She loves the stars

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It was cold. She didn't understand why he would be out here.

Not only that, but he was the last person Hinata expected to see out here.

"Huh?" he said, hearing her slowly making her way to the top of the hill.

"Oh um," she began, fiddling around. "I didn't know you were here, Shikamaru."

"Oh, Hinata," he began, staring back into the clear night sky.

Tentatively, she walked to the top of the hill and sat behind him.

It became a very uncomfortable few minutes for the girl.

"Why are you here?" Shikamaru asked, surprising Hinata a little.

"Um," Hinata said, trying to answer without messing up.

"I, I come here s-sometimes," she replied. "it's w-where I come to give..."

"Give what?" he said, waiting for a reply.

She hesitated out of embarrassment. "Give a prayer for Naruto's safety."

Shikamaru smirked. "A good reason indeed. Don't worry, he'll be back in a couple of years."

He sat up and moved in order to be side to side with her. "Naruto's a bit of an idiot, not seeing how you feel."

He gave her a warm smile. "When he's back, make sure you end up telling him how you feel."

She smiled gently back, "I'll try."


Shikamaru lied back down, continuing to inspect the countless stars.

She watched him carefully, trying to see what went on in his head.

"You seem to love these stars. Do, do you do this a lot?"

"Every clear night," he replied.

They sat in silence.


Shikamaru closed his eyes, as if viewing pictures in his mind.

"Because they remind me of her."

Hinata was confused. "Who?"

Shikamaru smiled. "A friend."

"Oh." Hinata said, still slightly confused.

"Why do they remind you of her?"

He opened his eyes to continue his stargazing. "She loves the stars."

The rest of the night was silent, until Shikamaru got up, and with one last look at the sky, began his walk home.

He lifted a hand. "'Night, Hinata."

When he was gone, she gave her silent prayer, before she too took one last look at the stars above.