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"Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie... don't you ever learn that your husband is... well, a bit of an imbecile?"

I could hear voices, but I didn't recognise them. They didn't sound anything like my mommy or daddy. They sounded... different. I dunno. I suppose I was imagining things. Daddy always told me my imagination was running wild.

I looked down at my skirt – I swear it hadn't been black before – and pouted. This was my favourite skirt in my cupboard, and now it was ruined. I wasn't even sure what the black stuff was.

I was sitting cross legged in the streets, my teeth chattering and my mind hazy. I wasn't sure what I was doing out here... last time I was awake, I had been in my mommy's arms. I had been warm. And now I was just... cold. Really cold.

I pulled my legs up against my chest, and rocked against the stone wall beside me. I was so confused – this wasn't my room. This was a street.

"Daddy, are you playing a trick on me?" I called into the darkness, and waited for a response. There never was one. All I heard was footsteps and running noises. "It's mean, and I don't like it anymore. I wanna go home, daddy."

Still no answer. I rested my head against the wall as my eyes began to droop. I looked down at my hands as the blackness washed over me.

When I woke up again, I was even more cold than before. I felt myself rocking, and all I could see was the dark sky. The stars weren't bright tonight – but I continued to stare upwards.

"I knew you'd come to get me, mommy." I whispered, and coiled into the embrace of her. I realised that my mommy usually felt soft, and warmer. This person was really hard and cold.

Maybe mommy was cold too. Like me.

I heard a murmur, and it was something I had never heard before.

"Carlisle, this isn't a good idea. Don't you understand, that... she has parents? She has a family?"An impatient voice growled, but I was too afraid to look up.

"Her lips are blue. We have to hurry and get her to warmth." I heard a sweet, soft voice whisper. This person was closer now, and I felt her holding my hand.

"She is the most adorable child I have ever seen." Yet another voice whispered, but this time the voice sounded pretty. Whoever was holding me smelt good, too.

I felt my eyes drooping again, and let them close. My head rocked back over the arm that was holding me, and I slipped under again.

Before I could wake up, I heard a strange rumbling from beneath me. It was a soft purr, which kinda reminded me of my cat Lucy. I hope Lucy is okay.

"Someone will notice she's missing, Carlisle. And then we'll have to leave. Again. What will that look like?"

That was the same voice that growled before. But... who was Carlisle? My daddy's name was Barry, not Carlisle.

I began to cry, once I realised that this may not be my family I was with. Was I getting kidnapped? Why wasn't someone helping me? Mommy had always told me to watch out for people who would want to steal me. Was I being stealed?

I curled up into a ball on the seat, and cried softly into my hands. I didn't want to look at anyone, not if I didn't know them. I was too scared.

Before this, I had never been scared of anything. But now I am.

My parents used to say, "When Alice is big and strong, she will be just like a Lion." Will I still be a Lion after this?

My name is Alice Brandon. I live in Forks with my mommy and daddy. I have short, spiky hair and I am really short. I can never reach anything in the kitchen, and my mommy has to get it for me. I don't mind being short.

"Shh," A cold hand brushed my hair, but I only cried louder and moved away from the hand. The person sitting closest to me gasped and sighed.

"She's scared stiff. What do we do?" The beautiful voice of one of the ladies exclaimed in a whisper, and the fact that I didn't even know this person made me notice the door handle. I grabbed it, and pulled it, then tried to push the door open.

It wouldn't open.

"No!" I sobbed, banging the door and sliding down to the floor. My face was still against the door, so I couldn't see anyone. They couldn't make me look at them. Not for a billion, trillion, gazillion years.

The car suddenly stopped, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I could get away for real. Not be stuck in this car with strangers.

I felt so weak, I could hardly move my arms. I had used all my energy on trying to get the door open, and I was too tired now. When was the last time I had eaten something?

Someone opened the door and scooped me up into their arms. I collapsed against their side again, exhausted, and passed out again.

"Hello? Little girl? Can you hear me?"

I slowly opened my eyes, to a torch being shined right into my eyes. I cringed away, but it got turned off. I was warmer now, and I could feel the blanket over the top of me.

"Yes, I can hear you." I whispered, my voice sounding weak and small. I suddenly felt more courageous than before.

This person that was looking into my eyes wasn't my daddy. He was blonde and white skinned. His eyes were a scary gold color, and I let out a shriek of terror when I registered that no one I have ever seen has eyes like that.

"Shh, I'm not going to hurt you. Are you still cold?" He said, his voice sounding crystal clear and smooth. I reached up to touch his nose, curious about what his skin felt like. It was very cold, and very hard.

"I-I'm okay. Who are you?" I whispered.

"My name is Carlisle. We found you on the street... do you know what you were doing there?" He asked me, his eye brows pulling together. He looked really smart.

"N—No, I don't."

His eyes softened, and that's when noticed that my head was being cradled on someone's lap. I looked away from Carlisle, and into the face of another person with golden eyes. She had white skin as well, but her hair was up to her shoulder and a light brown. "Who are you?"

"I'm Esme, sweetheart. What's your name?" Her voice sounded just as smooth as Carlisle's, and I marvelled at how soft it sounded.

"I'm... I'm Alice. Where's my mommy and daddy?" I croaked, my voice hitching when I mentioned them. I hope they're okay...

I saw Esme's eyes flash to somewhere behind me, and I frowned and look away from her. I was cared about what she was going to tell me.

"They... they decided that you would be a lot more happy with another family." Esme said softly, looking into my eyes with a smile. Her eyes were scary to look at, so I looked away.

"Are you the other family?" I asked.

She shook her head, and smiled softly. "No, not us."

"Then why am I here?" I whispered, my eyes beginning to water. I wanted to get out of here, I wanted to go home.

"We're going to help you find another family. Someone who will love you, and make sure you're safe."

I frowned, and let the tears roll down my face. I buried my face into Esme's hair, only because it was the only thing near me.

I felt her stroking my hair, and making hushing noises. Everyone around me made strange murmuring sounds, I thought I even hear someone growling again. Maybe they had a pet dog.

"I want to go home." I cried, squeezing my eyes tight together. "Why did you bring me here?"

"I'm sorry." It was Carlisle's voice again, now much closer. I turned my head, to see Carlisle kneeling beside the white sofa Esme and I were sitting on. I could see other people in the background, but they were blurred by the tears. "But... we couldn't leave you outside. Will you tell me how old you are, please Alice?"

"I'm... I'm five." I cried, my bottom lips shaking and the tears getting caught around my nose. Carlisle nodded, and put his hand on his forehead. He shook his head. He looked like he had hurt himself.

"Well... are you hungry, Alice?" Esme asked me pulling me back a little bit so she could see me. "Rosalie, get her some tissues, please."

I saw a blurred shape get up off the other white sofa, and disappear into another room.

I shook my head. "I don't want any food. I don't know you. You're not my mommy."

Esme sighed, the sadness in her eyes clear. I heard a number of sighs around the room, just as Esme looked up from me. She looked at everyone sitting around, and seemed to remember something.

"Who are they?" I looked around at the five other people around me that I also didn't know.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I need to introduce you, don't I, Alice?"

She pointed to a girl with long, dark brown hair. Her hair was nearly up to her waist. Her skin was white and her eyes were a slightly darker gold then Carlisle's. The girl called Rosalie came back with tissues. I wiped my eyes and nose. "That, is Bella."

"Hi, Alice." Bella smiled. She was sitting with another boy, who's hair looked like he had been a cyclone. It didn't occur to me that they all had white skin and the same scary eyes. She gestured to the boy next to her. "This Edward."

Edward nodded at me with a careful smile.

"Do you know the girl who got you the tissues? That's Rosalie." Esme pointed to the blonde girl that was now sitting beside a huge man. Rosalie smiled at me and waved. She was really pretty. "And that man next to her is Emmett."

"Hiya, Alice." Emmett grinned at me, and with a whimper I cringed into Esme. Emmett looked five times my size. He had big muscles and showed his teeth more than the others.

Esme shot Emmett a funny glance that made Emmett grin ever wider.

"And that's Jasper."

I looked at a boy that had honey coloured hair, and of course, the white skin and gold eyes. He looked tall, even though he was sitting down. He looked nothing like Edward or Emmett, and yet they all had the same coloured skin and eyes. Except Jasper had purple under his eyes. He was probably tired.

Jasper's face stared at me as if I had done something wrong – it made me look away from him.

"Hello, Alice." Jasper said curtly, and leaned his head on his hand. He was still frowning. I looked down, worried I had made him angry. I had never met him before this, had I... ?

Esme shot Jasper another glance, and his glare softened. But he didn't smile.

"What do you say we go and find you something to eat?" Esme broke the silence, and pulled me up. Before I had time to say no, she wrapped the blanket around my body and cradled me in her arms. The soft rock of her walk made me want to sleep again. She sat me down on a stool and walked around the kitchen gathering things to eat.

After a few moments, she put down a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. I looked out the window at the dark sky with bright stars, and then looked down at the food.

"Should... should I eat it?" I whispered, staring at Esme sceptically. I have always been told not to take anything from strangers.

Esme smiled and pushed the plate towards me. "Of course, sweeheart."

I picked up a cookie, and it smelt so good I gobbled it down and guzzled my milk. I was out of breath by the time I finished, and I felt full. And a little sick.

"You were quite hungry, weren't you? When was the last time you ate anything?" She asked me, frowning at the empty plate. She picked it up and took it to the sink.

I thought for a second. "I don't know."

Esme's frown disappeared, and I noticed that she was pretty as well, just like Rosalie. All the girls in this house seemed really pretty. The boys... they scared me. They were all so big and strong, and Jasper... he looked at me scarily. He made me want to run away.

"Should we go back into the living room?" Esme asked me, smiling again. She walked around the counter and went to pick me up again.

"No!" I shrieked, remembering Emmett's big muscles that could crush me like a bug. "Can I go home?"

Esme shook her head. "I'm sorry, dear... but you can't go home."

The tears formed in my eyes, and my bottom lip started shaking. I struggled to control myself as I looked down at my hands. "Why not? I don't like this."

"Because..." Esme looked down. "I'm not sure right now. We'll talk about it."

I started crying into my hands, and leaned against the cabernet. Esme walked over to me and put her arm around me. I wanted to move away from her, but she felt closest to a mommy I could get.

I felt myself getting picked up, and soon I was in a room with the same people as before. They were all talking in quite, strained voices, while I cried into Esme's chest.

When I looked up, and saw Emmett and Jasper, it only made me cry harder. If daddy was here, he would scare them away. But I didn't think mommy or daddy were coming back. If they were, they would be here by now.

I hadn't realised I had fallen asleep until I had woken up. I was in a warm, cosy bed. Not like my one at home – this one was too big. My feet didn't even reach half way.

I leaned up, and looked around the room. No one was around. I was alone.


I jumped out of bed, and looked around for my socks. They were nowhere to be found, but this was the only time I would be able to get out.

I crept around the corner and started going down the stairs. I looked on each side, and no one was around. I smiled, and started running for the door. I was so close!

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Someone picked me up, and held me out in front of them. Emmett grinned at me, and started taking me back towards the living room. "Where do you think you're going, little Alice?"

Emmett's scary teeth made me squeal, and I was worried I had woken everyone up. But I didn't care. I continued to scream and thrash until he would let me go.

"Emmett! You're scaring her, you big oaf!" Edward gasped. He was with Bella in the living room, and they were both looking at me with soft, worried eyes.

"Put me down!"

How did they know I was going to run away?

"Get off me!"

"Give her to me." Bella said, holding out her arms. Emmett placed me in her arms, and I felt a little bit more calm. Bella was just as cold as the others, but she was the only one who reminded me of my mommy. Well, Esme reminded me more, but she didn't seem to be around. Mommy had dark hair just like her. "Shh, Alice, shh."

"Are you suggesting that you are a better carer than me, Bella?" Emmett gasped, offended. He was still grinning.

Bella nodded. "Yes, probably. Notice she has stopped screaming."

I had stopped screaming, but I was out of breath and tired again. "Bella... where's Esme?"

"She's upstairs. Will you be okay with me for awhile?" Bella said, taking a seat on the sofa behind her. I looked around the house as she did so, marvelling at the brightness and flashy paintings. All I could see was white, with the occasional flash of colour. It was a very big house. Bigger than my old one.

I sighed, defeated. "Yeah, I guess so."

Just then, Rosalie entered the room. Her hair was straight and blonde but curly on the ends. She looked like she was always wearing makeup. Maybe that's why she was so pretty.

"Oh, Alice is up, you should have told me." Her voice sounded like ringing bells.

She sat on the other side of Bella, and looked into my eyes. Her gold eyes looked scary, and I hid in Bella's jacket just in case Rosalie bit me or something. She leaned away, with a hurt expression.

She seemed to lean in again, but not as close this time. She didn't look directly at me, either. "What do you like, Alice?"

I looked down. "I like... bracelets."

"Bracelets? I like bracelets too." Rosalie smiled, and held up her hands. "See, I have a lot."

She was right; her wrist was covered in different bracelets. There was gold, silver, red, blue...

A smile spread across my face. "You do!"

Rosalie grinned, and pulled at one of my hands. She held out my wrist, and I just noticed she was wearing gloves. "Why aren't you wearing any if they're your favourite thing?"

"I... I take them off at night." I whispered, staring at her hand. She let go of me, and took off one of her gold bracelets. "Here, you can borrow mine."

She slid it onto my wrist, and I gasped. "Really?!"


I turned it around and around on my wrist, staring at it. It was a few golden bands tied around each other, if that made any sense. "It's very pretty, thank you, Rosalie."

"Call me Rose." She smiled, and patted my head. She didn't move from beside us, but sat there. Every now and then, she'd look at me and smile. I'd smile back, then burst into a fit of giggles.

I liked Rosalie and Bella and Esme. I didn't really know them very well, but they seemed like the only people I liked in this place. Carlisle was okay, too. But I was still scared of Emmett and Jasper and Edward. As soon as I remembered Edward was sitting beside us, I hid my face into Bella's strawberry smelling hair.

"Don't you all want to sleep?" I whispered, curling into a ball on Bella's lap. I was a little bit cold.

Rosalie and Bella exchanged a glance. "We're not tired."

I frowned, looking down. Suddenly, worry appeared on Rose's face. "Are you cold?"

I nodded. "A little. I'm kind of hungry, too."

Rosalie smiled, and stood up. She held out a hand for me, and I hesitantly took it. She pulled me towards the kitchen, and I sat on the same stool I sat on with Esme.

"Can I have a sandwich?" I asked her. She nodded, and gathered together ingredients and a glass. "Rosalie..."

She turned around, in the middle of grabbing a bottle of juice. "Yes?"

"Is... is the reason my parents want me to be in another family because... because... they don't want me?" I whispered, my voice barely audible. The thought had been scaring me all day; wait, night; and now was the only time I felt like saying it.

Rosalie put down the juice and came to sit next to me. She held both of my hands. "Of course they wanted you."

"Then why would they leave me?" I whispered, the tears now streaming down my cheeks. I have always been a cry baby.

Rosalie leaned forward, but then froze. She looked nervous. "I... I don't know."

"That's what Esme said! That doesn't help anything!" I said, my voice now louder and angrier. I felt irritated with these people – they didn't seem to be telling me the truth.

"And... I'm truly, truly sorry, Alice." Rosalie leaned toward me, as if she was going to hug me, but I cringed away. I was too scared for any more contact. Especially when Rosalie was a little... scary. Scarier than Bella and Esme. She was pretty, though. Scary and pretty. Like no one I've ever met.

Rosalie looked at me, her eye brows creased over her scary golden eyes. She looked like she wanted to get closer, but she kept her distance when I leaned away from her.

"I want to go home." I whispered, leaning against the bench and burying my face in my hands. I wished I brought the blanket I was wrapped in so I could hide. "I'm scared."

I felt Rosalie rubbing my hair, and she shifted so she was sitting closer to me. "I know, Alice, I know. I'm sorry..."

I peeked out of the gaps in my little fingers to the door way – Jasper was leaning against the door frame, watching us. He was glaring at me, just like he was before, which only made me cry harder. I hid my face in my hands for a second, and when I went to look at him again... he was gone.

I eventually stopped crying, deciding I had to stop being such a baby. I looked up at out the window – everyone of the back walls in this huge house was glass. I could see the sky beginning to lighten into a pale grey. Forks was always grey. Always rainy.

I feel like I have never seen the sun. Even though I have.

"How about I get you that sandwich and juice, huh, Alice?" Rosalie said quietly, and stood up. She bustled around the kitchen at a slow pace. I looked up at her, sniffling to clear my nose, and wiping my eyes.

"Sorry." I whispered to her, and smiled.

She placed the food and drink in front of me. I began eating. "You have no reason to be sorry, Alice."

I nodded, and continued eating. "Rosalie..."


"What is your family called?"

She grinned at me. "Well... I suppose we're called the Cullens. What is yours called?"

I wondered why she didn't say 'was'. "Brandon. Do you have a husband, Rosalie?"

Her smile grew wider and I didn't know why. "Yes. Emmett. Do you remember him?"

I cringed, remembering Emmett picking me up earlier. He could have crushed me and I couldn't do anything about it! "Yes. What about Esme and Bella?"

"Esme has Carlisle, and Bella has Edward."

She took a seat next to me again, and sat watched me eat.

"What about... Jasper?" I asked, shoving the last bit of sandwich in my mouth. The food here was so good, and I couldn't resist eating it all at once.

Rosalie looked down. "No... Jasper doesn't have anyone."

"Why not?" I asked, confused. "If you and Bella and Esme all have husbands, then why doesn't Jasper have a wife?"

Rosalie stared into my eyes, and began to frown. She stared at me for a little bit longer before answering. "He... he just hasn't found someone he wants to marry yet. Do you understand that?"

Although I didn't, I nodded. I didn't understand marrying and people being together. I wasn't ever planning to get married. I didn't even know what that meant.

"What's marrying? Is that when someone is connected to you for life? I know you have rings, but do they have tracking chips in them so you can't be apart?" I asked, drinking the last of my juice. I put down the cup and crossed my legs on the seat. I was small enough.

Rosalie burst out laughing, and flicked her hair behind her. "Marrying is just when one person really loves another person—"

"What's so funny in here?" Emmett burst into the room, and huge grin on his face and his huge body nearly knocking down the walls. Or that's what it looked liked to me.

Because his voice is so loud, I screamed again; I even hid behind Rosalie.

"Emmett! Stop scaring her!" Rosalie scolded him, slapping him hard on the shoulder. "She's scared enough as it is!"

"Oh please," Emmett chortled, ruffling my hair and standing really close to me. His hand looked like the size of my head. "I don't scare you, do I, little Alice?"

"You do." I whispered. "A lot."

Emmett burst into loud laughs; how did he hear me? I thought I said that quietly. Rosalie shot him a glare.

"Alice!" Esme started calling out to me from the living room. Rosalie took my hand and led me back towards the living room. Emmett followed behind me, my head only reaching his waist. I wish I was bigger. "Alice, sweetheart, we found you a change of clothes!"

Esme was holding up a few items of clothing, while Bella and Edward sifted through a cardboard box full of even more clothes. My eyes lit up, and I ran towards the box full of pink and purple fabric.

"Looks like someone is fond of Renesmee's clothing." I heard Edward laugh.

I looked up at him, frowning. "Who's... Re-nez-mee?"

"Our daughter." Bella said, smiling. "Maybe you'll get to meet her. She's on a trip with her boyfriend right now, but she'll be back in a few days—"

"What makes you think she'll be here for that long?"

Jasper strode into the room, his arms crossed. He was frowning – again – and stood next to Emmett. He looked down at me, his eyes black and the purple bags under his eyes stood out amongst his white skin.

Esme and Rosalie were staring at Jasper, their faces seemed surprised and horrified. Even Edward and Emmett seemed to be looking at him with astonishment. I hadn't noticed Carlisle seated behind Esme on the couch until he stood up.

"Jasper," Carlisle said quietly. He leaned in front of Jasper's ear, and whispered something, short and quick. I didn't get time to hear it.

"Well, we can't keep on acting like she's going to live here. Because she can't. You all know why. For goodness sake, you act like you know her!" Jasper threw his hands up in the air. I wondered how long he has hated me for.

"We are all she's got, for now." Edward said quietly, stepping in front of Bella, which also happened to be standing next to me. I was frozen on the floor, my fingers clenched around a frilly pink skirt.

I didn't know what to do.

"All she's got!? Have you even noticed... what... we..." He was nearly yelling, but he looked down at me and sighed. "Just because her parents deserted her—"

I wasn't sure what deserted meant, but when Jasper said it, they all looked down at me with worried eyes. I was staring up at them as if I were a Deer in the headlights. I felt like I was blind.

I was just so confused.

"Jasper," Carlisle put a hand on Jasper's shoulder, and looked into his eyes. "Maybe you should take a minute to calm down. Go, and..." He looked down at me and back at Jasper. "Eat something."

He nodded stiffly. "You're right."

I wasn't sure what just happened; and I wasn't sure where I was going to go now.

I was confused all round.

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