Author's Note: I do not own NCIS, though i do think it is an awesome. Also I know i placed it in the Detective Conan section, even though it starts with NCIS. However I feel that even though it will feature both Detective Conan and NCIS equally, it would be easier on fans to check up on if i placed it where i did. If my logic is bad, please correct me.

NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs shook his head in disbelief. This was his fifth murder in this case. He reached up to scratch his head, full of graying hair. He hated to publicly show that he was unable to figure something out, besides technology, which he had decided to shun, but he was stumped. A fifth murder with seemingly no evidence at all, besides the signature two shots. One to the heart, dead center, and one to the head, directly between the eyes. Whomever was doing this was an expert.

He heard a vehicle approaching and turned to see the NCIS truck approaching. "I'm sorry Jethro, Palmer got us lost again." said an elder man coming out of the passenger's side of the vehicle. Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard was the ME for NCIS and probably one of the wisest there, having seen more than even Gibbs. If you let him, he could go off on a long tangent about what of his adventures. "Hey, you were the one giving directions Dr. Mallard." was the response that came from the much younger man coming out of the driver's side of the vehicle. Jimmy Palmer was Ducky's assistant, and though he was very bright, he was prone to mistakes. Gibbs knew that both Ducky and Palmer could argue about this for a while, so he called out, "Drop it, this case is more important." "Quite right Jethro, quite right." said Ducky as he got his equipment.

"I couldn't find any eyewitnesses boss." came a voice. Gibbs turned to see Tony approaching. Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, was Gibbs' second, and pretty much a playboy. "And I can't find any evidence either." came another voice. Probationary Agent Ziva David was approaching from Gibbs' other side. A former officer of the Israeli Mossad, she had resigned her position in order to join NCIS. "I was expecting that." Gibbs said with a sigh. He then realized there was a missing agent. "Where's McGee?" he asked. "Abby wanted him back at the lab for something. She didn't say what is was, but she was pretty demanding." said Tony.

Agent Timothy McGee was technically a Probationary Agent, but he had been with Gibbs for around five years now. He was a graduate of MIT and one of the brightest tech agents. Abigail "Abby" Sciuto was the lab technician for NCIS. A bit of a caffeine addict, she was a near perfect goth, including the fact that she slept in a coffin. "Got a time of death there?" asked Gibbs, looking at the body. Ducky removed the liver probe and looked at the temperature. "Roughly between midnight and one a.m. this morning." was Ducky's answer. "Thanks Duck." said Gibbs. "You know, if you want help, you could always call the FBI." said Ducky, a smirk on his face. Gibbs groaned. The FBI had been giving him problems about wanting to help out and Gibbs was about to get a headache. "No Jokes Ducky." he said. Ducky thought a little before he looked back at Gibbs and said, "You know, a friend of mine is a good friend of a very famous Japanese detective, I could call and ask if he would be willing to help out. He actually quite smart." Gibbs sighed. "You know I can't do this. This is a military investigation. I can't have LEO's helping out." "You know, he technically not a LEO, and he isn't part of any police either." said Ducky. Gibbs thought before saying, "I think about it Duck."

Back at the lab at NCIS Abby was shouting at the computers, crying out "Why are you doing this!".

"Yelling at the computer's won't solve anything." said McGee sitting at one of the computers. "Yea well, they're not doing what I want them to do." she replied. What the computers were supposed to be doing was running a search through all records looking for a match from a car she had found from some camera from one of the earlier murders. But, instead of doing the search, they were bouncing between massive errors and telling her that no one owned that kind of car, which she knew to be false. "Well Abby, I've been looking at this for a half an hour know, and I can make heads or tails of it." said McGee. He looked up at the car on the plasma. It was an old car to say the least. Porsche hadn't used that design in decades. "I just can't believe it." said Abby. "There is a Black 356A Porsche as a prime car and the computers are returning nothing!"