Chapter 72

Over in Hazzard, the day had passed by normally. The boys were trying to get all the chores done and anything that they could do today, instead of the weekend, they were doing. Jesse couldn't help but worry, his big toe had been hurting all day. He wasn't sure if he was worried over his niece's court date today or the boys up coming races tomorrow and Sunday. It didn't really matter either way, something wasn't right and he knew it as he prepared dinner.

Jeb had been more quiet than usual all day. He couldn't help but worry about what was going on with his sister. Also in the back of his mind, he wondered why his parents hadn't came out and told him and the rest of the family about his mother being pregnant. He thought maybe they were just waiting for his father to get home from serving his thirty days in jail. When his mother had gotten pregnant before, his father couldn't wait to tell everyone, though his mother did seem a bit embarrassed. He hoped that his mother would call when she got home from court to tell them how things had gone. Jeb had made up his mind though, if she hadn't called by dinner he was calling home.

Luke had been doing what he could of the chores, but made sure that Bo and Jeb kept busy all day long with extra chores to make up for them being gone over night tomorrow night. Now, with everything done except the evening chores after dinner, Luke was under the hood of his car checking and rechecking everything that he could before heading out to Placid in the morning.


Pauline could not believe that the Judge was actually going to lock up all the kids, especially her baby girl. She knew most of the kids, they were all good kids. Pauline already her hand fan out and was fanning herself but now she was fanning faster. She was sure that if John David was there she would have fainted dead away. As she looked on, the bailiff and the other officers were putting handcuffs on the kids.

Karen had been told to turn toward the officer and he was putting the handcuffs on her. She looked up and her eyes met her mother's for a brief second.

Pauline saw just how scared her daughter was in that brief second. She wanted to do something, anything to make this all go away, but she was out of her element here. Pauline had no idea what, if anything, could be done to help her daughter as she headed out of the courtroom. She couldn't stop the tear that fell to her cheek as she remembered the look on Karen's face.


John was also concerned about what was happening with his oldest. He knew that he would have to wait at least until eight o'clock to call so that Pauline wouldn't be busy with the twins or dinner. No matter how much John hoped things went well for Karen, he just couldn't shake the bad feeling he was having.

Sitting at the table staring at the day old newspaper that he was not reading, John was lost in thought as Dean tapped him on the shoulder.

"I got some sugar and maybe some yeast coming with chow." Dean said.

John nodded, "That will work. It will make things happen faster for sure. I'll add it late tonight."

Dean smiled. They all knew that Green didn't need to know about their stashed hooch in the making.


Daisy buttoned up Emily's sleeper after changing her for the second time in ten minutes. It seemed like the baby girl had waited to get changed just to wet the diaper again. As Daisy put the cloth diaper in the diaper pail, she wondered why her aunt used the cloth diapers instead of the disposable diapers.

Daisy checked the time it was nearly five o'clock and there was no sign of Pauline or Karen. Daisy hated waiting. She would much rather be there in the courtroom knowing what was going on than sitting here alone with her twin cousins, but this is where everyone thought she should be, so here she was.

"There now Emily you are all dry, again." Daisy said as the infant cooed back at her. "Your welcome. Now let's get you a bottle so you won't be hungry when your Momma and big sister get home."


The heavy steel barred door opened with a loud pop in front of the Tri Counties officer and closed with a loud clang behind Karen and the rest of her friends as they entered the sally port of the jail. She couldn't help but jump at the sound of the door opening, but hearing it close and lock behind her was far worse.

They were told to stand against the wall once they were past the second door. Karen couldn't believe what was happening to her and had withdrew into her own thoughts. She wasn't concerned about Danny or her other friends. She hadn't even been paying them any attention until she saw Frank lean over and kiss Jackie.

That had done it, now there was an officer in front of them making the guys move into a room while making the girls move to the other end of the hallway. The girls were taking into another room and one by one asked pages of questions about themselves ranging from name, address, phone number, to medical history. They were then moved to the room where the guys had been taken but were now gone. An officer was in the room with them where they were made one by one to strip down, shower, then be sprayed with this cold spray from a sprayer that looked like what her father used to spray her mother's flowers when they were infested with bugs. Karen was now dressed in black and white stripes clothes that were at least one size bigger than she needed. At the moment she was just glad she had been able to keep her own underclothes.

"Alright, ladies. You'll be going out the door and up the stairs." The female officer instructed.

Karen followed the others to the top of the stairs where another female officer was unlocking a door. It was a solid steel door with about an eight inch square glass window in it.

The officer who had unlocked the door said, "Grab a mattress there. It should have a pillow, a blanket, two sheets, pillow case, two towels and a wash cloth and a hygiene kit inside."

Karen was behind Jackie who had picked up her mattress and stepped to the open door. Karen followed Jackie through the door and once Peggy and Charlene were inside the door closed behind them with a bang, then they heard key turn in the lock and the officer pulled the door to check to see if it was secure, ... it was.


It was nearly dinner time, John was still sitting at the table and had read no more of the old newspaper in front of him than he had an hour ago. At least to the others it looked like he was reading and they let him him be. John figured that Karen's case would be the last of the day and on a holiday weekend, surely the Judge and everyone else would be in a hurry to leave work and head for their weekend plans. John heard the sound of keys before he heard the officer's footsteps entering the cell block and opening the cell door where John was to let another man inside. John sighed, being a holiday weekend even the Tri County jail was bound to see more people. Then he took a second look at the new man in the cell. He knew him. In fact the young man had been summoned to dinner at his house last Sunday after his daughter had slipped out a second story window to go out with him.

After seeing his buddies taken a different direction, Danny stepped in the cell he'd been directed to after getting his mattress and other items. As he looked around he spotted a couple of guys at one table playing cards, a couple more on their bunks, and an older man reading a paper.

Dean looked up and seen a guy he'd known in school coming in the cell, "McCoy what in the world?"

Danny took a second look at the guy that had called his name. He remembered him from a couple classes, "Carter?"

"Yeah, that's me." Dean replied. "Did they just arrest you or bring you from court?"

"From court," Danny sighed as he put his mattress on the empty top bunk against the wall.

John knew he hadn't been noticed so he held the paper up just a bit higher. He'd found out long ago you could find out a lot when people didn't know you were listening.

"Let me guess, ... You went before Hardcastle?" Dean said more as a statement then a question.

Danny frowned, "Yeah, how did you know?"

Dean gave Danny a grim look, "Because I went before him on a Friday afternoon too." Danny motioned to cell surrounding them, "I get to spend my first year out of school here."

"Ah, man! I guess I should feel pretty lucky about now." Danny said, though lucky was not how he felt at all. "What did he give you a year for?"

"Battery was the formal charge." Dean frowned before explaining, "It was over a fight that happened prom night. At least I was lucky enough to get to graduate before going to court. Enough about me, what about you?"

Danny still hadn't given the others in the cell more than a glance when he first came in the cell, so he answered Dean honestly, "Well, Roy, Larry, Frank and myself got the idea to take some girls out. After the movie, we headed up to the lake, ... one thing lead to another, you know a few beers, a swim and about the time I thought all that was going to pay off the law showed up. I was, " Danny held his thumb and first finger up with little to no space between them, "That close. Here I'd waited all this time for her brother not to be around, got that close and then the law showed up. Talk about a date not ending the way you planned."

"So who was the girl?" Dean asked. He could think of several girls that it wouldn't have taken a movie or much else to get what you wanted from them.

"Karen, you know the one in gym class that always wore those tight short shorts." Danny replied.

Dean was now putting two and two together and getting a bit more than four, "Ummmm, ... please tell me you aren't talking about Duke's sister, Karen?"

"Yeah. Yeah, that's her. I watched those shorts all year long in gym class and had to take a cold shower several times just to get my jeans back on for class. But, let me tell you what, as good as those shorts looked, oh man you should see her without them." Danny continued to talk.

Dean was trying to figure out just how to shut the big mouth up before he rubbed Karen's dad wrong but so far couldn't get a word in edge wise.

"We got the girls to slip out with us the Friday night after we'd got caught at the lake. It only took one beer to get her right where I wanted her." Danny bragged.

Before Dean could say anything, John said as he let the newspaper down to show his face, "And just where exactly was it you wanted her?"

Danny almost was able to hide the groan that escaped as he looked up to see none other than Karen's father sitting at the table across from the room wearing the same black and white stripes that he himself now was wearing. "Mr. Duke? What are you doing here?"

"Never mind about me, should I take it that Karen is here too?" John nearly growled at the young man, who to his thinking had caused Karen to get in trouble.

Danny tried to swallow past the lump in his throat as he nodded 'yes'.

John grumbled something that no one could make out, before asking in a very no nonsense tone. "For how long?"

Suddenly Danny's mouth was very dry. He managed to get out, "Seventy two hours."

John sighed, "Well, for the next three days it looks like we're going to be roommates. I suggest you watch your mouth about my daughter."

Danny remembered the way that John Duke had suggested he take a seat beside Karen the morning after they had been together after Karen had snuck out to be with him.

"Ummm, ... Yes, Sir." Danny said as he tried not to studder, while swearing to himself as he thought, 'Of ALL cells to end up in, ... I end up in THE ONE with Karen's Dad. Great! Just Great!'


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