AN: This is an AU story with more than one twist.

Mary died on the ceiling. John went into hunting, but instead of only Dean and Sam as sons, there are also the twins, Shane and David. They are 5 years older than Dean and on the night of the fire they were sleeping over at some friends.

Mary was the only daughter of an extremely rich single father who left her everything after his death when she was still pregnant with Dean.

John used this money to move his family to a town in the middle of the states. He bought a huge house and made it into a home base for other hunters, especially for his close friends Bobby, Caleb, Joshua and Pastor Jim when they were in the area hunting.

All of the Winchesters' attended the same primary, middle and high school, John making certain that his boys had a normal childhood, still knowing what was out there in the dark.

Another reason for all this normality was the fact that Sam was in his own way more than special. He attended mainstream school, got top grades, could interact on a social level and even had a pair of good friends since his kindergarten days. However, he also has extreme violent tendencies that could most of the time only be controlled by shots, unless his family could calm him down. Lastly, let us not forget about the visions; a few surprises lie in store there, including some information that John has but that he has not shared with any of his sons.

This story plays out then Sam is 17, Dean 21 and the twins 26 years.

Please note: Language, violence, torture, minor sexual abuse of a child, angst, hurt and comfort, drama and goodness will be part of this story!

Lastly, I will also take liberties when it comes to symptoms and treatments of certain disorders or medical stuff like that – just because I can.

I dare you to go on and read this story!

Remember: I don't own anything.

Chapter 1

John was just packing up his shotgun after completing yet another successful hunt when his cell phone started to ring. Barely looking at it he answered. "Winchester."


"Dean, what is wrong?" John interrupted his son before he could complete his sentence.

"Dad, I'm sorry, you need to get home, please sir, it's… it's Sammy."

John had to strain to hear his son's last words. "Dean, what is going on, what's wrong? Damnit son, tell me!"

John went down on his knees and wavered when he listened to what Dean was telling him. Dean was crying and John had difficulties in calming him down. "Dean, Dean, buddy listen to me, I'm on my way, don't worry son, everything will be all right. I'm 7 hours away, I'll be there as soon as I can, I promise."

"Please Dad, hurry." After hearing his son pleading like that, John picked himself up from the ground and staggered to the driver's side of his truck.

Settling down behind the wheel John flipped open his phone making a call. "Singer." John heard the gruff voice of his closest friend but could not get the words to come out of his mouth.

"I don't have time for prank calls you idjit, who is this?"

"Bobby, it's me" John managed to get out before Bobby could slam the phone down in his ear.

"Winchester, what's wrong, you sound like crap?"

"Bobby, I can't go into details, but I need you to get to the home base, if you could contact Josh and Caleb, please I need you, Sammy needs you."

"John, calm down, you're not making any sense. What's happening, what's going on?"

John took a calming breath before answering. "Bobby, Sam… Sam was attacked at school. His missing, shit Bobby I don't know. Please you're closer to home then me, please just get there!"

"What, fuck, okay I'm on my way. I'll meet you there." Bobby Singer threw some clothes in his duffel bag, made sure he had his research books and that his small arsenal was fully stocked, climbed into his rusty old truck, spinning out of the salvage yard as if the devil himself was on his tail. He had to get to the home base. He had to help the Winchesters, he had to help Sam.