Konoha was a mess. In its centre, there was a big hole, which was caused by Pain a few days ago. Only a few buildings at the edge of the village survived the immense destruction. Many Shinobi had lost their lives in this fight. It was like a massacre. And now each Ninja who was in a good condition helped to rebuild their hometown. Well, each Ninja except four. Let's see what was going on in front of the rock, which showed the five Hokages' faces.

"You want to change the past?" Sakura and Naruto exclaimed.

Tsunade had ordered them and Sai to come there in order to listen to her suggestion. Of course, she knew that it must have sounded ridiculous to them, but for her it was a perfect plan to hinder Akatsuki to destroy Konoha. Therefore, she had come up with this idea to change the past.

She nodded and looked each of them in the eyes and then said calmly:

"You know that Akatsuki will try again to get you, Naruto…as long as you live they'll try…So I want to send somebody in the past, so that he or she can hinder the fourth Hokage to seal the Kyuubi up in Naruto", Tsunade explained.

"But how do you plan to send somebody through time? I mean if it was that easy, then everybody could do it", Naruto said stepping forward.

"Maybe you have already heard that the fourth Hokage had the ability to control space and time…so he was able to teleport from one place to another in no time", the Hokage explained closing her eyes leaning against the rock.

Naruto, Sakura and Sai nodded and gulped. However, they still did not know how you could manage to travel to the past. Tsunade just went on.

"What we will do, is the opposite of what the fourth had done. We will bring somebody to the same place, where we will do the ritual, but only 16 years ago, so that this person has half a year left to think about how he or she can manage to change everything."

"Fine, but how exactly can we do this? Send somebody through time that is?" Sakura asked curiously.

"Well, that's the point", Tsunade sighed, "Alone I won't be able to do it, but I only need another top ninja…I have already considered the Kazekage, however, I am not sure if he can handle it."

Everyone knew what the Hokage was talking about. She was not sure if he could handle it because the one-tailed was no longer sealed inside of Gaara. Therefore, he had not as much chakra as he had had before.

"I am sure he can handle it", Naruto mumbled.

"Okay, let's say, he'll help us…then there is another problem", Sakura said disastrously.

Now everyone's eyes were fixed on her. She looked at her Shishou seriously and added:

"If somebody could manage to change the past, would it influence our time?"

Tsunade's serious glance softened and a small smile appeared on her face. Naruto and Sai were curious…what her answer would be.

"You were always gifted with a sharp mind, Sakura. To answer your question…no, it wouldn't influence our time."

The three shinobi in front of her gasped.

"So what is the point in traveling to the past and change it, when it wouldn't change anything here?" Naruto asked disappointed.

"I don't understand it either…instead of sending a skilled shinobi away it would be more wisely to use him for the destruction of Akatsuki here", Sai added emotionless.

"Sai is right, Shishou", Sakura mumbled.

Tsunade shifted from her left leg on her right leg.

"Tell me, what were your worst experiences in your past?" Tsunade looked at Sai signaling him to answer.

"…The death of my brother…" he answered.

Then Tsunade's glance wandered to Sakura.

"Sasuke's leave", she answered weakly.

At last, the Hokage's glance remained on Naruto.

"My childhood up until I was a part of team 7", he said matter of factly.

Tsunade sighed again and waved a hand in our direction.

"So if you had the chance to change these facts -even if you wouldn't profit any by it, but your former selves- would you do it, in order to save them from the same destiny?" She asked seriously.

Naruto, Sakura and Sai looked to the ground and nodded understanding what she was talking about. A moment there was silence…nobody knew what to say. However, Naruto knew how to end this odd silence.

"Then…let me do it", he mumbled.

Tsunade understood immediately what he meant and shook her head lightly.

"No, Naruto."

"Why not? I think I have the right to go because this is about me! I am sure I can do it", he affirmed.

"I know, Naruto, but you would be influenced by your emotions because you would meet your parents who were still alive back then…and that would endanger the mission", the blond woman said.

Naruto winced quietly surprised that his true intention was discovered. He truly wanted to see his parents…he wanted to get to know them. And he wanted to rescue them.

Sakura watched Naruto knowing what he intended to do. It was a pity that he would never have the chance to get to know his parents. She took her eyes off of him and glanced at Tsunade.

"Who are you going to send instead?"

"First I thought of sending Kakashi once he has recovered, but", the Fifth sighed disappointed "it seems that we need Kakashi's Chidori to complete the Jutsu."

"Why do you need his technique?" Sai asked.

"I am not allowed to tell you the details because it is a secret, forbidden one, however I tell you this much: The fourth used lightening element as well for his jutsus and since he is the inventor of this jutsu…" Tsunade didn't finish the sentence.

"So who are you going to send then?" Naruto asked a little bit impatiently.

"We need a person who is younger than 16, so that there will be no suspicion by the Fourth because everyone who is older than 16 has already lived back then and it would really be suspicious if a person with the same name like another person would appear out of nowhere", Tsunade explained.

"Okay, okay, we got it…but WHOM?!" Naruto was one of the most impatient people in the world.

"There is only one person who I trust this much, that I am 100% sure, that she will manage the impossible", the Hokage let her eyes wander from Sai to Naruto and to Sakura like she did before. Only this time her gaze remained on Sakura, "Sakura, I entrust you the future of the Konoha in the past and its villagers."

Sai's and Naruto's gaze shot to Sakura and they were as surprised as Sakura…well, Sakura was a bit more than surprised.

"Me?!" She squeaked. Her voice was an octave higher now.

"But…Granny! Sakura is one of the most skilled medics here! We need her here! Let me go…if I am not here, Akatsuki will have no reason to come again!" Naruto tried to convince the Hokage.

"Believe me, Naruto…I spent the last 24 hours to think of the best solution! If you are in the past then Akatsuki will hunt you there…it's the same as here. And you are right…Sakura is one of the best medics, but I am her teacher…everything she knows…was taught by me. And since I wasn't around 16 years ago, Konoha of the past will need her more than we do now."

Of course Tsunade didn't mean to offend Sakura with her last sentence and Sakura knew it. The Fifth had a point in what she was saying, but Sakura couldn't believe that she was going to be the one, who has to take the burden of changing everything.

'If I could turn back time' was her only thought, which echoed in her head.