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Chapter 22:

You Say Hello and I Say Goodbye

Harry POV:

I wasn't thinking about where I was going when I Disapparated, and unfortunately my landing was in a pile of rubble. I promptly fell over, tumbling down a pile of rocks, cutting my arm open with a deep gash. I could feel the warm blood spilling down my forearm, but I didn't care. I scrambled up, and looked down at the map that was still in my hand, trying to orient myself in relationship to the bodies of the Black family.

My hands quickly went to the sides of the breastplate and I struggled to free myself from the metal confines. It was only going to get in the way now.

Within seconds Ginny, Dad, Frank, and Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall were by my side. We descended upon the pile of stone and mortar and began to dig. Several of the Aurors were helping us, and the Trauma team from St. Mungo's was arriving. Dumbledore was rapidly levitating huge boulders out of the way, and I could hear Dad screaming something.

"Sirius, I hear you. Can you see your brother, or Anwen?" Dad held the small communications mirror that he'd charmed to talk with Sirius when they had different detentions at school. Today seemed like a much more honorable reason to use them. Ginny and I made short work of the distance between where we were and my father. The dark, dirty and bleeding face of Sirius was in the mirror.

He was lying on his stomach, and I could see a deep cut on the one side of his face. The eye was swollen shut, his nose was askew and at least one tooth was barely hanging on. He was as pale as the sheets that Aunt Petunia used to bleach and dry on the line out back.

"Reg..." Sirius muttered, "...on top...of me. Prongs...Anwen...bird..." it was all that he could get out before he started coughing, bright red blood coming from within his mouth.

"Don't say anymore, Padfoot. I understand," Dad told his friend. "You just hold on there buddy, we're on our way." Sirius grunted in response, and then put his head down. I wasn't sure if he was conscious or not.

"What was he talking about? With Anwen?" Ginny asked, fear in her voice for her friend.

"Anwen must have been in her bird form when the building fell. If she got hit with a rock while she was that small..." Dad trailed off, but I knew what he was thinking. Most of these stones were big enough to crush her to death. Dad kept the mirror out, but ran over to where Dumbledore and McGonagall were working side by side.

"Professors," Dad said, even though I was sure that he didn't really call them that anymore, "Anwen was changed over into her kestrel form."

"For the love of all things holy," Minerva McGonagall swore under breath, "that girl is more reckless than...well than perhaps her husband is."

We all went back to work, Dad simultaneously monitoring the mirror as he levitated rocks away. We worked for maybe twenty minutes when Mad-Eye came over to address us.

"We've recovered all the rest of the bodies from inside. There were two Squib girls, a very young nymph and three Muggles that were in the dungeons. They survived the collapse with little injury. All are at St. Mungo's right now, but are expected to be fine. We've taken seventeen Death Eaters into custody, including Lucius Malfoy, Thornfin Rowle, Evan Rossier and Barty Crouch, Jr. There are another eight that are dead, leaving only four known members unaccounted for. We're on the lookout for them, and the Hit Squad has joined the fight. The best known of these is Greyback."

"What about losses on our side?" I asked.

"I was getting there," the grizzled Auror barked at me. "There were four prisoners on the first floor, we're still trying to get to them, but it doesn't look good. Dorcas Meadows was taken down by Rowle and one of the young Aurors has lost her hand. Lupin is still unconscious, but expected to make a full recovery. Other than that, most of our injuries were small - except for those three there," he indicated the pile where we were still trying to pull the Black's out.

"Could have been worse," Frank said, just before something started to vibrate in his breast pocket. "Really? Now?" He was speaking to no one, looking at the stone in disbelief.

"What?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"Alice, she's gone into labor, this is the signal stone. It was activated by Iris Lovegood, so it's the real thing, not just more practice contractions."

"Go, I'll handle things here," Mad Eye said. Frank opened his mouth to protest. "That's an order, Longbottom. I'm still your superior, and I said get out of here. Tell Alice that I expect her to handle this like she did that simulation that she won in her second year of training." Frank laughed at whatever the reference was.

"Yes, sir," he jokingly replied. "Please, keep us up to date on what's going on."

"I will," Dad answered him. "Hey, for the time being, don't say anything to Aunt Wally or Lily about Sirius, Anwen and Reg. I think we should wait until we have some firm news."

"Agreed," Frank replied. "You know how to reach me," he said with a hand indicating the communication mirrors. With that, he took a few steps and Apparated to Grimmauld Place.

We returned to digging, Moody joining us. Dad kept checking the mirror, but there hadn't been any other movement or words from Sirius.

"What was it that Alice did in that simulation?" Ginny asked Moody as she levitated boulders that were in her way.

"She disabled the entire class, had everyone's wand by the time she was done. Little minx had even tied up three of the Senior Aurors who had come to help me that day. She's one fierce woman when she needs to be. I'll be glad to have her back on active duty," the Senior Auror explained.

We went back to working in silence, every once in a while being asked to stop so that Dad could listen for any tapping or speaking. Unfortunately, he never heard any. It wasn't until Professor McGonagall screamed out that we stopped working in earnest.

"Don't move, anyone," she yelled, bending down to lift something frail and small. It was the feathered leg of a caramel colored bird, severed from its owner. "Oh, goddess," McGonagall whispered, fear punctuating every syllable. Ginny screamed in horror when she saw it.

"Albus, look," the Transfigurations professor and Anwen's mentor whispered. He moved the few feet to look at the detached and bloody limb.

"I don't know, Minerva, I've never seen such a thing," he said quietly.

"She could be trapped in that form..."

"I know. Let's find her and then figure out what we need to do."

Professor McGonagall handed the leg over to a field medic, who immediately Disapparated to St. Mungo's. The leg could be put into stasis, and hopefully be reattached to Anwen, if she was even alive when we found her. There was an ever greater sense of desperation as we dug. Night was falling, and torches were brought over to help light our way. Sunset wasn't for hours, but due to the dense forest, the light was having a hard time making through the trees.

"I've got something!" Dad yelled out as he stowed the mirror back into his pocket. We rushed over to him, and I was relieved to see a hand, a left hand, clad with a rose gold wedding ring. Ginny and I hugged each other when we saw the fingers flex slightly. Sirius was at least alive still.

A concerted effort was made in that area, and as carefully directed by Professor McGonagall, the stones were discarded into the forest, well away from where we currently were. We didn't want to bury Anwen further, if she was still a bird.

It didn't take long before we were able to find Sirius and his brother. Regulus was sprawled out on his elder brother's back, his leg and arm twisted and laying in an unnatural way. I could have sworn he was dead by how limp he was, except that the Medi-witch detected faint breathing and a heart rate when he was examined. The strangest thing was that Anwen's metallic thread cape was draped over him. She must have covered his wounded body before she changed over.

Three field medics put him into stasis and used a medical Portkey to take him away. His condition and their attitudes were dire.

We freed Sirius and another set of medics rushed in to treat him, but Sirius was fighting them.

"Prongs, Prongs get over here," he frantically eked out. There was dried blood along the cut that ran the length of his face and up onto his skull. Dad went over and took his best friend's hand.

"I'm here, Padfoot. They're going to take good care of you," Dad promised. "Calm down, okay."

Sirius opened his one good eye completely and stared at his lifelong friend. "You find her," he sputtered out. "You take care of my girl." I could see the panic cross Dad's face, not sure what to tell Sirius, but we all knew that the chances of Anwen being alive when we found her were miniscule.

"I will, Padfoot. Just relax now, let them take care of you, Harry and I will find Anwen," he assured.

"Swear it," Sirius sternly said.

"I swear, Padfoot. I will take care of your wife."

"Okay," he mumbled before he released Dad's hand and let himself be taken away. When the swirl of the Portkey light was gone, I looked over to my father.

"What if you can't keep that promise?" I asked.

"I have to," he quietly answered, and we went back to the dig. I lost track of time, my thoughts a jumbled mess. Moony was hospitalized, Alice was in labor, Sirius was...alive, probably going to be okay. Reg was hanging in there. We just needed to find Anwen, she needed to be alive.

Ginny screamed in horror, and I looked to the ground near the boulder that she'd just moved. There was the small body of a kestrel falcon, wearing a tiny, set of armor on it's breast. It was in a pool of her own blood, and I didn't know how to tell if she was alive or dead.

Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore came over, and he cast an intricate charm over her, and McGonagall let go of the breath she was holding when she saw the small green pulsating circle over the bird's midsection.

"We should transport her in this form," a medic who had recently arrived directed. "They'll restore her when we get to the trauma department. We don't know what sort of damage has been done."

A containment and comforting charm was put on the bird before it was levitated away from the ground. Professor Dumbledore insisted that he was going with her, and he Portkeyed away with Anwen.

"Come on," Dad said, "we're going too." Ginny, Dad, and McGonagall each Disapparated away in turn, I being the last to go to hospital.

Ginny POV:

I had lost all sense of time; the chaos of our arrival at the Trauma Department fell away to the uncomfortable waiting that we were involved in now. The Healers had insisted on checking us all over, and we submitted quickly. There was nothing wrong with James or me, Harry needed to have the gash on his arm repaired. He protested until his father told him to get it taken care of and stop complaining. It was the first time that Harry had been told what to do by his parent, the moment nearly brought me to tears.

Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore were in with Anwen. The surgeons had re-attached the limb while she was in her animagus form, the problem came when they went to shift her back to human. Anwen's magic was so strong that it took both professors, James and a medical transfigurations expert to change her back.

Sirius was rushed to see a reconstructive facial Healer when they were sure that the injury to his brain had been healed. They had completely sedated him, since he was fighting the Healers, trying to find his wife. James was hoping to have some news when he awoke.

Remus was doing well, he would be moved into a special room shortly, to finish healing from the broken ribs he sustained in his fight with Greyback. He'd suffered a significant blood loss from the huge gouge of his abdomen that was bitten off, as well as scars that ran the length of his face and neck. Greyback had resorted to biting flesh even when he was in his human form. It was disgusting to think about, and made my already queasy stomach lurch violently when I did. Thankfully, it happened far enough away from the full moon that Remus shouldn't be further infected, but he was being observed, and his blood was being checked regularly for changes in the degree of the lycanthropy in his bloodstream.

They wanted to isolate Remus away from everyone, a suggestion was even made that he be sent to Azkaban until they were sure of the extent of his injuries. James and Professor Dumbledore stepped in and insisted that he be cared for here. Madame Pomfrey, who harbored no such fear of werewolves after treating Remus for all the years he was at Hogwarts, came and took charge of his treatment. If there was any further issue, they'd simply take him up to Hogwarts or back to Grimmauld Place for the remainder of his care. Here Remus had risked his life to save witches and wizards who were afraid of him. I pointed this out when someone remarked about how 'dangerous' he was.

Regulus was immediately taken to a surgical suite, and a team of Healers was working to repair his body. Nearly every bone had been broken due to the concussive force of the explosion. His internal organs had been damaged by the bone shards, and he had lost most of his blood. Thankfully he was able to take transfusions, as well as blood replenishing potions. One of us was going to have to go and see Mrs. Black soon, and tell her about the state of her children. She was still so weak from the poisoning, I wasn't sure what would happen to her at the news.

We hadn't heard from Frank, which we were assuming meant that Alice hadn't had the baby yet. I wished that we'd hear, some good news would be welcome now. James came back with a tray of take-away cups, handing me one and taking one for himself as he sat down. He put the tray with the third onto the small table next to him, putting it on top of the pile of three year old copies of Witch Weekly, and Herbology Today from more than five years ago.

"Heard anything?" he asked. I shook my head at him. "Nothing's changed at Grimmauld, Frank sent me a coded message. He's trying to act like nothing was wrong when he got there, but Lily has to know that something is up. I think that I might need to go over there soon," he glumly stated, looking so much older than his twenty years.

"I'll go with you, if you think that will help," I offered.

"I'm sure that it will, thanks," he quietly responded and we went back to our silent vigil.

I must have dozed off, because some time later I awoke, lying prone on the line of chairs that James and I had been sitting on. Harry's cloak was under my head, and as I sat up, the weave of the metallic threads left a mark on my face. I rubbed my cheek, trying to get the flesh to go back to normal.

"Welcome back, sleepy head," Harry gently teased me from where he sat on the other side of the hallway. His arm had a thick bandage on it that ran from just below his elbow, down to his hand. "Are you feeling better?"

"I'm sorry," I apologized. "I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"Don't be sorry, sweetheart," he told me as he rose to come over and sit next to me. "I wish that I could relax enough to take a nap. You were only out for about half an hour." I looked around the hallway, and I couldn't find anyone else.

"Where are James and Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall?"

"Dad is in with Remus and the professors have gone to Grimmauld to talk with Mrs. Black. Sirius was just brought up from surgery, and they expect him to be fine. They had to shave his head, which will probably make him rather sullen, but it's hair and it will grow back," Harry teased and I chuckled along. We all knew how Sirius felt about his hair. Anwen had often teased that he spent more time getting ready in the morning than she did. "He's still asleep."

"What about Anwen and Reg?" Harry sighed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Anwen is going to be moved shortly. They're going to put her in the same room as Sirius and Remus, since they need to have full time protection while there are still Death Eaters on the loose," Harry explained. "They got her changed over, so she's all human now, but...her leg isn't quite right. The muscle structure and her bones are misshapen, and the skin is...well, she's got skin over the entire thing, that's the important part. They're not willing to make any firm statements, but they're doubtful that she'll ever have full use of it again.

"Additionally, her back was just ripped up by the explosion, and they're working on healing those wounds as well. Her spinal column was partially severed, and she's still in a coma. She also overloaded her magic, which is why she was stuck as her animagus. They're currently keeping her in a suppression spell because she keeps having accidental discharges of magic." It pained me to think of my friend in this state. She had finally gotten charge of her life, so many good things lay ahead of her, and now...

"Do I even want to know about Regulus?" I muttered.

"He's still alive, although just barely. His lungs had collapsed and his liver was perforated. The Healers are magically repairing the bones, not even relying on Skele-grow. He's still in the surgical suite." I took a deep breath and nodded.

"Come on, let's go upstairs and see Remus. I think that he could use a smiling face," Harry suggested and I gave him my hand so that we could head to an upper level of the building. We walked to the lifts and rode them up to the second floor, the one where my father had been housed after he'd been bit by Nagini, this time, however, we turned the opposite way, and entered a small, unmarked ward.

"This is the private, critical care ward. Only certain families are treated here, usually the oldest, most pureblood ones. Normally Anwen and Remus wouldn't be welcome, but nobody wanted to piss off the Black, Potter and Dumbledore families in one day, so they're both going to be moved in here when they can be," Harry explained. Money and blood-status can still get you nearly anything in the wizarding world. I wondered when that might change, if ever.

"Harrison Parker, here to see..." Harry started to say to the charge witch at the desk.

"Mr. Black, I presume? He's right this way," she asked, getting up from her seat and coming around the desk.

"And Mr. Lupin," Harry corrected her. The witch's face soured at his mentioning of the werewolf on her ward.

"Of course," she dully added before stepping around to lead us to the room. I rolled my eyes at her rude handling of Remus.

The room that they were in was a bit sterile, but bright. Remus was sitting up in bed, a wrap of Murtlap on his bare belly and a salve on his face. Dad was in a chair next to him. Sirius was in the bed across the way, still sedated, and now snoring. He did look very strange without his hair, beard and mustache. I wouldn't have recognized him if it wasn't for his wedding band and the tattoos that were visible on his chest and forearm.

"Harry, Ginny, glad that you're both okay," Remus quietly said with a faint smile on his face.

"We're glad that you're going to be okay as well," I answered back, gingerly sitting down on the end of the bed as Harry pulled over another chair to sit down.

"Anwen will be here in a minute," James told us, "and then I think that we need to go and see your Mum, Harry. She's mirror called me three times and keeps asking why you don't answer yours." Harry patted the pockets of his jeans.

"I don't know where it is," he told us. "Must have lost it."

"It's fine," he said with a scoff. "She just wants to see that you're okay. I need to check in on Aunt Wally too."

"I'll stay here for the time being," I suggested. "Keep them company?"

"Ginny sweetheart, you are more than I could have ever asked for," Harry told me before he kissed me gently. It felt like it had been forever since we'd kissed, even though I knew that it wasn't. I hadn't even been twenty-four hours yet.

We talked quietly for a while, Remus was unnaturally silent, letting us talk around him. He looked over at the bed that held Sirius, and his eyes seemed so distraught. When Anwen was brought in, we all gasped. None of us had seen her since the healers had been able to get her out of her falcon form, and the shock of her appearance was stunning. Remus looked as if he would be sick when he saw his little friend float by. James left the room, and a faint string of curse words, punctuated by wall pounding was heard. The Healer introduced herself, and explained that she was the primary healer on Anwen and Sirius' cases. Her last name of Quirk, and I wondered if perhaps this was Orla's mother or grandmother. The eyes seemed familiar.

Anwen's whole leg was bandaged, from the foot to the hip, but red bloodstains could still be seen. She was rolled up on her left leg, leaving the injured right one to be held by a stasis charm and pillows. When I saw her back, I was nearly sick on Remus. It had the appearance of raw meat, except for one small band that ran between her shoulderblades. She was uninjured there. Over the rest of her back, most of the skin was scraped off and there were deeper cuts every once in a while. The damage ran from her skull all the way down to where a small sheet was covering her backside.

"How is she doing?" Remus stammered through his shock.

"She will recover," the healer explained, "actually, the feathers might have protected her skin from greater damage, as awful as it looks, it's mostly superficial and it shouldn't scar too badly. That tiny breastplate saved her lungs and heart. Her leg is the real question now. We can't say what kind of use she'll have, if any."

"You don't know Anwen," Remus said with a cocked smile. "She is more tenacious and determined than anyone that I've ever known. If there's hope for her to use her leg again, then she will."

"I hope that you're right," Healer Quirk answered. "We owe all of you a great debt. He," she paused, "He who shall not be named, he's really gone?"

"Completely," Harry answered her.

"Amazing," she muttered back. "You should see it out there. Sparks are being set off all over the city, and there's dancing in the streets of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. The lobby is full of well–wishers and reporters. We've got them all donating blood, since we couldn't figure out what else to do with them. When you're ready to leave, let the charge witch know, she'll take you to the private entrance and exit for this wing. You can avoid the mess that way."

"We will," James answered, holding out his hand to shake the healers. "I don't know how to thank you for all that you've done for my friends." His eyes shifted between the three beds.

"It's I who should be thanking you. I'll be back in a while to check on them. We should be able to bring Mr. Black out of sedation soon."

"I need to go and see his mother," James explained. "Can you wait until I'm back before you wake him. Sirius is very protective of his wife, and..."

"We noticed that when he was brought in," she confirmed. "He was near mad with worry about her. If you think that you'll be of some help in this matter, then by all means we will wait for your return. I'm going to check on his brother now, but if I'm needed, the charge witch can get me here in a matter of minutes. I won't be leaving the hospital tonight."

"Thank you so much, Healer Quirk," Harry said, putting out his hand to shake hers. She quickly left, and we went back to trying not to look at the sad state our friend was in, although it was almost impossible not to stare. James and Harry quickly took off for Grimmauld, even though it was nearly two in the morning. They didn't expect that anyone was sleeping at the Black family house anyway. Remus had dozed off, there were two Aurors outside the door, so I settled down, propping my stocking–clad feet up on the empty bed and decided that a rest was in order.

When I awoke the second time, light was streaming in through the window at the end of the room. Remus was awake, and reluctantly eating what looked like thin porridge. I think that he might have stirred and dribbled it off his spoon more than he put in his mouth. It was just before six, the battle had been a little over twelve hours ago. It felt like a lifetime had passed since then.

"Well, that's unappetizing looking," I said with a yawn.

"You're not the one supposed to eat it," he grimaced before dropping the spoon back into the gruel. "What I wouldn't do for something more..."

"Edible?" I suggested and he smiled while he nodded. "I'm famished. What would you like? I'll sneak it back from the tea room upstairs."

"Anythings got to be better than this," he told me and I smiled. "The tea was just as weak."

"Okay, something better than paste and weak tea. Got it, I'll be right back." I slipped my feet back into my shoes and stretched, feeling my muscles complain at having dozed sitting up. They'd soften up soon, and if they didn't, I could just charm them. I snuck out the back way, and up the lift to the fifth floor. The food definitely looked much better here, and I got a small assortment of things that I liked to eat, figuring that I'd give Remus the first pick, and then eat whatever was left. I also got two cups full of properly made tea and some pumpkin juice.

When I arrived back on the private ward, I could see Professor Dumbledore having a rather heated discussion with one of the nurses. I took the opportunity the diversion afforded me and slid into the room with the contraband pastries. Harry was sitting in my chair as I returned.

"You're back!" I exclaimed, very happy to see my husband. "Where's James?"

"He's still at Grimmauld, Mum went into labor. Actually, it was a little strange, I went to hug her, and when we touched there was this jolt that ran through me and into her. It was disconcerting...she started having contractions right away. Professor Dumbledore thinks that it had something to do with baby me and grown up me being in the same place and time or something. We could really mess things up by sticking around too long."

"I don't want to go until I know if Anwen's alright." I was adamant about this.

"I know, Gin, but we might have to leave before we know. Both Professor Dumbledore and Mrs. Black think that we need to be going. There are cosmic consequences of me interacting"

"How long do we have?" I asked, hoping we'd at least have a few days.

"Tomorrow's my birthday," he answered, "we should be gone before August 1 starts." I didn't like it, but I knew that we couldn't stay. We'd had a long discussion with Mrs. Black about the things that having both Harrys here could do. I had already been considering telling Harry that I wanted to stay, that I liked my life, our lives here. I was glad that I'd never brought it up with him when I heard what she had to say.

"Fine," I dejectedly replied. "How is Mrs. Black doing?"

"She's...she's concerned, of course, but she's already so weak...Professor McGonagall is going to bring her over in a while. We need to awaken Sirius first, make sure that he's calm enough to see his Mum. They're also going to bring Regulus and all his equipment up soon."

Remus had already dug into the food, which made me happy. I was glad that he was eating heartily, as I had lost my appetite at the mention of returning to the future. I was now scared at what life was going to hold there.

"How's he doing," our injured friend inquired.

"Better than they expected, but by no means well. The only things that's keeping him alive right now are the machines charmed to help him breathe and pump the transfusions through his body. They've gotten most of his bones healed, or at least starting to, but..." Harry explained, not needing to finish. Regulus was far from out of the woods.

Professor Dumbledore came in with Healer Quirk and they woke Sirius up. His initial concern was for Anwen, and he insisted that they move their beds closer, so that he could hold onto his wife. Healer Quirk finally relented, but only because she was afraid that Sirius would hurt himself in his struggle to be with Anwen. Her bed was enlarged to fit him as well. Sirius was so gentle with her fragile body, and openly wept when he saw the condition that she was in. We tried to give him as much privacy as we could, for it was heartbreaking to watch them. He whispered words of love and devotion to her, and I had to excuse myself, lest I break down in front of him. Harry followed me into the hall and I wept on his shoulder until there was nothing left in me.

After my emotional outpouring, I was exhausted, and at Dumbledore and Remus' insistence, we returned to our small flat. We both fell into bed, fully clothed, at seven in the morning, and were asleep within minutes.

Harry POV:

I awoke with a start, my breathing rapid and hard. I felt around, trying to place where I was. It was dim, but I was somewhere soft, a bed, under blankets. The room looked vaguely familiar. There was someone sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at me, illuminated only by the light that was coming in from the hallway beyond.

"Harry, are you okay, son?" the voice asked me. It was my Dad. I sort of groaned at him.

"Yeah, I uh, I think so," I told him, again looking around. I wasn't in my bed at the flat, nor was I in the room we'd used at Grimmauld Place. I assessed the room again, trying to figure out where I was. It was decorated in purple and white, with large gold stars on the ceiling. I recognized it as the color scheme of the Pride of Portree Quidditch team.

"Just stay there for a minute," he told me. "Minerva warned us that there'd be some memory loss. Gave your brother and sisters quite a scare when you passed out on your plate this morning." What did he just say? Brother and sisters?

"What? I don't have..." I tried to protest, but Dad interrupted me.

"Yes, you do. Stop and think about it for a minute. Both sets of memories are there, Harry, they're just all jumbled for the moment. This isn't nineteen-eighty, it's nineteen-ninety-eight."

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that he was right, but my head was a mess right now. I could remember growing up with my Mum and Dad, living at Potter Manor, my brother being born when I was like three and a half, and my sisters following every few years after that. Three of them. I remembered going to Primary School with Draco and Neville and some dark–haired kid named Bastien that I had no idea how he fit into everything, but he was always around.

"I'm friends with Draco Malfoy?" I asked, puzzled. Dad just chuckled and nodded.

But I also remembered the battle with Voldemort. and the fight and having to free Sirius and Anwen and Regulus. I remember the hours in the hospital, and accidentally making Mum go into labor with me when I hugged her. The two of me interacted and it had somehow overloaded Mum's body or something and she went into labor. I remembered destroying the crystal with Professor Dumbledore and then him sending Ginny and me back.

"Ginny..." I shouted, sitting up in my bed. As soon as I had, I wished that I hadn't, as my head swooned and I fell back on the pillow. Dad put his hands on my shoulders to hold me down.

"Harry, she's fine. She's at the house she lives in, and she's okay. We got word from them a few minutes ago," he told me, and I calmed down some.

"Oh, okay, I need to see her..."

"I know, son, but right now you need to calm down and let things settle in your brain a little. What's the last thing that you remember for sure?" I contemplated what he was asking me. A memory leapt to the front of my mind.

"I remember hugging you and Mum and Mrs. Black goodbye, and giving them some letters and the deed to the flat for Remus. Then Professor Dumbledore said the incantation, and then I woke up here," I explained.

"Okay, do you remember anything about this morning?"

I wasn't sure, it was like there were memories lying on top of memories, and I was having a hard time sorting through them. Then I did remember something, but it was like trying to grab hold of a reflection in a pool. "Mum, she promised Emma that she could go to France for her birthday next month. Was that this morning?"

Dad chuckled, "It was. As if there was any doubt that we'd be taking her to France to see Lilyan Black for their birthdays."

"Black, like as in Anwen and Sirius, Black?" I asked, suddenly hopeful that more than my parents had survived in this new future.

"One in the same," he answered. "They're not only alive and well, but they've got one heck of a family. Eight kids." It was strange, I could see all of these kids that were my cousins, but I felt like I didn't know them.

"Remus?" I questioned, seeing all of these different pictures of him. It was my old past, my new past, the time we spent together in nineteen-eighty and I was so confused.

"Doing just fine too. He's got four of his own pups. The second generation of the Marauders is quite large." Then another memory roared into my head, and it hit me like the collision that I was remembering.

"Dad, why is Ginny living with them? What happened on that motorbike? Was it really my fault?" The memories hit me harder and harder and I couldn't believe what was going on. "On my god, what happened to Ginny?" I was screaming but I couldn't stop it. I could remember so much blood and screaming and this howling noise.

"Harry, you need to calm down, it's only going to make things worse in your head. Here," he said, putting a phial in my hand. "Drink this, son. It'll help."

I did what he requested, and drank down the potion. When it hit my stomach I started to feel my body calm, but I was still so agitated that I couldn't put the pieces of this puzzle together in my head.

"Harry, last summer, there was an accident," Dad started to explain. "Ginny was hurt very badly and she's been living with Anwen and Sirius since then. Anwen understood what she was going through, and was helpful with her rehab. It was too much on Molly, after losing one brother and caring for the other full time..." his voice trailed off as the memories of the crash flooded my senses.

The feel of losing control of the bike and crashing into the side of an oncoming car. The smells and sounds of the Muggle hospital, being told that her back was broken...

I fell back on my pillow when I remembered the worst part of all...

Ginny had ended things with me. Left me and Hogwarts and England. Told me that she never wanted to see me again. That was almost six months ago. I hadn't seen her since.

Hot tears flooded my eyes as I realized that I'd changed nearly everything else, but I'd lost the person I gave my heart and soul to.

Author's 2nd Note: There will be a sequel. It's called "Ranimer" which is French for "rekindle a fire, restore, renew hope". The story will begin being posted later in the fall. MNF