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Jasmine swung around and her black hair flashed in the sunlight. What flashed more was her green eyes, angry and wide.

And then he remembered-she was angry at him.

"I do care Lief, so do not try and imply that I don't. I care about this kingdom just as much as you do. What is so important that you cannot tell me? It hurts me that you believe you cannot trust me enough to tell me." He saw in her eyes, tears were welling and she was swiping at them angrily. For Jasmine, crying was a weakness.

"I..." he trailed off. Doom said no one must know. But he must. He was the cause of the tears in Jasmines eyes. But, no, his kingdom must come first. "Jasmine, please understand. I wish I could tell you, but I mustn't. I can't. It must remain a secret. I don't like being the cause of the tears in your eyes, but the safety of my kingdom relies on me."

All at once the sadness in her eyes disappeared and was replaced once again by ire and the tears rolling down her cheeks seemed to freeze, along with her voice. "I understand perfectly Lief. I understand that you do not want to talk to me. Well, I will make it effortless for you. I will not talk to you. Nor do I want to." she said coldly, contempt pouring out with every word.

With a last scathing glance, she turned and swept away, her grace something that could only have been taught by her years in the Forest.

Her absence seemed to eat away at Lief and he was cursing his stupidity on the inside. On the outside, he must remain kingly and polite. He just wished Jasmine would understand. His nose detected the aroma that Jasmine had left behind. It was of jasmine, her name sake.

"Leave her and she will come to." The sound of his old friend Stephen's voice startled him and he swiftly drew his sword and turned. There was no one behind him. How strange. I could swear I heard Stephens voice. He thought, replacing his sword in his scabbard.

"She will see she is wrong." Doom's voice rang over the clearing and Lief turned once more to see the clearing as empty as it had been just a moment ago. He shook his head, as though to clear his head.

I must be cracking under stress. He thought bitterly, And under Jasmine's hurt.

He should have told her. Now, he wished bitterly that he had told her. He resolved to tell her when he next caught sight of her.


Jasmine made her way across the lawn and back into the palace. Palace indeed. Prison was more likely. Lief kept her locked in the east wing, 'by order of the king' and she dearly loved the sunlight, and missed the warmth of its rays on her body.

When she had ventured out, Lief was distant, almost cold. And he had the nerve to accuse her of not caring about the kingdom! She was one of the original 3 who had helped save it in the first place!

True enough, Lief was the king, but she swore, she could do better.

It did not help that her feelings for Lief where developing every day.

"Doom, I must tell her!" Lief's voice, heard through the oaken door to the library.

Her father's voice followed. "Lief, while you are going through this, you must not tell Jasmine of your feelings for her. I know you lo-" he broke off and she imagined him looking around suspiciously. He began to speak again. "I know you love her, but the future depends on finding this woman of high birth."

Jasmine drew back from the door in horror. So that was it. He wanted to tell her that he loved her, but he must marry for the kingdom. No doubt to some well-bred Toran girl. She thought bitterly. Well, she would not let him know of her feelings. She would not make it harder for him than it already was.

He would never know.


"Doom, I must tell her!" Lief half yelled at Doom, Jasmine's father. The look of calm on his face, as he refused Lief's only dream, was infuriating.

"Lief, while you are going through this, you must not tell Jasmine of your feelings for her. I know you lo-" He broke off and pressed his finger to his lips, obviously suspicious. He clearly heard nothing and went on. "I know you love her, but the future depends on finding this woman of high birth." Lief felt tears prick beneath his eyelids, and he did his best not to let Doom's words affect him, but it was hard. The feelings he was having were new, and different. How he regretted laughing at what he had considered 'love-struck fools' when he lived in the time of the Shadow Lord, now that he knew what it felt like, to be in love.

"Doom, it may seem easy for you, refusing for me to tell her, but this secret has gone too far. It caused Jasmine to cry! You know how she thinks about crying." Doom took a breath. He knew very well. Jasmine was his daughter, and disliked shows of weakness or emotion as much as she did.

"I-" he looked a little shocked, as if he knew it had hurt Jasmine, but not that much. "I know Lief, I know how much it is hurting her. Don't try to make out that I don't. But the kingdom depends on this, and at this point is more important than Jasmines feelings. I am sorry if I sound callous but I speak the truth." he said, trying to sound cold. However he tried to sound, the concern for his daughter shining through his voice.

Lief turned his head from Doom and said in a low voice. "I know it is important. But Jasmine is more precious to me than anything. Even the kingdom."

With that he spun on his heel and through the door.

Right into Jasmine.

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