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I know, I should be working on my other stories (and I am), but I couldn't help it. This was just calling out to me. I've recently been working on an Essay about what evil is for my world religions class, and this idea came to me.

I guess I shouldn't of had "It's the Fear" playing on repeat in iTunes either =/

So yeah, this story is inspired by my essay and the song "It's the Fear" from Within Temptation.

Note: None of the characters here are original. I don't particularly like seeing them in fan fiction.

Anyways I hope this comes out good, because it sounded interesting in my imagination.

Hope you guys enjoy this~

A seemingly calm stillness fills the air outside the surveillance room of the Museum. On the outside, it would be impossible to predict what actually went down in there.

From the inside quiet gasps escape the small pink haired girl that lay bleeding on the carpet floor. Her attackers stand around her, in quiet amusement, watching as she gasps for her last breaths. The light in her red eyes is fading. She's frozen in fear. Crimson liquid seeps out from the wound on her chest. Out of a large gash inflicted on her not too long ago.

"Zero…" the green haired girl in the group drawls tiredly. "Perhaps you should end this pathetic girls life already. We still haven't found what we really came here for."

The girl on the floor turned her gaze towards the green haired girl weakly. Her eyes clouding over, almost sleepily. She was the only guard left in the whole Museum. The only two other guards from the night shift were propped up on the wall to her right. She could see their slumped lifeless forms from the corner of her eyes. Bruises and cuts littered their bodies. 'At least they didn't give up without a fight' the pink haired girl thought to herself proudly.

Monica and Nonette were great fighters. It was hard for her to imagine that they'd lost. If they were dead, she never stood a chance to begin with…

She was ashamed with herself. She hadn't been much of a challenge for the group. The raven haired boy she assumed to be their leader, had taken her out quite effortlessly. His hypnotic voice distracted her, and he swiftly jammed his dagger into her abdomen. She had been horrified with how deep she'd felt the blade go in. That wound alone was enough to kill her, but the boy didn't stop there. He twisted the blade around in fascination, and dragged it upwards towards her chest. It wouldn't be long now. She could feel death overwhelming her.

"Don't worry yourself C.C., I promise we'll get to that soon enough." Turning his attention back to the young girl before him, Zero crouched at her side, and reached for the blade still sheathed in her small frame. "I'm sorry little one, but the witch is getting impatient, so we'll have to end our little game early." His eyes gleamed wickedly, and he slashed at her throat swiftly. Successfully ending her life.

"You should've dragged her death out Zero, that girl deserved worse" a silent white haired male spoke up from beside the amber eyed witch.

"I would've Mao, but your girlfriend didn't agree, and she brings up a good point. V.V. and Rolo should be back soon with more information. Scouting doesn't take that long" Zero replied standing up, and wiping his dagger with the soft fabric of his purple shirt.

"There is no one else here. If there was I would've heard them" Mao's eyes flashed red, and he leaned against the monitors on the wall, glaring at the violet eyed boy before him. Zero was their leader, but he got on Mao's nerves. Zero was their master's favorite, and Mao couldn't help but feel jealous. It didn't help that Zero always undermined him in front of the others.

C.C.'s eyes gleamed in amusement. This had definitely been an interesting night. Mao had indeed told them that there wasn't anyone around, but they couldn't risk it.

The door opened and the three turned to look at the two small boys that entered. Both looked innocent and cute, but everyone there knew better than to judge based on appearances. V.V., the young blond boy from the group was a master at manipulation. He didn't look like much, but he possessed great powers.

The other boy was a bit older than V.V. Rolo, the violet eyed brunette, was also not someone to be overlooked. Out of everyone in the group, he was the most skilled in a fight. Rolo had always been, and will remain 'the perfect assassin.' His innocent cute outward appearance was the perfect disguise for the bloody murdered that lurked within. No one suspected a child like him to be capable of half the things he'd done.

"Mao was right" V.V. spoke out calmly. "There is no one else here."

The white haired man scoffed. "Of course there wasn't, I told you that already! If you guys would just listen to be for once-"

"Mao. If we don't check, and it turns out you're wrong one day…I'll personally kill you myself" Rolo stated calmly observing Mao with a cold calculating gaze.

"Alright, that's enough. Let's go before it gets even later. Rolo, stay here and take care of the surveillance footage. Remember. We were never here." Zero led the way out of the room and the other's followed behind him. They would find what they were searching for, and head off. It would be morning soon, and they had to disappear before then.

"I understand" Rolo stated firmly and turned to the screens. Deleting the evidence would be a piece of cake. These fools would never be able to track them, it was sad really. Rolo almost felt bad for them, and for the people who would have to clean up the mess. From the stains on their leader's clothes he could tell it had been Zero to make the kill this time around. It was surprising. Zero normally killed with clean precise strikes, and minimal stains. Perhaps Mao had coaxed him into making it violent. Somehow he doubted that. Mao didn't know how to ask, he only demanded.

Lelouch shot up in his bed, and glanced around his room nervously. His nightmare had been extremely vivid last night. He could've sworn he was there, seeing everything through Zero's eyes. The sun streamed in through the windows, and he squinted. It felt as though he hadn't slept.

This hadn't been the first time he'd had a nightmare like this. Lately, ever since Nunnally had died…he'd been having these strange dreams. He hasn't told anyone for fear of being written off as loony. Sometimes he gets lucky, and doesn't dream at all. But again, that's only sometimes.

Looking at the other side of the room he saw that Suzaku, his roommate's bed was still made. His friend had probably stayed at the precinct working late again. God, sometimes it felt like Suzaku never came home. Who would've guessed life as a detective took up all your free time?

Lelouch wasn't going to question Suzaku's methods. If the boy wanted to miss sleep that was his own damn problem. Besides, they never caught Nunnally's killer…Lulu was certain that Suzaku was still looking into her case.

Suzaku and Lelouch have been friends since high school. Lelouch's adopted sister, Euphemia, had been the one to introduce them, and they have been inseparable ever since. Suzaku had suggested they move in together after high school, and that's the way things have been since then. They had a pretty decent sized one bedroom apartment, and they shared the room. Each of them had different beds, and the room was big enough. Neither of the two really felt it necessary to keep too many items.

Lelouch yawned and stood up to go look at himself in the vanity mirror. The cold air that hit his body made him second think his decision. He instead settled for laying down for a bit longer, and continuing his sleep.

A few hours later loud knocking roused him up from his sleep, and Lulu groggily made his way to the front door.

As soon as he opened it, a loud blond marched in and grinned at the raven haired boy.

"Good morning Lelouch~" Gino cried out happily. Despite the blonds' cheerful demeanor, Lulu couldn't help but catch the hint of sadness in his voice.

"What's wrong Gino? Is Suzaku with you? Did something happen?!" Lelouch asked suddenly worried. Suzaku was an idiot, and Gino usually arrived with the brunette.

"He's fine" Gino stated kindly, clearly noticing the worry in Lelouch's tone.

"That's good" the violet eyed boy sighed relieved. Finally noticing the take out food Gino had brought with him, Lulu motioned towards the living room. Their couches were a hundred times comfier than the chairs at the table. He had to remember to tell Suzaku to get new ones.

"Suzaku decided to stay a bit longer, but he told me to come by and check on you."

Lelouch huffed in annoyance. "I can take care of myself."

Gino laughed, and set everything out on the coffee table. "That may be true, but with all these murders happening nearby recently, I have to say, I'm worried about you too."

Seeing the manila folder Gino had with him, Lelouch couldn't help but look at it curiously. Gino noticed Lulu's sudden interest, and looked at the other boy sadly.

"New case" the blond boy said looking depressed. He pointed Lelouch toward his food and continued. "It's umm….someone I knew. Anya Alstreim, she's an old friend of mine."

"I never met her."

"Yeah, I never got the chance to introduce you to her…"

Lelouch didn't want to continue the conversation, because it was obviously upsetting Gino, but he couldn't help looking at the folder. Suzaku had never allowed him to see any of his cases. He said that he didn't want Lelouch to see that side of humanity. It was a noble effort, but Lelouch already knew the way the world worked, although he was somewhat glad his friend didn't involve him. Somehow he thought the horrors might scar him for life. He was left wondering about his dreams. Dreams are suppose to show you what you truly crave right? Did that mean he wanted to murder people?

Lelouch had been contemplating while staring down at corner of the picture slightly sticking out from the file. It didn't show anything, but he had been curious none the less.

Gino pushed the picture back into the file, completely hiding it, and giving Lulu a wry smile. "That's not the way I want you to see her for the first time." Taking out his cell phone he quickly skimmed through a few pictures before handing it to Lelouch.

Lelouch stared at the phone in pure horror. This…this was the girl he saw brutally murdered in his nightmare!

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