Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, surely that's stating the obvious? Or at least, I don't own it on this universe... ;)

The TARDIS Guide to... Regeneration

Just regenerated? In a new body and don't know what to do? Or maybe you just need a few tips to remind you what's what. Either way, The TARDIS Guide to Regeneration will see you on your way!

Step 1: Check yourself out! Obviously not with a mirror, because there isn't one nearby, and usually your regeneration is followed swiftly with a big potential disaster of some sort. But quickly make sure that everything is in working order. Also, are you ginger yet? This isn't very important but it seems to matter, so make sure that you have checked your hair colour.

Step 2: Now remember, you are the Doctor. You are designed to save worlds and generally be a hero! So do not be alarmed if anything unusual happens. This is all normal and happens to you a lot. Specifically the most interesting things happen on a Saturday any time between the hours of six and eight p.m. Odd things also happen on Christmas Day (Earth calendar) so be on your guard. For more information, check out The TARDIS Guide to Saving the World.

Step 3: Check that you still have a sonic screwdriver. If not, however, do not panic! This is totally fine and you should receive a new one by the end of your latest fiasco.

Step 4: Do you have a companion with you? Again, it is totally normal if you don't after regeneration, but they are helpful in a crisis. Like your sonic, you should have a new one by the time you have calmed down the most recent situation.

Step 5: Stop and think. Are you crash landing? If yes, don't fly me straight away, say something clever or shout your new catchphrase before you do - this all helps your adrenalin kick back in and prepare your new body for an awful lot of running. If no, make sure that you are positive that nothing has gone wrong yet. If nothing has happened after ten minutes, contact me immediately.

Useful stuff:

+ Handy spare hand

+ TARDIS wardrobe

Things to remember:

+ TARDIS key

+ Earth

+ Daleks

+ New clothes