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Summary: Misaki committed suicide. Akihiko blamed him for his lover's death. He worked for his father's near bankrupt company. After years, a familiar emerald eyed young man showed up and stirred emotions that slept throughout the years. Though those eyes seek revenge.

Chapter One

A Mission for Freedom

They say past is past

You need to move on to see the future

But how can you move on

When the past is the only thing that can offer you freedom?





A young man abruptly woke up in his dark bedroom with cold sweat covering his whole body. His eyes, glistening emerald orbs reflects the hollowness of his soul. He slowly sat up and touched his head with his shaking hands and moved it slowly downwards towards his chest that heaved restlessly as he panted continuously.

'Who are they? What are they telling me?'

These are some of the numerous questions that lingered in his mind as the dream haunted him.

'I can't sleep like this'

He sighed and stood up from his bed and walked towards his study room.

'I better work to keep my mind from that.'

He sat in his lit study room where the loud noise of continuous tapping of keys are heard. This went on until the sun rises and everyone was awake in the mansion.

At the garden, the morning dews on the plants make every morning an unthinkable sight. They signal the waking moment of the whole mansion.

A moment later footsteps are heard walking towards the door of the young man's room.

"Young Master, it's already morning. Mr. Alex is already waiting for you, "the maid said after knocking on the door.

She was going to open the door when her so called young master spoke.

"Bring him in my study."

A simple statement made the maid so tense. Why? Because of the tone his master used is so demanding as if telling her not to make any mistakes. It was alarming and very commanding that she cannot disobey the order for the fear of her life.

"Yes, young master."

The maid left hurriedly to find this Mr. Alex that she mentioned earlier.

A moment later, a calm knock was heard outside the young master's study room.

"It's me, young master."

A calm voice said with a little force.

"Come in."

The man opened the door and searched the room for his young master. Spotted! He is sitting on the master chair with his laptop open. The first thing the man noticed is the Young master's tired face and his continuous typing and working.

'I see...can't sleep huh...'

"The master sent for me earlier."

After the statement, the typing sound of the keys stopped. The young man kept staring at the screen without any glance at the speaker.


"He wants to see you as soon as possible."

At this point, the speaker lingered his gazed at the young man and was surprised when he met the fierce gaze of a dangerous predator waiting for his prey.

"Why?" the young master asked.

"The master didn't mention why or what it is all about. The master just ordered me to do anything possible for the young master to meet with the master as soon as possible. The jet is already waiting outside. "

"What else?"

"The master also wanted me to tell the young master directly that your father said that he only needed your presence nothing else."

After mentioning the message that needed to be delivered, the young master sighed.

"Ok. Wait for me outside. I'll just change."

Alex bowed and exited the study room to wait for his young master. To tell you the truth Alex is still very young for his looks because he has his blue eyes thanks to his Italian mother and the Japanese black hair thanks to is Japanese father. His past is all cloudy and not the objective of our story so butt off!

Alex was just reminiscing the past years when he met the young master. He was freshly from the academy of his likes and he was excited when his employer told him he was going to get a job already when he just graduated. From the documents given to them his employer is someone heavy all-over the world. The thing he was curious about was why someone so influential would want someone like him with no experience. After a few days of reviewing the documents, the day has finally come to meet the one he is going to guard with his life. The first thing he saw was a lot of men-in-black and in the middle of them was the one who is going to be his jewel to be protected. What he saw was not what he wanted to see. A lone boy with bandage over his head and an eyes patch with some patches all over the boy's body. He saw his jewel and it was not that dazzling. It was a broken jewel. That was what he thought and he was far from that thought of his the jewel was beyond broken.

"I'm ready, Alex."

The door opened to reveal the young master he has sworn to guard and protect with his life. The once broken jewel was still a jewel but with no visible cracks. The young master was still a teenage boy or at least in the early adulthood period. He wore black pants with an inside white sleeves shirt and an over dirty gray shirt. His messy brown locks and his innocent face make his disguise perfect. No one would suspect that the man before him was the only heir to billions of fortune.

"What? I'm sure you told me we are going to leave this prison of mine...uh…well…mansion of mine. So... I need a disguise, don't I?"

"Yes, young master. Then please follow me."

They left.

===Somewhere in England===

The sound of the closing door was heard and footsteps inside a big spacious room that only held a bed that contains the one that prisons the young master.

"I'm here, master," the young man said while staring at his bedridden father.

"My...son..." the old man replied while searching the hand of his son with his own hand. He gripped his son's hands and tears started to flow.

"I'm sorry for everything. I know I've made your life miserable and I made you hate me above all people. But please remember that I am your father and you are my only son. I know that my time is already approaching and I may only have hours left. As you know I will leave everything to you. You may decide what to do with them but please remember that I did love your mother very much but I could never involve her in this hell of mine."

The old man panted to rest from the straight talk. His son was still intently staring at his father with no feeling as what he was taught. You could not read his mind right now because it was still haywire upon all the things his father had said right then at that time.

"When the time comes that you would want to know everything about her feel free to do it but remember me as your father may it be the one who you hated or you at least cared. My parting gift to you is a mission."

At the mention of this mission, the said passive son allowed some emotion to rule over him as he spoke.

"What mission?" He stared intently at his sick father.

"A mission with a reasonable price."

"What price?"

"Your freedom."

The son was speechless. His freedom was only one mission away. His eyes clearly reflects his interest and determination to do it and be done to regain his freedom.

"What is the mission?"

"Take everything from the Usami Clan."

"Usami Clan?"

"That clan is a Japanese family that owns some companies in Japan and around Asia. Take everything from them."

"Why take everything? Why them?"

"For your freedom. Accomplish this and you will earn your freedom."

"That will take time..."

Before he could finish his father answered.

"Even if I die without you accomplishing the mission my last will and testament will be the embodiment of the legality of your mission. No one will oppose my will."

The father and the son stared at each other's eyes. Then the father spoke.

"My son, call me father."


Upon his father's request, he allowed himself to taste the words of father to his lips in the presence of the person he was addressing. It tastes sweet but at the same time bitter.

"Is that everything that you wish to tell me?"

He talked smoothly and sweetly with his devious smile. But he could never fool his father. His father took something from his drawer and handed it to his son.

His son took it and stared at it. It was a picture of an innocent teenage boy with a bright smile. The boy has a smile full of sunshine that can put to shame any jewelry and gold one can find.

"That is the smile that I'm looking for, son. I'm sorry for being greedy but before I die I just want to see your genuine smile."

At this statement the young man's eyes became cold. His heart was cold as opposite from the boy in the picture.

"Master, I'm sorry to impose this but you are the one at fault for not seeing a genuine smile of mine. I do not remember ever smiling truly in this world you've created for me."

The boy told his father coldly and thrown the picture to his father's bed.

"That boy is not me."

The son exited the father's chamber as the father heard the closing of the door. He took the photo in his hands and took in the features of the young boy's picture in his hands. The young boy has the brown soft locks that hugged his face. He also has the alluring emerald orbs that portray the innocence that the photo captured. Most of all, the mesmerizing sun lit smile that showers happiness to everyone that sees that smile.

The father put the photo towards his chest and cried.

"Yes, this boy is not you, this was you. I'm sorry."

The Master, the father, and the boss, all are his personas. That one man lay still crying while clutching the photo at his chest. He kept saying sorry. Was it for the child in the photo or for his own son that he pushed away? Only he could tell but time would not give him the time to tell us because the time has come. He did not have any unfinished business but he did have many regrets in his life and one of those is his own son.

The room fell silent as the hand clutching the photo fell with the photo leaving the picture lying downward on the floor forgotten forever with a single name written.

"Misaki Takahashi"

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