Dizzy Miss Mizzy

Mizzy took a step forward, entering the hottest night club in the whole city. Green and blue lights lit up the dance floor and the partying people on it. There was pretty stuffed in there, but the guards kept letting people inside anyway. Mizzy took a deep breath, before heading toward the bar. She was alone as always. Show up alone and go home alone, that was how she liked it.

She sat down and ordered herself a drink. The bartender winked at her and said: "This one's on the house," Mizzy was used to getting her drinks for free. The men were always over her, offering her drinks, a dance, a night in a hotel room or just a quickie in the nearest rest room. She liked the attention and free drinks, but she passed on every single sex offer she got, since the only thing she really wanted was a flirt... Just someone to confirm her that she was good enough.

The bartender placed a dry martini in front of Mizzy, who smiled at him and took a sip of the refreshing drink.

"So, what's a pretty lady like you doing here all by herself?" a man beside her asked. She turned slowly to take a quick look at him.

"Same as you," she replied with a teasing smile. The man looked down at her hand, which was spinning the small wooden stick, with an olive on it, around in the glass. She raised it above the transparent liquid and tapped it on the edge of the glass 3 times, before lifting it further up. She opened her mouth a bit and surrounded the olive with her lips, slowly pulling it off the stick.

The man's sky blue eyes followed her every movement.

Mizzy slowly chew on the bad tasting olive. She hated them, but she would do about anything to seduce a man, especially a dark-haired beauty like him.

The man shook his head to get back to reality. Mizzy giggled softly and threw her long, red and black hair back. She flashed her perfect white teeth and the man couldn't help but wish that he was licking them.

"Wanna dance, miss… What was your name again?" he asked and got up on his feet. Mizzy nodded and got up as well.

"Mizzy," she said and took the hand he had so elegantly extended her.

"I'm Cody," he stated, before leading her to the dance floor, where he immediately laid his hands on the lower part of her back, pulling her closer. He wanted her body as close to his as possible, but Mizzy had a better idea, so she turned around and pressed her back up against his stomach, resting the back of her head on his shoulder. Her arms slowly moved over his and her own shoulders, planting her hands behind his neck, locking her fingers together. He pressed his forehead against her cheek and kept his mouth only a few inches away from her neck, just so she could feel his warm, humid breath.

She let go of his neck and bent forward, rubbing her ass against his lap in slow circular motions, while letting her hands run through her own hair. He closed his eyes and let out a small moan. Mizzy was incredibly sexy, he didn't know if he would be able to resist her, even though he wasn't supposed to give into that kind of temptation.

Mizzy stood straight again. She turned to face Cody and smiled wide when she saw the look on his face.

Satisfaction mixed with yearning and lust.

She found him really attractive. His long, almost lady alike, legs fit him great and his well-trained arms and flat stomach made him perfect. She wondered if he was hiding a yummy six-pack under that dark button up shirt of his.

"Let's go to my hotel, it's not far from here," Cody whispered in Mizzy's ear. She didn't know if it was a good or bad idea to follow him, she usually dumped guys, whom asked her to go with them, but she decided to go along anyway, figuring maybe this time she would actually get more than just a kiss.

And they were out of the night club in a split second.

Cody whistled through his fingers and waved with his hand to get the cab driver's attention.
His knees got weak when Mizzy suddenly tickled his neck with her nose. He pushed himself a bit away from her and sent her a cute smile.

"Damn, you make me so dizzy, Mizzy!" he laughed softly and took her hand.

The cab stopped in front of them and they both jumped into the backseat, quickly giving the cab driver the address of the hotel.

They were sitting really close to each other. Mizzy's legs lay over Cody's lap and he was caressing her thigh with one hand and pulling her even closer with the other

The sky was dark, but the neon lights from the bars, clubs and casinos lit up the streets, so they could see where they were going.

The cab driver peeked at the little love game Mizzy and Cody were playing through his front mirror. He wanted to take Cody's place. She was the beautiful stranger men only dreamed of.

"Can I kiss you?" Cody asked, when he realized that their lips were only a few inches away from each other. Mizzy nodded carefully and broke the inches between them.

Cody thought her lips felt like silk. So soft, so smooth.

Mizzy loved his kisses, they were so gentle, but also a bit rough and dominating, like a man's kiss should be. She felt so feminine and small in his wide embrace.

She felt safe.

She felt loved.

Cody carried her to his room; she hadn't taken her eyes off of him ever since they left the cab.
He placed her on his bed and smiled down at her.

"Do you want something to drink?" he asked, while walking toward the mini bar.

"Yeah, that would be nice," Mizzy laid down and got comfortable on the bed.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"Just pick whatever you like."

Cody ended up bringing her one drink after another, they even had to call room service to get more. Eventually she could barely stand on her feet without collapsing, so Mizzy found herself lying on the bed with Cody on top of her. She laughed softly and kissed him.

"I want you, Mizzy," he whispered, as he began to slide his hand under her skirt.

"Cody?" she whispered and gave him a small push on the chest, but not enough to get him off.

"What?" he asked between the kisses he placed on her neck, while sliding his hand further up.

"There's something I need to tell you."

"What is it?" Cody didn't really listen to her, he just continued what he was doing.

"I'm a…" a chill ran down Cody's spine as he interrupted Mizzy by jumping off her. He looked terrified and took a few steps backwards away from the bed. Mizzy already knew what was coming.

"You… I mean you're… You're a guy?" Cody shouted out loud, still not believing that he had just touched another man's penis… And he couldn't believe that the beautiful girl on his bed… Mizzy… Was a… a dude?

"I'm sorry Cody, I wanted to tell you, but…"

"Oh my God, this is fucking disgusting. I've kissed a guy!" he cried, running to the bathroom and slamming the door close behind him.

Mike could hear the faucet running on full force.

It wasn't supposed to end like it did. He was supposed to have a great night. A night as Mizzy, which would be nothing like a night as Mike Mizanin.

"God damn it, how stupid are you? You can't even make me a single copy without screwing up, can you?!" Chris yelled at Mike right into his face.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Irvine," Mike carefully took a look around the room, everyone was staring at him, especially the cute girl from the cafeteria. He felt so stupid, why did Chris always have to yell at him in front of all the other employees?

"Now I have to make them fax another specimen. This is so embarrassing!" Chris rubbed his temples and shook his head, "One more screw up, Mizanin, and you're out of here… Got that?" Mike nodded as an answer, but that wasn't good enough for Chris, "Got that?!" he repeated, raising his voice again.

"Yes, Mr. Irvine!" Mike answered and let his chin fall to his chest to show his inferiority.

"Good, now do your work or I'll rip your head off!" and with that Chris turned on his heels to return to his office. Mike exhaled heavily, he was happy that Chris's insane and high pitched yelling was over… But he relaxed a little too soon because suddenly Chris turned his attention right back at Mike.

"Mizanin!" he shouted loudly, nearly causing Mike to have a heart attack. He looked up quickly and got eye contact with his boss.

"Yes, Mr. Irvine?"

"Get me a cup of coffee… HOT coffee!"

"Yes, Mr. Irvine," Chris glared at Mike for a moment, before walking to his office. Mike glanced around the office. They all did the same as Chris, stared at Mike for a moment, before returning to their work.

Mike took a deep breath as he made his way through the room. Everyone was once again looking at him and whispering things to each other, probably something concerning Mike.

All the girls were laughing at him and it made him feel so uncomfortable and unwanted. He directed his gaze down at the floor and blushed as he walked on, he couldn't take their laughing, whispering and looks anymore. He just wanted to get out of there and get some fresh air, before returning with his boss's HOT coffee.

But suddenly he bumped into someone and soon he felt something burning through his clothes.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" a soft female voice exclaimed. Mike looked up and found himself in front of the sweet cafeteria worker.

Eve Torres.

"Don't be sorry, I was the one who bumped into you," he said and shrugged his shoulders. The coffee on his shirt didn't even burn anymore. At least that was what he pretended.

"What if I burned you? You got burning hot coffee all over you?" she looked confused, but Mike insisted that she hadn't caused him any damage.

"It's okay, nothing happened… Really," Mike looked her in the eyes, but only for a second. Her eyes were too deep and staring, it felt like they were trying to read his mind. He had to get out of there, before he lost his sanity.

"I... I have to go," he finally said.

"But…" he cut her off by walking away. He turned around after reaching the door, he just had to look at her one last time before leaving. She was looking at him with those eyes. Those eyes were too similar to all the others. She was just like them, standing in the middle of the room, staring at him, while whispering something to a co. worker beside her. She fitted her boyfriend perfectly. The biggest asshole of them all.

Adam Copeland.

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