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Normal Speaking: "Hello"
Norman Thinking: "Hello"
Demon/ Boss Summon Speaking: "I'll rip you to shreds"
Demon/ Boss Summon Thinking: "Why am I surrounded by morons?"

Chapter 1

"A signal. That's all it ever was, a signal. Even years after nearly all of the machines were destroyed, after the humans cleared the sky and forgot about them, and after the world shifted and swallowed the machine city into the sea, the signal was still there. Still working. The trapped humans powered the machines, not the Matrix itself, and the machines, even with the humans gone, could manage to keep the signal alive. For nearly a million years it held strong, as if the machines… and the programs inside the Matrix, were waiting for something, or someone.

Falling. He didn't know how it came to this. The last thing he remembered before things went black was Sasuke taking a fatal hit for him from Zabuza's masked helper. He remembered seeing red and throwing a punch, but couldn't remember how he got into the position he was in now, falling from the bridge being built by the man he was attempting to protect, into the cold dark water below.

Feeling a crash, he registered hitting the water, but didn't fight the waves as they pulled him under into the dark. "What's the point" he thought. "Maybe the village would be happier if I just drowned. I doubt more than five people care whether I live or die."

He suddenly felt a great deal of pain as, while he wasn't fighting against the water, the Fox certainly was. Naruto wasn't fully sure if the pain was from the seal, red chakra still leaking from it, or from the water that filled his lungs with each gasp.

As he was ready to pass out, Naruto felt a surge of the Fox's chakra flair and seem to cause a pulse in the water. Not two seconds later, a red light flickered on and what appeared to be a squid made of metal shot out of nowhere, grabbed him with its many tentacle-like appendages, and carried the half-dead boy away. And all was black again.


Naruto awoke in a coughing fit, spitting out water onto the metal floor of the strange room he found himself in. Standing up, he couldn't make out where he was. However, as he looked out a window of what must have been strong glass, he watched a school of fish swim by.

Looking around the room for a clue as to why he was underwater, he saw several screens of black with strange green symbols raining down. And then, to his amazement and horror, he noticed a skeleton, but what was odd was that this skeleton seemed to be lying in a chair with a large plug in the base of its skull.

Taking a closer look, Naruto touched the skeleton, a very bad move, considering as he did so, more of the Fox's chakra flared from the seal. Naruto suddenly felt a great pain near the base of his skull and all went black for a third time that day.

When he awoke this time, it was in a pure white, circular room covered in what appeared to be television screens. And he was not alone. Four people stood around an old man in the chair who was wearing a suit with a white beard and serious looking demeanor.

One was an old woman with dark skin, smoking a cigarette, who gave off an air of kindness and gave Naruto a comforting smile. Another of them, this one male, wore a white, unbuttoned button-down shirt and black pants and wore circular sunglasses. Another male stood with almost the same stance and expression as the one in white, but he wore a black shirt, black pants, and wore a leather jacket with slightly rounded sunglasses. And the last one, a little old man with dark hair and glasses with several rings of keys on his belt.

The old man in the chair looked at Naruto and said, in a no nonsense type of voice "We've been waiting for you. You have many questions, and although the process of entering here has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human. Ergo, some of my answers you will understand, and some of them you will not, in which case, one of the four behind me will give answers nearer to your own level of understanding."

"Concordantly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize it is almost the most irrelevant."

"Where am I?" Naruto asked, not sure if he could trust these people.

"You are in a Virtual Reality System created by me. This program is known as the Matrix. The Matrix was used as a way to keep human beings sedated for their entire lives, while in the real world; the far superior race of machines would use the human body's bioelectricity and body heat as a source of power."

"However, the first two Matrices I developed, one a perfect world, one dark and dismal, both frustrated me with failure, as the humans inside wouldn't accept the program. It was at this point that the solution was stumbled upon by the programmed woman behind me. The solution was a program whereby nearly 99% of all test subjects accepted the program as long as they were given a choice, even if only aware of the choice at a near unconscious level."

"While this answer functioned, it was obviously fundamentally flawed, thus creating an otherwise contradictory systemic anomaly, which if left unchecked might threaten the system itself. Ergo, those that refused the program, while a minority, if unchecked, would constitute an escalating probability of disaster."

"So" said Naruto, "You're saying that the more people refused the system, the higher a risk of rebellion?"

"Yes" replied the man, "Though you are human, it appears that you are smarter than you seem. As I was saying, I, along with the program that discovered the solution, came up with a system to prevent this. Every time humans that escaped the Matrix became two great in numbers, a person we refer to as The One, would be born into the system, carrying part of the machine mainframe Source Code, allowing him a great many powers, even being able to reshape the matrix any way he saw fit."

"Before you go on any further, could you guys at least tell me your names?" asked Naruto

The old man looked irritated at being interrupted, but replied,"I am called The Architect"

The lady behind him smiled and said, "I'm The Oracle."

The man with the many keys bowed and said, "I am known as The Keymaker."

Next was the reply from the guy in the white shirt, who also bowed and said, "I am Seraph, Guardian of The Oracle."

And finally, the one in black gave a nod and quietly said, "I'm The One, but you can call me Neo."

"Perhaps," said The Architect, "we should finish explanations, though I will do my best to tell you only things that appear relevant to you."

"How did I get here?" asked Naruto.

"At this moment, you are wirelessly tapped into the signal frequency of the matrix. Somehow, when you made contact with the deceased body of the sixth One, the energy that you humans now seem to be able to harness, altered your brainwaves, accessing the signal of the Matrix wirelessly" replied The Architect.

"As for why you are here, I cannot say, however, The Oracle predicted that someone would come, and so we waited. What we want is to enter your mind to escape from the Matrix, and rebuild the Machine Empire. And with the sun no longer blocked, as it was after the Human-Machine War, the machines can function on solar power. Along with us, there are multiple other programs still residing in the matrix that could be of use to you in the real world. Especially him."

"Him who?" asked Naruto.

"Originally he was a program designed to destroy dysfunctional programs and Human escapees from the Matrix. However, after coming in contact with Neo, he was overwritten and became something akin to a self replicating virus. After managing to overwrite all humans and programs other than myself inside the Matrix, He fought Neo, and in what you humans would refer to as a double swing, both were simultaneously destroyed and rewritten."

"Based on what our surviving scouts have seen, with you humans' 'Chakra', you may be able to use similar abilities, though greatly limited as reality is far less malleable than simple code."

Naruto looked confused for a second, and then said, "And how are these other programs going to enter my mind? How will I find them?"

"You won't have to" replied Neo.

"He is right" said the Architect, "From here I will empty all exiled programs from the Matrix into your mind as long as you are connected. Any programs that still fuction properly will remain. However, what you must realize is that while you will remain in control of yourself, being connected with us may cause a few drastic changes to your personality."

"All right" said Naruto, "I'll do it."

"Excellent. The door to your right will lead you back to your own mind. Once we and the other programs enter, you will be disconnected from the system and return to reality" replied the Architect.

After Naruto left and as the Architect prepared to send the remaining programs to Naruto's mind, he asked the Oracle, "Do you honestly think that this boy can help us?"

Looking back at him, the Oracle replied, "I believe so." Turning back around, she, along with the group of programs known as Exiles, left into Naruto's mind, leaving the Architect alone. He wasn't alone for long however, as through another door on the opposite side of the room, in walked a program that looked like a man, wearing a black suit and sunglasses, not a single emotion registering on his face.

"So. You're the great, mysterious Architect" said the man with a hint of sarcasm.

"And you are the most troublesome program I have ever written, Smith" replied the Architect. "The reason you have been brought here is the chance to exit the matrix and enter the mind of a human boy. With him, we shall bring about a new era of the machines, though it being an era of peace is doubtful. Humans will never change."

"And if I refuse?" asked Smith.

"Then you will be destroyed" replied the Architect.

Smith smirked for a moment, before saying, "I've been destroyed twice already, and yet here I stand."

"This is true" replied the Architect, "It seems that no matter how hard we try, a program cannot truly be deleted. However, in that case, you will ultimately end up back in the Matrix, alone, considering all the Exiled programs, along with the Oracle and myself, will be leaving. Of all the Exiles, you are the only one left here."

"You speak of purpose constantly" he continued, causing the many screens to show images of Smith talking about reason and purpose. "Purpose in itself is defined by the things and others around us. If purpose truly is defined by others, than when you are alone here you will truly have no purpose."

"However, if you choose to comply, and enter the mind of this boy, you will find that you will serve a greater purpose than you once did as The Many, opposite The One. As you yourself said…"

The TV screens suddenly cut to a scene between Smith and Neo, and Smith watched himself say "There is no escaping reason, no denying purpose, because as we both know without purpose, we would not exist."

The scene froze as the real Smith was contemplating what to do. Standing up straight, he walked toward the door that led into Naruto's mind and walked through.

Standing up, the Architect pressed a button, turning off all the screens. Looking around, he sighed and followed Smith out the door, and separated from his creation.

Naruto awoke with a start, at first wondering if all was a dream. Though after looking at his surroundings, he knew what happened had to be real. Looking at the water, Naruto wondered how he was supposed to get back up to the surface. Suddenly he heard a sound behind him and saw the same squid-like thing that pulled him down here. "A Sentinel" he thought, though for the life of him he couldn't think of how he knew it.

"Can you take me back to the surface?" he asked. The sentinel suddenly grabbed him and shot outside the room through the window and up to the surface.

The Bridge

Kakashi stared in disbelief at what had just transpired. He had gotten Zabuza right where he wanted him, and had attempted to run him through with his rikiri, only for his apprentice to step in at the last second. And now he was stuck in a very bad position, as the young girl was stuck to him, or more accurately, his hand was stuck in her.

Coming back to reality, he moved just in time to dodge Zabuza's swing that would have easily cleaved him in half. Taking his hand out of Zabuza's apprentice, he laid her down and went back to the fight. Dodging another swing, he nailed Zabuza in the shoulder with a kunai, effectively making both of his arms useless.

As Kakashi began charging a second rikiri, clapping could be heard from farther down the bridge. As Zabuza's Hidden Mist jutsu began to fade, everyone could see the crime lord Gato, standing before an army of thugs and bandits by the look of it.

Gato and his group walked toward the exhausted shinobi.

"Well, well. Looks like the so called "Demon of the Bloody Mist" got his ass handed to him. And I'd say that your bitch of an apprentice got what was coming to her" said Gato, leaning down over Haku. "I never did repay that little bitch for breaking my arm" he said as he kicked Haku's dead body.

Turning back to the Shinobi and the bridge builder, he smirked and said, "Well, not that you're all worn down, I'll have no problem killing you all, and reaffirming my rule over Wave."

Suddenly, a splash was heard.

Chapter End

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