demanded.

"Let me see first," He said opening the camera's memory and immediately saw the photo of him asleep. He turned a bit red. "Hey now," he said, "this is a really bad photo of me... maybe I should delete it."

Kari exhaled, "No way... you looked so cute lying there asleep, I just had to take a picture."

"Well too bad."

As TK was about to hit the delete button, Kari gasped, "Look!"

TK turned his direction to the place where she pointed to but found nothing. In that instant Kari grabbed her camera, taking it away from the blonde. She stuck out her tongue at him and quickly put her camera back to her bag.

"Hmmmph," TK moped, "Fine I guess I'll let you keep it."

Kari smiled, "Thanks."

He rubbed the backside of his head and realized his hat wasn't on. TK looked around the perimeter and couldn't see it.

"You looking for something?"

"Yeah, I can't find my... oh" Kari was holding his fisherman's hat in her hands, grinning. TK took it back. "Thanks."

"No Problem." She linked her arm with TK's as they headed out of the park.

TK's pocket began to vibrate. "Hmmm...?" He took out his D-terminal from his pocket.

"What is it?" Kari wondered

"It's a message from Davis..." TK sighed.

"Davis?" Kari repeated.

"Yeah..." he began to read the message, "Hmmm... a party... wanna go Kari?"

Kari thought about it for a minute, "When, where, why?"

"Tonight at 8, his place, for Grad."

"Hmmph, that's the third one this week."

"Well this is Davis we're talking about," TK said, "So you wanna go?"

"I guess so," Kari didn't know why but something made her stomach knot. However she decided to shake it off.

"Okay," He checked his watch, "You know, it's still 4, we've got a good four hours til it's starts."

She smiled, "Alright, then let's get something to eat first."

TK smiled right back at her, "Okay."

Kari raced ahead as they passed through the park on the way to Davis'.

TK walked at his own pace taking in the night air. Kari noticed this and turned around.

"TK, hurry up," She said, "You're as slow as a tortoise."

"Hey now," TK started, "You do know that the tortoise won the race against the hare. Besides don't you think it's really pretty right now?"

She looked up to gaze at the full moon above with the twinkling stars around it. Some of the blossom petals falling off the trees were taken by the wind. "Beautiful," Kari gasped. TK wrapped his arms around her and placed his chin on her shoulder.

In her ear he whispered, "Yeah... it's really pretty."

They stood like that for a moment. Take in the scenery around them.

"TK..." She paused.

"Kari..." He breathed.

A shot rang through the air which startled the two. As if instinctively TK began to guard Kari behind him.

"My, my," rang a cold female voice, "Look what we have here..."

"Who... who are you? What do you want?" TK demanded.

"Brave are you?" She removed her hood, in the moonlight, her face was clearly visible, she seemed to be around her 30s and was breathtakingly beautiful for her age. Her scarlet hair flowed gracefully til her back. Her face was thin and had a pinkish tint. She had an elegant body, thin yet toned. She wore a long grey trench coat. Her smile was cold, "You're quite cute yourself." She analyzed the boy from head to toe.

TK and Kari glared right at her. Her gun was in her hand, still smoking from the last shot.

Her smile grew wider, "Alright... it's decided."

The couple took a step back. "What is?" TK tried not to make his voice falter. The woman raised her arm, lifting the gun.

"I've decided to make you mine... that's all." She fired her gun again.

It was as if time moved still in that instant. TK turned around in shock. He looked at Kari, her eyes filled with tears. Her pain was visible...

In that moment, TK began to cough up blood. He fell to his knees. TK touched his stomach and it felt sticky and wet. "Ka-ri..." His body fell over and stiffened. His heart rate dropped.

"...tk...Tk...TK!" Kari screamed her lungs out.

"Little girl, no need to shout." The woman made a tsk-tsk sound, as if she were a mother scolding her child.

Kari's sorrow turned to rage. "You... you did this to him!" She charged after the woman trying to throw a few punches and kicks. Yet the woman dodged them all and countered with a punch to Kari's stomach. The brunette fell to the ground. Her eye's began to droop. Her vision began to falter as the tears distorted her view.

"Now, now," The woman said, "A little girl like you should go to bed. It's late you know." Kari watched unable to move as she saw the woman's blurred figure approach TK. She couldn't speak her voice failed her and then she blacked out.


Captured in a single shot. Those moments forever embedded in her mind.

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