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You Don't Know My Name

Chapter 1

How miserably cliché could my life be?

Woke up late, my bike is out of gas, and I have to push it to the nearest gas station.

Nearest. And that's like two kilometers away from the apartment.


I know I should have trusted the daily horoscope that I accidently subscribed via email recently. It said, "Today is going to super suck! Don't go 50 meters away from home!"

Hell. My bad luck already began early this morning and I didn't even put my foot out of the apartment yet.

Natsuki stared blankly at the big 'X' sticker pasted on the elevator door.

"The elevator is down. You need to use the stairs," the receptionist informed.

Double the fuck.

"Hah… Hah!" Natsuki panted heavily as she clambered up the steps to her destination. "Damn it! Why the hell does she have to have her office on the top floor?" she grunted to herself, wiping the sweat that trickled down to her chin.

After taking a deep breath, she fixed the cap on her head. "Stupid elevator. Stupid company. So much for having lots of money... Couldn't even do anything about that elevator."

She slung her courier bag over her shoulder and leapt over a few staircases in a rush to reach the top floor.

"Hope I made it on time... "

Meanwhile, Nao Yuuki was busy polishing her nails when she heard the sound of hasty footsteps coming from the far corner of the office. Her lips unconsciously curved up into a smirk as she glanced up to look at the aisle, like she was expecting to see someone.


"Slow down, Kuga-san!" One of the staff chuckled lightly at seeing a raven-haired girl gliding along the aisle as she tried to avoid crashing into the wall in her haste.

"S-sorry!" The raven-haired girl just grinned as she gave a nod to the older woman. She continued to dash towards the desk at the far corner of the office where a certain red head was sitting, polishing her fingernails.

"Yeah! I made it!" Natsuki cheered as she slammed her bag atop the red head's desk. The girl behind the desk simply peered at her wrist watch and grinned at the panting girl before her.

"Sure you are, mutt. You just got it here on time," said Nao. She took the bag, unzipped it and took out the medium-sized parcel. "And why are you sweating, Kuga…?"

The raven-haired girl took a seat on the sofa nearby and said, "I don't know if this company holds a personal vendetta against me. Every time I want to use the elevator, it's either out of service or full! Hell, Nao… Did you know about that broken elevator!?"

"Tsk! Tsk! Natsuki-chan… I've got tons of work to be concerned about rather than think about a broken elevator." Nao slumped into her chair and continued with her nail polishing.

Natsuki quirked a brow and then she grinned, "Yeah. Like polishing and painting your nails? I've barely seen you typing on that freaking keyboard, spider. And you only touch that mouse when you're surfing for porn!"

As the word 'porn' came out of Natsuki's mouth, the whole office turned to Nao's desk. They peeked out of their own cubicles at Nao, looking intrigued.

Nao's lips curved up in an awkward smile. She swiftly pulled at Natsuki's cap to bring the raven-haired girl closer. "I'm so going to kill you and stomp on your loud mouth, mutt!" She whispered threateningly.

Natsuki simply laughed loudly as she slapped Nao's hand away from her cap. Glancing around the office, her eyes fixed on one particular door which was beautifully carved and stood out from the rest. A metal plate with the letters 'CEO' hung on the door.

"Is she here?" Natsuki asked, her eyes still on the door.

Nao sighed heavily as she unwrapped the parcel. "Oh god. You know what? Get real, mutt! She's not going to fall head over heels for you. Hell, she doesn't even know who you are!"

Natsuki frowned slightly to Nao's remark. "Of course she doesn't. I've never properly introduced myself to her. "

"Then do it!"

The blunette rest her chin atop Nao's desk, staring at the CEO's door. Not knowing the reason, she found the door incredibly interesting. Sighing heavily, she just shook her head, "I'm scared."

"You're such a pussy..." Nao snorted, her voice drifting off when the door they were staring at suddenly opened from the inside.

"Shit!" Natsuki cursed under her breath. She snapped her head from the table and turned around, facing away from the approaching figure. She managed to snatch a random magazine from Nao's table and pretended to read it, only to find that it was... a cooking magazine!?

Since when did this spider read cooking magazines!? Argh! To hell with it! Natsuki inwardly grumbled. She casually flipped through the pages while her ears focused on the approaching footsteps. She could feel her own heartbeat increasing as the footsteps got closer and closer.

"Yuuki-san…" A rich, accented voice could be heard. Natsuki swore she could feel her heart stop at that moment.

"Yes, Fujino-sama?" Nao quickly stood up and fixed her slightly crumpled blouse as she smiled at the brunette near her desk.

"I've been told by Nakamura-san that he already dispatched someone to deliver a parcel," the brunette stated, not even bothering to look at the other person sitting on the chair not so far from where she was standing.

"Ah, yes! Here," Nao quickly picked up the aforementioned parcel and handed it to the taller woman.

Giving a warm smile, the brunette took the parcel and nodded. "Ookini, Yuuki-san," she said. She was about to return to her office when she halted and turned to face the red head again.

"Ara, before I forget... Would you please ask the courier boy to send yesterday's documents from Nakamura-san?"

Natsuki flinched. Courier boy? She thinks I'm a boy!? What the hell? I've been delivering stuff for this company for months now and she hasn't even noticed that I'm a girl!?

Nao arched her brows in surprise when she heard it. Wow… Is she blind or does she just not care? I'd totally understand if she didn't know that mutt's name, but to mistake her for a boy!? That's super!

"Okay, Fujino-sama," Nao replied curtly as she bowed her head. The brunette simply nodded back and disappeared into her office.

Natsuki instantly let out the breath she had been holding for quite a while and gaped in shock. "A courier boy!?"

Nao laughed hysterically and banged her fist on the desk. "Oh my god. You have a crush on someone who doesn't even know whether you're a girl or a boy! This is priceless!"

"Dammit, Nao! Shut up!" Natsuki grit her teeth furiously, her face flushing into the deepest shade of crimson. Nao ignored the blunette as she laughed louder, making Natsuki's head almost burst in embarrassment.

"I'm going to Mai's! I swear I'll never talk to you again, spider!" Natsuki got off the chair and roughly snatched her bag from Nao's desk.

"Oh really?" Nao arched a brow playfully. "I'll give you 10,000 yen if you manage to keep your mouth shut and not talk to me."

Natsuki grit her teeth and clenched her fist. "Oh, I'm sure I will!! And you will pay me that money!"

Nao's mouth suddenly formed an 'O' and then she laughed, "You just talked to me, mutt!"

Realizing with what the redhead meant, another rush of heat accumulated all over the blunette's face. Annoyed, Natsuki growled and walked away from Nao's desk, exiting the office. She kicked at the door that led to the stairway and leaned her head on the cold surface of the wall.

Now Nao is never going to stop laughing at me. And that woman thinks I'm a boy!?

"Are you fucking kidding me!?"

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