Forbidden Fruit:

Erica Evans was sure that God was toying with her. She wasn't much of a religious person, she had her believes and knew that some things simply couldn't be explained by science. She's always been strong and never tempted fate too often and took things as they came to her because she didn't want to live her life half lived.

She had been a single mother for quite some time now and had always relied upon herself to provide the happiness that Tyler needed while growing up. She didn't date because no man was good enough for Tyler and she could never put her own needs before her child's.

But naturally it's when the whole world starts falling apart that she has to meet the man of her dreams, the one who gives her that spark of life whenever she sees him and gets her heart racing just thinking about him.

And of course he just happens to be a priest. Totally off limits, he's the forbidden fruit she's just dying to get a taste of.

She uses all of her self control to not jump his bones every time they see each other. Whether it's in his church, out on the streets or in her home. Erica is sure that if she let go of that self control even just a little bit, they'd end up doing it like rabbits regardless if there's an audience.

She knows he feels that same shiver inducing spark that she does. His eyes tell her that he too feels the unnatural attraction between, however he has devoted himself to God and will never discard his vows just to be with her romantically. Even if he dies a little bit inside each day because of it.

But that doesn't stop her dreams at night or her day dream fantasies of his well muscled chest and lean arms and legs and that look in his eyes he only gives to her. His hands rough against her soft skin and his lips passionately kissing her everywhere and the way he whispers her name as if she's an angel.

Erica is shocked at herself every time she thinks sinful things about him and knows that no matter how much they might want it, the world's future is in their hands and they have to fight and win this war.

It's likely that they could all die tomorrow, or they could succeed. But they won't get anywhere unless they cling to each other and trust one another more than they trust themselves.

But what she wouldn't give to have a taste of that forbidden fruit.

Yes, she was sure she was going to hell for that one.

A/N: Hope you liked it. It's just a silly one-shot that came to mind.