Family Part II
Chapter Three

Faith felt like she was on the set of an old episode of star trek. The controls in front of her exploded as the world outside the Megazord spun and the fighting machine landed face first in to an abandoned office block. They were getting their ass handed to them, Faith said as much to the others.

'I guess that's the reason two against one isn't fair odds.' Cassie agreed.

'But we can't back down now!' Sari called out, 'If we lose the Megazord he'll stomp all over us.'

'Then we hold them off and hope Tommy get's through to Dawn.' Faith suggested.

'Right and there's only one way to do that. We need the Power Sword now!' Connor called out. From high above the Megazord's sword flew down and landed just out of reach. Cassie shunted more power to the stabilisation system as Sari activated it. In a second the megazord was back on it's feet and ready.

Wrenching at the controls Connor had the machine lunge for it's sword and pick it up. The odd demon in two bodies took a step back.

'Come on Dee.' Faith whispered to herself. "Get your butt over here.'

Dawn rolled, landing on shoulder before getting to her feet and pulling off a back flip. Goldar drove his now giant, oversized broadsword into the ground point first.

'You can't dodge us forever!' Tretrax brought down a massive overhanded strike with his own sword. The blow cracked the ground, sending boulders flying like pebbles and brought Dawn to her knees from the shockwaves alone.

Jumping in place Dawn levelled a spin kick on the blade, the jolt threw her onto her back and hurt like hell.

'Dawn, you're going to need the White TigerZord.' Saba told her urgently, but she was reluctant to follow his advice. Calling the TigerZord would be the last nail in the DragonZord's coffin. They still didn't have a replacement energiser and without it the DragonZord was helpless. He was her Zord, he deserved better.

The Flute practically leapt in it's sheath, almost as if it had heard her. On instinct Dawn grabbed it. A new, almost impossible idea came to her, as if the Zord was communicating it through the Flute.

She was so stunned by the idea that she almost failed to dodge the next thus from Goldar. Tretrax pulled out his sword with a ground rending crunch and hefted it again. 'You want to dance Saba?' Dawn asked, spinning her enchanted scimitar around into a reverse grip. 'You're going to need a partner.' Leaping out of reach and onto the top of the pit the Green Ranger landed with cat like agility. Reaching out with her free hand she called a clear energy ball to her hand from far way and grew it to the east.

With a flash the White Tiger ThunderZord bounded out of the horizon, it's four-legged run eating up the distance. 'So you summon your new Zord!' Goldar laughed. 'It's powerful but still no match for both of us.'

Ignoring him Dawn pulled out her Flute and played the DragonZord summoning tune. The giant metal dragon roared as it too stomped it's way over. A lot slower that the White Tiger, but no less impressive. 'Two Zords, but you're still only one Ranger!' Goldar repeated.

'Don't you ever get tired of being wrong, Monkey-brain!' Silently praying that The DragonZord was right about this one she leapt onto the back of the White TigerZord. With a gesture she had the Zord come to a skidding stop and jumped inside. The Cockpit was totally different from the one in the other Zords. Instead of a control cabin and a seat it was like a mini dojo. Just a flat space with an altar like control in front of the window.

There was a slot next to the altar that was just the right size for Saba. Sliding him in activated the system behind her. A bank of crystal balls, each with a Japanese symbol, surrounded a single red orb.

There was a receptacle in the altar but Dawn ignored it for now. She was far more interested in the next part. 'Saba, let's do this.'

Concentrating Dawn drew on all her power. 'I call on the power of the Key! DragonZord, TigerZord combine!'

Buffy watched the short, silly looking robot weld itself into the nest of wires and who knew what at the base of the Crystal Ball thing. 'Hurry up, hurry up.' She urged. The idea that Dawn had played her, trapping the three of them in this Star Trek junkyard.

'He's going as fast as he can.' Tommy said. Buffy didn't care about as fast as they could, she wanted it done now. A thousand slights and insults came to her.

No matter what he said she knew Dawn, she could be stubborn, bratty and self centred. She also had a few abandonment issues, kleptomania being one of the more obvious. What she wasn't was some superhero meant to be out there, fighting demons that could kick a Slayer's butt.

Sure, if she had a heads up, her Slayer Scythe and was on form she would have given them a fight, but she was the head Slayer. Dawn wasn't even a Slayer. She might have a tight fitting costume and a magic piece of armour but that wasn't enough against these guys. The goo filled grunts was one thing, but the monkey demon tag team was something else entirely.

The Glass ball flickered, like an old TV trying to tune in before it showed something. 'What is that?' Buffy asked pointing.

It looked like a machine, in the shape of a man. All white panels over black with some red and gold thrown in. The chest was a tiger's head with some sort of red ball in it's mouth. 'The White TigerZord, in battle mode. She did it!' Tommy cried out loud.

The giant machine leapt into the air. Buffy had heard of these things, but only half believed it. If she was honest she still didn't. The idea that Dawn of all people as in control of this thing worried her. Her little sister didn't even know how to drive.

The ball changed view to show what looked like Godzilla, only metal. It was the Dragon robot thing. As Buffy watched it split in two, beams of light between the legs and the rest of the machine. 'What's it doing?'

'I, I don't know.' Tommy ran to one of the consoles that was spluttering back into life. 'Dawn's tapped into the DragonZord's auto repair system. She's reconfigured him to merge with the White TigerZord!' The man-shaped machine landed inside the legs. Like a pair of armoured pants. It's shoulder pads flattened out and the top half of the Dragon opened up. The centre piece flying off.

The Dragon body came down like a cloak over the white ones shoulders. Two giant gold pads slid down and around stopping either side of the tiger head. The combined machine caught the Dragon's centre chest piece with it's left arm. The whole thing sliding on like a gauntlet.

For a moment the machine stood there. It was as if the white tiger-thing was wearing the dragon like a suit of armour. 'White Tiger-Dragon Megazord.' Tommy said breathlessly. 'I didn't think it was possible.' Buffy watched the machine draw a long sword from a sheath at it's side. It looked some what like a knight, with a golden shield in one hand and sword in the other.

'Can she deal with both of them?' Buffy asked.

'If not she should give it a damn good try.'

Goldar snarled as the new Zord stepped up. This should have been impossible, but he was far more worried by something else. 'You called on the power of the Key.' Goldar accused the Green Ranger. 'You have no idea what that means!'

'Wrong again gold for brains. I am the Key.' She shouted back.

Goldar had never been religious, there were ancient legends among what was left of his people of Gods and monsters but he had always trusted in Lord Zedd and his sword. Remembering the stories of the Keys for the first time in his life Goldar felt the urge to pray. It was no wonder this new Green Ranger was so powerful. If what she said was true the could be no limit to her power.

'What's that supposed to mean?' Tretrax barked.

'She has the power of a whole Zeo crystal, maybe even more.'

Either through ignorance or just arrogance Tretrax charged the Zord, swinging his sword low. The Zord reacted quickly, catching the blade on the DragonZord chest plate it was using as a shield. Punching Tretrax in the face the Zord staggered him before pushing with the shield, knocking the demon from his feet.

If he didn't help his partner Goldar knew he wouldn't stand a ghost of a chance. Firing a salvo of energy bolts at it he hoped to damage the Zord long enough to get Tretrax back on his feet. The Zord just took it, the blasts bouncing off its golden shoulder pads. Slapping his sword away with her Zord's the Green Ranger threw the shield into his stomach. She then had the Zord bring it's elbow joint around in into his face. Knocking him back far enough to slice at him with the golden sword.

Goldar growled in pain as it exploded against his armour. He felt his wings smash against the side of the pit. Tretrax was on his feet again, for all the good it could do. The Zord backed off, 'Lets end this, full power!' The shoulder pads opened to face Tretrax. Tree trunk sized lightning bolts danced between the two outstretched panels. The White TigerZord's head opened wide and fired a thunderbolt blast.

The power of the Key, channeled through both Zords combined, struck. The blast hit Tretrax and for the briefest of seconds nothing happened. Then Goldar realised that was the problem Tretrax was frozen in place, like a statue. Slowly his reluctant ally petrified, becoming solid stone. With a thunderous crack the demon spilt down the middle. Both halves becoming stone and then rubble as they fell to the ground. By the time it landed the stone was nothing more than two immense piles of pebbles.

Flapping his wings Goldar took to the air, knowing he had to escape. After all his argument was with Tommy Oliver. Not this new Green Ranger, especially not now that she had this much power.

Dawn watched Goldar take off, tempted to let off an energy blast and knock him out of the sky.

Before she could get her Zord's weapon 'Dawn, Dawn are you there? Can you hear us?'

It was Dr Oliver over the Zord's internal radio. 'I hear you, how'd you get a transmission out of the lockdown? she asked

'Your communicator,' He told her. Alpha cross-wired himself with the viewing globe and your watch. Teleporter's still down though and the others need you!'

'You can't be serious.' Buffy interrupted. 'Get her back here, then you can take that thing out there.'

Dawn rolled her eyes. 'What's wrong?'

'They're out numbered, out gunned and at the end of their rope.' Dr Oliver growled. 'There's no time to get the transporter back online. They need help now.'

'That could be a problem.' Dawn admitted her new Zord was powerful but not very fast. She told them as much.

'Don't worry, I have an idea.'

A shower of sparks rained down on Connor's helmet as they crashed to the ground. The Megazord couldn't take much more of this. He knew it wasn't going to be easy taking out both halves at the same time, but he wasn't counting on it being impossible. One on one he was fairly sure they could take him. It was this whole two halves thing that was beating them.

On TV, or in the movies it wouldn't be much of a problem. They'd come one at a time and the Megazord could hold them off. This wasn't TV. They'd block one attack and the other one would come from behind, or off to one side. Getting up and under their guard. They'd try to back off, get some breathing space. Every time the pair would rush the Zord.

'Power's fading across the board. We need time to recharge!' Cassie cried out. 'There must be something we can do.'

'Try Dawn again.' Connor ordered.

'No answer.' Sari replied, 'There must be something wrong with her communicator. That or she's in as much trouble as we are.' Connor shuddered at that.

'Faith, Cassie do we still have enough for a final strike?'

'Just, but it won't make a scratch. We'd have to hit both at once. One of them would just get out of the way'

'We have to get up first.' Faith pointed out as the pair stood above them, both raising their weapons.

'A last second save would be welcome right about now.' Cassie hissed and her prayers were answered. A hail of energy weapons hit the two demons at the same time. As they howled in pain Connor wrenched at the controls, rolling the Megazord over and firing the cannons on it's back at them. Combined the firepower was enough to knock them over for once.

'Gyro stabilisation restored.' Sari cried and the Zord bounced back for what felt like the dozenth time. 'Dawn, better late than… what the heck?'

Connor had to agree. If it was Dawn she'd pulled another trick out of her hat. It was a new Zord that looked armed to the teeth and was riding Titanus like a horse. Pulling back on the gold chain had the massive Zord come to a skidding stop. Kicking up dirt and boulders like dust.

'That better be you Green.' Connor called out, flicking the external speakers.

'Who else Red?' Dawn laughed back. They used their colours incase anyone from the media was still around. Given the destruction scattered around the place it wasn't likely, but you couldn't be too careful.

'What kept you?'

'Traffic. You won't believe the trouble I have parking.' With that Dawn's new Zord jumped out of Titanus and drew it's sword. Now the fight was even. Two demons, two Zords.

'Listen Green, we have to hit them both at the same time.' Faith called out. 'Otherwise they're invincible.'

'Really, what kind of whacked out weakness is that?'

'A damn good one.' Faith growled.

'Gotcha. Then we finish this hard and fast.' Dawn announced. Her Zord slapped the flat of it's blade against the shield in it's other hand. 'Full power!'

They didn't need to be told twice. Connor concentrated and hit the commands. 'Final Strike!' he and the others in the cockpit said at once. Still he kept one eye on the new Zord.

The lights surrounding the shield flashed in sequence, causing it's golden sword to take on a green hue. As the Megazord raised it's sword Dawn's combined Zords took half a step forward. When they brought the Power Sword down, sheathed in what looked like lightning the other Zord swung low.

The energy from both blades trailed the swings and then flew at their opponents. The result was spectacular, both halves of the demon were hit at the same instant. A storm of explosions went off all over them, so many that you could't see the demons underneath.

As the explosions died down there was nothing left of the odd demon. Just wisps of smoke and spots in Connor's eyes. 'Good job guys.' he applauded.

'Not really.' Dawn said, 'The worse is yet to come.'

'I had to leave my… friend back at the base. They're not happy.'

'Friend?' Connor asked

'Oh hell no, you don't mean…' Faith trailed off. Connor knew she did.

Buffy watched as what looked like a rainbow landed in the middle of the room. As the five Rangers touched down the room sprang back into life. The computers and things flickering back on as if just being there was enough.

'Power down.' Dawn said and they all touched their belt buckles. Just like before there was a flash and they were back to normal. Buffy looked at the others, Faith shrugged helplessly. Big shock she was up to her neck in this, heck she was probably just as much to blame for this as Dawn's tutor.

Cassie hadn't stuck Buffy as the stupid, or suicidal type, so what she was doing running around in Blue was anybody's guess. Dawn might have convinced her it was fun, which meant her little sister had a lot to answer for. The dark skinned red head was just goofy enough to sign up to this world of pain but she didn't know her well enough.

Same went for the kid, there was still something familiar about him she couldn't place, but other than that he could have been anyone.

Finally Buffy turned her attention on Dawn. 'We need to talk.'

Dawn sighed infuriatingly as she lent back on one of the desks. 'All things considered I'd rather be fighting with A'Zores on a bad day. Alright what do you want to talk about.'

Buffy narrowed her eyes. It was going to be one of those, if only her sister wasn't so stubborn this could go so much easier. 'It's not what I want. Dawnie I'm going to need those power things.'

'What?' Dawn gaped. 'You, you can't be serious!'

Buffy glared 'I can. I don't want you to have anything to do with this fight and it would go a lot easier if I was a Ranger instead. If you think about it you know I'm right.'

End Family Part II