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Chapter 12 Decision (The Final Chapter)

"Brother," Akira appeared at Topi's doorway, her hood was down. She was solemn, "It is time now, please escort them to the chamber."

"Yes," He replied and stood. The three digidestined had barely enough time to digest what they had just heard. Everything was happening too fast. They began to walk.

Kari was at a lost for words. She looked at her brother and he turned away, he couldn't face them. She looked at Matt, his right hand was dug deep into his pocket. His head was down, she could see he was trying to hold back his tears. She didn't know what to do.

Topi led them to the big chamber with the thrones. The stood at the center of the room, as the blonde joined his bretheren.

Amara, the leader of the group, was the only one who stood. It was like the meeting that the group had witnessed before them.

"Tai Kamiya, Kari Kamiya, Matt Ishida," she began speaking very formally, "The law of the Fallen is simple. If you learn of our existence you have one of two options. Become a Fallen, or die." There was a general mumbling amongst the group. Only Amara, Viktor, and Topi remained focused on the three.

"They should die, filthy sneaks."

"Nah, they seem fun, let them turn."

"They do look like they have a lot of potential."

"But they never should have come, and for that they should be punished."

They continued to argue amongst themselves when Amara stopped them with a wave of her hand. "However," she continued, "this is a special circumstance. One, in all my years, I have never encountered. These humans, they are a part of our Brother's past and as such hold attachment to him." She turned to Topi, "Therefore, I give you sole responsibility over their lives. What shall we do?"

Topi's eyes widened, "Sister, this is a heavy burden..."

"One I know you will take with great care."

Tai cleared his throat, "I know this is unorthodox, and that you usually pass judgement like you were gods among men, but I'd like to say something."

Amara raised her eyebrow, "Very well, we'll let you all say what you need to say." She sat down at that point and was content on listening.

"First of all I don't care if you're immortal or whatever, you are not gods." He said it so bluntly, "You play with human lives as if their dolls in your toy chest. I can't agree with the lives you live but I have no choice but accept it.

"I don't want to become one of you. And I also don't intend to die today. I want you to let us live. We know how to keep secrets, and we'll never tell anyone what we learned today."

"Keep our secret? That's what they all say. We cannot take that chance," muttered Hsiu Mei.

"We give you our word as digidestined that we will never tell a soul."

Amara looked at him, "I can feel your honesty, your courage and your pride. I shall take note of this." She turned to Matt, "I can sense you want to speak as well, please do."

For the first time in a while he looked up and stared into the eyes of each and everyone of them finally resting on Topi, though he directed his words at Amara. "For one whole year, I had to wonder what happened to my little brother. Was he dead, was he alive? Those thoughts boggled my mind. And then, just a few minutes ago, I finally learned. Everything that my brother did, he was brave. I accept that Topi is not my brother, but I only wish... I only wish I could speak to him one last time." He pulled something out of pocket, and finally spoke to Topi, "I know you aren't my brother, but... I want you to keep this. It belongs to him, so have it." It was the green D-3, the digivice of Hope, TK's digivice.

Hesitantly, The blonde left his seat and accepted the digivice. As he turned around something caught his forearm. He turned and saw Kari holding him.

Her eyes teared, "... ... ...leave..." Her words were barely audible.

"What?" he said, "I don't understand..."

She pulled his arm in full force, pulling him into an embrace. In his ear she whispered, "Please, don't leave me again."

Topi's eyes widened. He couldn't speak.

"I saw it in your story, even if you claim your not TK, the heart's the same. I can't bear to lose you again...I'll stay by your side."

At that moment there was a soft pink glow surrounding them. It was Kari...

"What's happening?" asked a wide eyed Chelsea.

"Settle down, Sister, just watch," Amara told her

A white light began to glow as well. Topi's head began to spin and then he bowed his head. The pink glow faded, but the white remained, surrounding solely the blonde.

After a silent moment, his head rose. A different aura enveloped him, it was warm. He saw brunette and gave a soft smile. He was a breath away from her face. He touched her right cheek with his hand and they touched foreheads. "... Kari..."

Kari couldn't control her emotions, her tears flowed even more than before. She pressed her lips against his. It was a soft, sweet kiss, but it also held such passion. "TK..."

"I've missed you."

"I've missed you too," she replied, "Please stay with me."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because I chose this life, and now I must accept my choice."

"Then I'll choose to be a Fallen too. Then I can stay with you."

"Kari... please understand when I say this but don't. I wouldn't want this life for you, you're going to be eating humans to survive. Is that what you want?"


"You have your whole life ahead of you too. Didn't you want to be a kindergarten teacher? And help change the world? The earth and the digital world? And what about your loved ones, Tai, Gatomon and our friends, and your mom and dad? Don't make them suffer through this again."

"I know I'm being selfish, but to have to lose you again, it might kill me anyway."

TK sighed.

"If you love me, let me be with you."

"If you love me, live your life for the both of us."

"Kari?" Tai interrupted, "I don't want to lose you, but I don't know what I'd do if you stayed sad forever..."


The light TK emitted was beginning to fade.

"TK wait!"

"Kari, I'll tell you this. When I became a Fallen my soul split in two. Most of my soul is now Topi... most of it. So I won't be mad that you love him too. I think it would kind of be stupid to be jealous of yourself. But this small part of me, my personality, my essence has already passed on. I'll never return to the world like this again. So please live and I will be waiting for you when you die, the complete you." He turned to Matt just before he completely faded. "You too bro. I'll be waiting for you on the other side. But until then stay alive and don't do anything stupid." He gave him a smile.

"I won't little brother, I promise."

"Oh and tell Patamon I love him and I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye."

"Yeah." Matt said smiling through his tears.

The last of his light was fading. And Kari kissed him one last time before he faded completely.

His head dropped again and once again it rose. He was Topi once more. He looked at the digidestined for a moment. He didn't say anything to the three of them, instead turned to the Fallen, "Sister, I have given it a lot of thought... I beg you, please let them free and let them leave. I'll take full responsibility for them."

"Is that your final decision?" Amara asked him.

"Yes it is," He bowed his head in respect.

She thought for a moment and smiled, "Very well. Since this is such a special circumstance, I will allow it."

Viktor turned to her.

She smiled back. "Brother, rules were meant to be broken sometimes."

"Thank you..." Topi said, and then he turned to Tai, Matt and Kari, "You can go now."

Tai and Matt nodded in unison. Kari, however, stood still.


"I... I still haven't made up my mind. I need to think about it," Kari said.

"But Kari..." Tai began, and then he stopped himself, "...Okay I understand."

"Kari if you chose this way, you won't be yourself anymore, you know that right?" Topi told her. She nodded back. "But if you live, you won't see me, Topi, again. But at least you'll live." he said her other option, "I want you to be happy so please think this through. I heard everything that other me said and I just want to say that even though I'm not really TK, I love you too." He kissed her on the forehead, gently.

Her heart pulsed. She closed her eyes and took a moment to clear herself. Finally she came to a decision...

Sora was praying hard as the light of day broke through the sky. They had spent all night searching for their friends. But they couldn't find them at all. Everyone was awake, worrying.

As those rays of morning broke through though, "EVERYONE! I SEE THEM!" Davis screamed. He was right. He saw the figures walking towards them from the darkness of night.

I wanted to write a little something for the epilogue. Don't you ever feel that when you write, you always want your characters to have a happy ending? But sometimes the best stories won't have the cheesy happily ever after. For this epilogue I had three scenerios: all of them started off pretty much the same way. But the endings were all slightly different. I'll talk more about this after you read the epilogues though

Epilogue – 10 years later

DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!" cried a little boy. He was bouncing on the bed trying to wake his father up. His brown hair was spiked up and he looked almost exactly like his father.

"Oww..." the father said as his son landed on his stomach, "You little... I'm going to get you." he started tickling his son.

"Stop! Stop Daddy!" he was laughing hysterically.

"Alright, but only if you get dressed," his father laughed, scratching his own mousy brown hair. "We're going to visit someone today."

"Okay!" with that the little tike ran of to his bedroom.

The phone rang and the father answered it. "Hello? Oh hey Matt. ... mhmm... of course I'm going, it's a special day after all. Ahh... pink and yellow roses... Is Sora coming? Her mother's sick, I'm sorry to hear. Yeah of course, I'm bringing my boy after all. Alright see you then."

He got dressed, ate breakfast and he and his son piled into the car. They drove for a bit and finally reached their destination. Tai parked the car and ushered his son through the entrance. He saw Matt was already there with his son and daughter.

"HEY!" Tai's son cheered as he raced to greet his friends. They all began to laugh and giggle with each other and asked their dad's if they could go off and play. They agreed and they raced off.

"Copy cat," Tai said as he noticed Matt carrying pink and yellow roses as well.

"Hey now, they were just perfect when you told me I just had to get'em."

"Alright alright, let's go." The walked over a bit and placed the yellow roses on a grave. The inscription read Takeru "TK" Takaishi, Loving Son, Brother, and Friend. Tai paused and turned to his best friend, "Do you ever miss him?"

"Everyday... but at least it's fine now."

The grave beside TK's already had flowers placed upon it, which shocked to the two of them. "Who?" and then they saw him. "Oh."

"Hello," The never aging boy said.

There was a brief silence between them. The boy stood apart from the two fathers.

"How are you?" Matt managed to ask.

"Fine, though finding a grave that supposed to belong to me was quite strange."

"Well, it was the best thing we could think of. Besides 'TK' did die."

"Yeah... dying, I wonder what that is like..."


Then his eyes drooped down, "So when and how?"

Tai's eyes looked at him, "4 years ago. She was hit when a tanker came barreling down. The brakes were cut..."

The boy sighed, "... I thought she said she would live her life for the two of us..."

"Well there was nothing we could do..."

"Did she ever find someone, during that time?"

"No," Tai said, "But at the very least, in her short time, she lived her life to the fullest."


"Yeah... she never stopped caring for the world, and she had a lot of fun."

A smile appeared on the boys lips, "I'm glad."

Matt looked at the boy with kind eyes, "Do you ever regret not forcing her to be with you?"

"I could never do that to her. That wouldn't be fair." He paused, "Well, I should get going."

"Where are you off to now?"

"Italy," he smiled, "Ciao Tai, ciao Matt. Have a happy life." He disappeared before their eyes. That was the last time they saw him. Tai and Matt placed their matching pink roses on her gravestone.

Tai also took out two photos from his pocket, "Do you know? This morning I had the funniest dream."

"What what was it about?"

"Well I saw Kari in the dream and she was smiling. The scenery reminded me of somewhere. I think it was a meadow in the digital world."


Tai nodded, "She was running and then she jumped in the air. TK was there to catch her."

Matt gave a little smirk, "I hope they're happy where ever they are."

"Yeah." Tai placed the two photos in between their graves. Side by side. One was of Kari, the night TK had asked her out for the first time. She wore a cute pink dress and she was fussing over her hair when Tai had taken the photo. The other was of TK. It was a close up of his face and he was sleeping. Tai remembered how Kari had love this photo of him, because he looked so cute and innocent when he was asleep, though he was eighteen at the time.

"Kids, let's get going," Matt called out to them, "We're taking you out to eat." There was a roar of cheering as the kids ran after their fathers.


I hoped you liked the ending. It really took me a while to decide how to end it. My first thought was that Kari was going to live and then she'd visit the fake grave of TK. There they would meet, but Kari would be like 80 by then. I thought this one was a little too tuck everlasting. Another option is for Kari to have chosen to become a fallen, but I felt that was more of a cheesy happily ever after for them. The third option was to have her to choose to be a fallen but she'd die because she couldn't go through the ceremony. This last one I couldn't really see, because she's a strong girl and she'd have been able to go through the pain. The path I chose, I guess was a little corny, she died early anyways kinda thing, but I felt this one was right.

Thanks again for reading. YOU GUYS ROCK =)

A little side note, who'd you think would make it as a Fallen? My guess Tai and Davis would be pretty funny.