Logically, Tobius wasn't really sure why he was doing this, Dean's human father and brother were of little concern to him as far as hunting went, unless they interfered with one of his hunts again, then that would be another story, but his heart told him differently. Despite him trying to convince his son to the contrary, it was clear that Dean was still very attached to his human family, his younger brother especially and missed them terribly. It showed in the stories he'd tell or when they'd see something while traveling and then it was ''Sam would love this' or 'I wish Sam was here to see this,' and then he'd wince or get very quiet, remembering that Sam wasn't there to enjoy whatever it was.

It hurt Tobius to see his son so unhappy, if he had known how close Dean was to his brother, he would've done something different. That was why he was here, to check on the status of Dean's human family and see if there was any way of grabbing Sam away from their father and taking him back to Dean.

He sat in the non-descript car outside of the latest dump John Winchester insisted on living in, wondering how a parent could justify leaving their child in such squalid conditions, every place Tobius had followed them to seemed to be a bigger dump than the last.

He watched John leave the motel room, climbing into the classic car and driving away. A few minutes later, the door of the room and the small figure of Sam Winchester walked out, a large bundle of clothes in his arms and headed for the Laundromat.

Tobius's frown deepened as his predator instincts alerted him to the fact that the boy was injured and weak. The scent had grown stronger since the last time he'd seen the Winchesters and his exceptional eyesight revealed that Sam was dangerously underweight and seemed to have gotten thinner since he'd last seen them and that he was limping. A rush of horror filled Tobius as the realization of what was happening to the boy dawned on him.

The ancient werewolf bit his lip, his first instinct was follow the boy, grab him and spirit him away, but the more prudent side knew that it was too risky. It was broad daylight, there were too many people around and he didn't know where John Winchester was or when he'd return. Besides, from everything Dean had told him, Sam was trained in hand to hand combat and even if his injuries and Tobius's superior strength kept him from putting up much of a fight, he could still yell and gain attention. No, as much as he hated it, Tobius knew he would have to wait, find a way to distract John Winchester and come back with Dean and grab Sam.

With a heavy heart and worried mind, Tobius started the car up and headed back to the hotel where Dean was waiting, he could only hope that by the time they got back, it wasn't too late.

The End