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Abby was looking at her computer, a mixture of surprise and confusion very plain on her face. She had gotten to running the blood she had gotten from Conan just on a hunch, not expecting much. However it had become quite clear that she would have to analyze it far more than expected. "How is this even possible?" she asked. A picture had come up with a 100% match to the DNA, but it was not the picture she was expecting. Instead of the short kid Conan, it was a much older person, around high school age. "Kudo Shinichi" she read. She quickly started to check to see if this new name was connected to the one that they had found at the scene of the bomb. "Where in the world is this case going?" she asked herself.

DiNozzo, Ziva, and McGee were on the "main" floor, at their computers, looking up different ways that all the cases were connected. Gibbs, Fornell, and Kogoro were looking at the screen which still held the information on the most recently deceased navel man. With the ding of the elevator, Agent Jodie, Ran, and Conan walked out onto the main floor. "Well well, the famous Agent Fornell I presume." Jodie said. Fornell turned around and went to greet her. "You must be the agent from Japan?" he asked. "Agent Jodie Starling, at your service." she replied with a smile. Kogoro walked around the two and went to Ran and Conan, stating "So you got some food?" Ran nodded. "We were able to find a local take out. We ran into Jodie-sensei on the way back." Gibbs turned around and asked, "Sensei?" "She was my english teacher for a while." was the reply.

At this both Gibbs and Fornell raised an eyebrow at Jodie, to which she responded, "Undercover." At the response, both Gibbs and Fornell both nodded and turned back to the viewing screen. "McGee, put up the info on the group we're looking at." The response was a simple nod and a few key types later, the files on the screen changed. "So you know these people?" asked Gibbs. Jodie's smile quickly turned into a frown. "Yea, we've met." At this point DiNozzo finally popped into the conversation. Is that really Chris Vinyard?" pointing to the blond in the center. "Jodie shook her head before stating, "I believe that to be Sharon Vinyard from the information I've been able to collect. DiNozzo looked flabbergasted. "B-b-but, that's Impossible, she died a few years back." "From what I've seen, Sharon changed her name and faked her death. I still haven't figured out how she still looks so young." DiNozzo just sat there, stunned. "You absolutely positive?" Fornell asked? Jodie just nodded, in her mind flashing back to the night her parents died in the fire, that woman's face, and the hated line, 'A secret makes a woman, woman.'

Ran meanwhile was deep in thought, before asking, "Where have I seen her before?" This line caused everyone to spin around to face her. Conan was surprised, before remembering that moment on the dock, where she used her body to protect Haibara from Chris Vinyard, a.k.a Vermouth. He didn't think that Ran had gotten a good look at her face, but it was possible. "Your probably remembering that moment on the dock, where you protected that young girls life." Jodie finally replied. Ran finally nodded, "that must be it." "Sounds like you guys have met up with this group quite a lot." Gibbs stated, though he made it sound like a question. "We've crossed paths plenty." Jodie responded. Conan unconsciously nodded. The number of times the Black Organization and him have crossed were far to many to count, and quite frankly, that fact that it is so high was quite disturbing. And yet it was his only way to return to normal.

Gibbs cell phone went off. He picked it up and after a few moments, answered, "On my way Abbs." He nodded to Fornell and said, "you'll probably want to see this." Fornell nodded and followed Gibbs to the back elevator. Kogoro quickly followed along, deciding himself that he wouldn't be left out of anything.

Just moments later a though struck Conan that he had seen Vermouth very recently, but he couldn't place it. Without warning Jodie turned around and asked Ran, "Any reason why she would have your nickname be 'Angel'" she asked, pointing at the picture of Vermouth on the screen. "Ran thought for a moment, before in a near saying in a near whisper, a look of surprise growing on her face, "Sharon Vinyard told that to me once." Conan looked up at Ran, and realized that she was remembering the trip they took to New York City back before he had shrunk.