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The stage was pitch black and all you can see are the lights from the cellphones of hundrends of screaming fans chanting only one name. Most of them are crying because of the excitement they are all feeling and some fainted but still the person they came there for is still not on stage. At last, a female voice from nowhere was heard saying "HELLO DOMINO CITY!! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!!" with those words, the screaming got even louder then there was a dim light showing a figure of a girl standing on center stage that excite the fans even more. "Better hold on to your seats and we are about to start the party!" The girl said on the microphone she's holding and pointing her finger up while moving her hips to the right. The guitar player started playing then she started to sing.

(Therese: This is "Pumpin' up the Party" by Hannah Montana. I suggest you watch her performance of this to get your imagination running)

Get up
Get loud
Start pumpin' up the party now [x2]

It's the same old, same grind
But we don't feel we're wasting time
Not so bored that we can't find a better way
My friends, my kind
No one's gettin' left behind
If they did it'd be a crime
That's why we say
Let the music start a revolution
No time to play it safe

Get up
Get loud
Start pumpin' up the party now [x2]

They can't
We can
Parents might not understand
Having fun without a plan
But that's what we do
We're all here (Let's go!)
Gotta make this party grow
Together we can make it blow
Right through the roof
The music's gonna start a revolution
Too late to play it safe

Get up
Get loud
Start pumpin' up the party now [x2]

We don't have to paint by numbers
Let our voice come out from under
Hear it rise
Feel the thunder
It's time to lose control

Get up
Get loud
Start pumpin' up the party now [x2]
Pumpin' up the party now
Party now, party now

Get up
Get loud
Start pumpin' up the party now [x4]

The teacher whipped her stick on Yugi's desk milimeters away from Yugi's sleeping head. Yugi immediately bolted upwards and looked around the room the see the concerned faces of his friends and the angry face of his english teacher. "Mr. Mouto. If you want to sleep, do it in your freetime not in my class" Teacher said then the other students giggled.

"I'm sorry Ma'am. I'll pay attention" Yugi said while sitting properly then the teacher continued with her lesson. Yugi was now taking notes and trying to hold back his yawns when he felt somebody tap his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder to see Joey with a wide grin. This can't be good, he thought when he saw that stupidly goofy grin.

"You watched Hannah's concert last night didn't you?" Joey said but all he got from Yugi was a "ahh". Joey gave him a puppy dog pout that made him promise to tell him at lunch break and Joey was so happy them he voiced it that he recieved a glare from the teacher. Yugi giggled but frowned. He took a glance at his friend Daniella who gave him a smile and returned to her notes. He sighed and started doodling something of him notebook. He doodled his name and Yami's with a heart in the middle and frowned when he wrote Hannah's name inside the heart. Can it be the Hannah is stopping him from getting to Yami? What would Yami think if he knew he was Hannah? He shrugged this questions and focused on english class.

At lunch hour, Yugi and Daniella was walking towards the cherry tree where they all eat lunch together and Daniella felt that Yugi was confused about something that he didn't even say a word.

"Yugi? Are you okay?" Daniella finally asked. Yugi stopped at his tracks. Daniella took a few more steps before turning around to face her friend. "Is it a Hannah problem?" Yugi nodded to Daniella's dismay. Daniella is the only one in their group that know that Yugi is Hannah and pinky sweared that none of them will spill it out. Almost forgot, she's Hannah's stylist, choreographer and song co-song writer. She sighed before looking around and how far is their destination before telling Yugi he could let it out.

"We all know that most of the guys in the group have a cruch on Hannah most especially-" Yugi bit his bottom lip. He doesn't wawnt to say it so Daniella continued for him.

"Yami?" Yugi nodded. Daniella gave out a chuckle that made Yugi pout. "The guy is head over heels for you"

"CORRECTION! He's head over heels for Hannah Montana. Did you see his room? It's full of Hannah merchandise! The guys is pretty much obssessed with her" Yugi whine.

"Another correction. He's technically obssesed with you" Daniella replied while poiting out him. Yugi rubbed his left arm while avoiding Daniella's smile. Her smile dropped, she knew what was coming next.

"What if he knew that Hannah is really me? I'm afriad he won't look at me the same way" Yugi said lookingf like he was almost going to cry. Daniella was about to comfort him when they heard somebody from behind them calling out their names. It was Joey, another crazed Hannah fan. Daniella glared at him for it wasn't the right time but gshe felt somebody tug on her sleeve. It was Yugi. Without any warnings, Yugi dragged her to the cherry tree and made her sit down between him and he's most beloved Yami , and THAT made Daniella annoyed. She did her best for Yami to notice Yugi but the guy is DAMN OBLIVIOUS to the others feelings. They looked around and attention was on Yugi alone which made the guy nervous.

"So, Yugi. Did you watch?" Joey said with his infamous goofy grin. Yugi forced to smile and gesture them no by shaking her head from side to side which disappoited the others. "Cheer up guys!" Joey suddenly burst that caught the others attention "I won 12 tickets to watch Hannah tonight" with that announcement, Yugi spit out his orange juice to Daniella. The others looked confused and asked what's wrong with Yugi. Daniella and Yugi exchanged looks.

"See, we don't like Hannah" Daniella lied to them to help her friend but she got yells from them.

"Guys, chill. We don't actaully hate her but we rather prefer Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga" Yugi added to the little act. And liking myself isn't really me because of the fact I'M really Hannah, Yugi added in the thought with a sweat dropping down his forehead.

"Sorry Wheeler but I have V.I.P passes to the concert. That means I get to meet her face to face" Kaiba retorted that made Yugi spit out his drink again.

"You do?" Yugi asked while wiping the reminder of the luquie from his lips. Kaiba nodded with a confused look saying that he shouldn't spit out his drink everytime they talk about Hannah.

"Mokuba wants to hang out with her and I wanna...well" Kaiba said while rubbing the back of his head and blushing a slight red that he got glares from the others.

"Your not asking her out!" Yami growled while Joey made a pattern of a striaght line on his neck with his thumb. Kaiba smirked at them evilly that made the others sigh.

"I'm sure your not Hannah's type Kaiba" Daniella said while cleaning her self up and sending glares at Yugi who's whispering sorry to her. Kaiba giving her the look saying "How do you know?"

"I'm not inviting you money bags. This twelve is already reserved but Yugi and Daniella doesn't want to come then I'll give the extra two to Bakura and Marik" Joey said a little disappointed. Then the bell rang to Yugi's relief. They all separate ways but Yugi and Daniella aren't going to any class. They sneek away to the pricipal's office to change into Hannah. The pricipal is another peson who knows about Yugi being Hannah so they sneek away from their friends and run to the pricipals office for Yugi to change into Hannah if needed. Yugi put on the wig and the clothing Daniella set for him. A Amethyst and lavender top with large buttons line up into two coluuns that reacher to his buttocks to look like a dress and puffy tight long sleeves. Skin tight black cotton pantsand 2 inch black boots. Daniella wear a gothic school uniform. White shirt white a black tie and vest. Checkered skirt, knee high white bootswith 3 inch heels. A short blond wig with black streaks and some bangs to find her right eye.

"Do you have my contacts with you Daniella" Yugi asked while looking around the secret room they had in the principal's office.

"Wait a minute" Daniella replied while putting the her left contact lense on so her eyes are now blue. She turned around and look at her bag. She took out an Amethyst contact lense container and walked to sat down and let Daniella put the contacts on. He blinked a few times to get rid of the pain but his eyes are now gray in color to complete her Hannah look.

"I'm still not use to it" Yugi said while tryinng his best to stop blinking from the pain. He got a giggle from Daniella in return.

"Miss Montana, your limo is here" The principal said and they were off to the concert.

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