The Shipping War

By Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: Teen for mention of sex.

Summary: A dumb little poem I thought of yesterday. A parody of "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" (AKA: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas) about the Avatard Shipping War. Ship-neutral.

Disclaimer: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is owned by Byrke. "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" is owned by whoever wrote it.

LES: Ryhming was the hardest part of writing this poem. I suck at rhymes. But I still think it turned out reasonably well.

'Twas the night before the Finale, when all through the house

Not an Avatard was stirring, not even their spouse;

Their alarms were set for the Final Battle,

Their families would soon have enough of their prattle;

The shippers were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of coupling danced in their heads;

Other Avatards slept, but some would not give in

The Shipping War continued, as it always had been.

These shippers, so dedicated to their couple,

They yelled to other shippers "They're an un-couple!"

They haunted the internet, flooded fan-sites

They uploaded millions and millions of bytes

And finally, the day came, the Finale!

Perhaps the show could mend the Shipper's valley.

But, no, it only seems to get so much worse

"No! How could Bryke do this?" some Shippers would curse

The show was over now, Kataang had won

But the Shipping War had only just begun

Kataangers had canon, and cuteness, and fluff

Said other shippers: "Not enough sex, too much puff"

Zutarians, the Kataanger's mortal foe,

Said "Katara sees Aang like she sees Momo!"

Zutarians had the internet, sex, and fans

Aang and Katara's break-up was part of their plans

They never feared the Kataanger's canon.

They said: "We see your canon, and raise you our fanon!"

So the fandom was divided in two

A war between Kataangers and Zutarians too

But if you think that is all, you're mistaken

Your knowledge of the fans will soon awaken

Other shippers, canon and fanon, also raise their gun

They can't let Kataang and Zutara have all the fun

Kataang, Sukka, and Maiko,

In canon, they take the taco

But shippers of fanon are strong

They know their ships cannot be wrong

For Yaoi fans, Zukaang takes the cake

Zuko hunted Aang for months, for Heaven's sake!

Another pairing with good following is Taang

Ever since Toph joined the Gang to teach Aang

Zuko has many other ships to his name

Zuko and Toph, Zuko and Song… the fans are to blame

Tokka is one of the most popular ships

Most other ships, their popularity eclipse

There are many more ships, the number's not small

But I don't have time to go over them all

For years the war has gone on

While non-shippers sit by and yawn

The war continues, with the news of the movie

Ship Warriors think that news is just groovy

So, once again the warriors take up their arms

This time their arguments will work like charms

So the fandom exclaims as their fanfics they write

Happy Shipping to all, and to all a good fight!

LES: Just a tiny explaination. The line "We see your canon, and raise you our fanon" is not meant to imply that fanon is automatically superior to canon. You should all know that I'm a Kataanger, so I do love canon. It's just a parody of when a Zutarian says "There are X many fanfics of Zutara and Y many fanfics of Kataang. X is larger than Y. Therefore, Zutara is better." That is it. I just liked the rhyme and the pocker reference better.