This is a prologue of a story I'll be working on after Heloise's Diary. I've taken the risk of publishing it :P Lets just call this a little tease.

AUTHORS NOTE: This story, including the prologue has no adultery or serious bad language. But the story will have extreme violence. The prologue itself has a bit of violence itself. Please don't read if you dislike lots of blood.

It was late midnight when Lucius Heinous the Seventh had checked the time. But that seemed hours ago. He had just finished with the paper work, and was preparing to put them away. The factory had been dead silence for some time, all the workers were given the night off . For once.

Sammy Garvin, a goblin like creature with a heavy tail that would hang behind him was awaiting Lucius outside by the door. He was Lucius's assistant, dispute the fact he would torment Sammy through his anger, and was more of a punch-bag. Sammy wasn't his closest worker however. Lucius had a second in command. The serpent like creature was named Horian, with the head of a serpent and the body of some kind of humanoid lizard. But he was long gone, back to the earth in which he named his home.

What a day Lucius had. In order to give his workers the night off, he had forced them into working extra hard. The attempt to make them was exhausting. Decline all those requests and complaints, the only requests he did accept was Heloise's needs for new tools or parts, as long is she built all those machines of hers faster.

Lucius sighed, putting his pen away, then putting all the paperwork aside. He walked to his coat racket and put his black leather coat on. Then walking to the door. Perhaps a good nights sleep would calm his stressful mind.

The massive door slammed shut in front of him, banishing all light with it. Lucius jumped in confusion. The room sat in silence, Lucius began to think that probably Sammy might have accidentally smacked it shut. Just before he could agree with the thought, the temperature dropped rapidly. He could practically feel a breeze in his office. Was it a ghost?

''Little Lucius.'' Came a horrifying whisper. Lucius turned his head to the location of the voice. His sight became more used to the darkness, able to see the small shadow of a figure, standing by the corner. As his sight finally began to clear up, the figure, to his surprise was Heloise. She stood in front of him, with a horrific smile on her face. Lucius did not see his top inventor in her eyes, instead he saw madness, he saw a mad killing lust. Her pony tail was not there, and her hair was instead loose and messy.

Lucius blinked for a moment, then scowled at her. ''Heloise! What are you doing here? Get ou-''

Lucius did not finish the sentence. Just when he took a step forward, Heloise pulled a massive kitchen knife at him. Her massive grin remained unmoved.

Lucius heart almost stopped right on the spot. ''H-Heloise. What is the meaning of this?''

Heloise's eyes burned in madness.''For too long I have remained patient as a boot-lick. The time of your reign must end Lucius.''

Something was wrong with her voice. Dispute her female tone, there was what seemed to be a darker, male like voice echoing behind it. Lucius began the realise that this was indeed not Heloise.

Only then did Lucius know.

''Bale.'' He said in gloom.

Heloise stopped grinning.

''Spoilsport.'' She said. In disappointment.

She pulled the knife away from Lucius, then placed it on her own neck. Slitting it open, black liquid poured from the gaping wound, yet she remained smiling.

Lucius watched in horror as this black blood began to pour into the form of a massive puddle. Heloise herself, began to melt away, slowly turning into this odd liquid. She finally began to fade away.

The melting figure began to retake form. It grew into a taller, skinnier figure. The blood began to fade into something rather unusual.

Standing in front of Lucius, was a Praying Mantis. But this was not any Misery-Mantis. The creature stood almost six foot tall. It's carapace was as black as the night sky and it's skin was as white as bone. There was no life in it's ruby red eyes, no pupils were inside it. It felt as if staring into death itself.

It's limbs. And almost half it's abdomen was not there, somehow evaporating into black mist like a ghost. It's face showed no emotion whatsoever. The creature was indeed a horror to see.

Lucius began to scowl at the beast. Dispute it's appearance. ''What do you want? I thought we had a deal.''

The creature made a mad cackle. ''Do I have no right to visit you? You seemed ever so lonely.''

It's voice was impaling. It sounded almost like Horian's, as it created horrific hissing almost like it spoke through it's mind. However, something about that voice made Lucius's spine coil.

''Do not tell lies. I know you like the back of my hand. You cannot fool me.'' Lucius said without fear.

Bale responded with a small chuckle. ''You know little. Begone with such beliefs of fake knowledge Lucius.''

Lucius growled. ''What are you here for?''

The creature's head did not look at him. But hang from it's thorax like a floating corpse. ''We indeed had a deal.''

Lucius knew exactly what the creature meant.

''I'm doing my part.'' It said. ''You promised me pay.''

Lucius's eyes widened. ''I cannot pay you now. Can you not see that not a single life stirs in my factory?''

Bale turned its glooming head towards the enormous office window, which revealed the massive factory works, completely empty and blackened. Then Bale turned it's head back towards Lucius.

''You promised me three souls. Yet there is only two.'' It said, making another mad cackle.

Lucius knew that Bale meant him and Sammy. ''Tomorrow. I promise you. Now begone. I want to go home and I have no intention to get involved with demons like yourself.''

Bale lifted it's lifeless head towards Lucius. ''You speak so softly. Do you not fear me?'' It laughed again.

''Why should I fear you? You cannot kill me. You are a mere mist.''

The creature showed no hesitation. It made a scream, then rushed at Lucius, his misted hand took the form of a claw, grabbing Lucius by the face, pinning him to his desk. From the violent act, it stopped. Then examined Lucius shocked, horrified face.

''Ahhhhh.'' It said in appeasement. ''There's the child I have long known. '' Bale let go of the terrified devil-creature. Lucius could barely breathe from such horror.

''H-how did you t-touch me?''

Bale's claw misted away once more.

''You dare insult me Lucius. Yet I reward your family with power over this pathetic city. You are a small man. Without your reign, your soldiers, your punching bag, you will be nothing but a weak man.''

Bale looked at the terrified Heinous.

''Banish the thoughts of your fate. It is not sealed here. I may be able to interact with the physical world; but I will not and I cannot kill you.''

Lucius found his words. ''Wh-what is happening? It must be impossible to touch a mortal!''

Bale laughed. ''Little Lucius. Time is up. My form grows ever more powerful. Do your foolish mortal eyes not see the truth?''

The demon remained motionless. ''The eclipse approaches.''

Lucius's heart stopped on those words.

''It is time, Lucius.'' Bale unleashed another cackle. ''Are you strong enough to fight? Or have I already won?''

The red devil lost his fear for a moment. And made a scowl. ''I am Lucius Heinous the Seventh.'' He spat these words at the demon. ''You are the one who should cower in fear before me! Is it not that I keep you still alive? Even in the thick of death, demon?''

The demon stopped laughing. It looked straight towards Lucius. ''You are a animal who has sprung the trap. Nothing more. Nothing less. You feed me by force. It's not your own choice. You need me. For without me your, family cannot live on. That was the deal. You need more as much as I need you.''

Bale pointed at Lucius with it's ghastly hand. ''Four days Lucius. It has been more then four thousand years since I could feel. And when I am free, I will enjoy rest my fingers on your cold, dead body.''

Lucius froze. ''We have a deal still unpaid for.''

''Yes. But Lucius the first and I, agreed that the bargain will break as soon as one has something better is to satisfy our needs.'' Bale turned to the window. ''There are so many souls out there. Their will; weakened by misery. Their souls just begging to be mine.''

Lucius raised an eyebrow. ''Why do you take the form of an insect?''

Bale turned back to Lucius. ''All demons take the form of an animal. Each creature they are represents from the similarities of the animals behaviour, and the pleasure the demon takes in. Like a mantis, devouring it's prey while it's still alive, the victim of the insect will suffer a slow and painful death. Tormenting is what I take pride it.''

Bale made a sarcastic sigh. ''If only I had time to tell you of my life.

Bale let open another mad cackle. ''I will leave you to go to your sleep. But prepare yourself Lucius. Expect the unexpected. For I am not to underestimate.''

With that, Bale began to melt, just like when he was in Heloise's form. His body began to turn into the black liquid. He was finally nothing more then a puddle, which finally evaporated away, leaving a mad cackle, echoing Lucius's hall. As the noise began to fade, Lucius was all alone.