The Josie Cormier Way


Josie Cormier stares at the opposite wall of the cell. She had been asked to stay in this prison cell for a week. Her hearing was tomorrow, her hearing for the murder of her boyfriend, the hearing that would determine the rest of her fate. She thought she was destined for great things, but the only greatest thing that has ever happened to her was that she made it into the popular crowd and then got arrested for helping Peter kill her boyfriend. Josie sighed, while watching the guard slide another plate of garbage through her door. What had happened to her? One minute she was on the verge of being homecoming queen, the next minute she's locked up in jail. Things weren't supposed to be this way. Even her mum had left her together with Patrick and her lawyer, they came only to discuss how they would plea to the judge that Josie had been confused and scared and wasn't thinking straight. Josie had hoped that her mum would be the judge for this case, but her mother wasn't allowed to. Josie sighed again and picked up a fork and spooned a mouthful of mashed potato into her mouth, the potatoes were bland and smelt like old gym socks. She slides the plate away and closed her eyes. But just before she closed her eyes, she saw a shadow and it looked like the shadow of her boyfriend.


The day of her hearing, Josie was rushed of into a room to get dressed into the clothes that her mom bought especially for court. It was a white top, with a pair of black suit trousers. And a black coat. They must have cost a fortune judging from the material. The shirt itself was made out of Egyptian cotton. Josie was touched that her mom spent so much on her, probably because it will be one of the last pieces of nice clothing that she will ever wear. Like her mum and Patrick had told her, murder is a very serious felony. And lying about it for so long makes the crime even higher.

She arrived at court, and had kind of a prep talk from her lawyer. Her lawyer said "Josie, we are gonna win this. Just remember what I had told you. You were confused and you don't know what you were doing. Okay? Oh and just tell the truth and we'll be alright". She looked at her in a determined way, which made Josie even more nervous. She wasn't sure whether should would actually win, and if she did. She wouldn't know how to fit in and be herself anymore. Even Peter wasn't speaking to her anymore. Because he was in jail, he had a charge for 15 years of imprisonment and even some of the dead student's parents thought that it wasn't enough. While she was rushed off to the court room. She could hear several people outside shouting; you deserve to rot in jail Josie!!! Josie hurried away trying to ignore the voices as they got fainter and fainter until there was no sound….


Josie didn't think she had ever been more scared in my life. Once she got into the court room, her hands and feet were shaking. She could see beads of sweat running down the side of my face.