Blood Bound

By: Lexxie Sparrow

Rating: K

Summery: Set after 'Forever'. While going through her mother's belongings Buffy finds an envelope addressed to herself and Spike.

A/N: The idea for this has been bouncing around in my head forever, or at least felt like forever, especially since LOGO started running the series again (oh how I've missed it). I may leave this be or continue it.

All was quiet in the Summers' home that morning, a little too quiet for Buffy's liking. Her sister had gone back to school that morning after being absent due to their mother's illness. She had thought about calling Willow or Xander but they were both at school or at work this time of the day, and although the company would be appreciated she really didn't want to go to the Magic Box and spend the day with Anya. With those options thrown out of the window, she decided to do something she had been putting off for the past few days: going through the belongings in her mother's room.

She took a couple boxes upstairs and started with the dresser and the closet first. When both of those were empty she took the boxes downstairs to the basement so they could be donated to a thrift store later. She then stripped the bed covers and laid them in a pile next to the door. Soon all that was left to clean out was the table beside the bed. She took a deep breath before sitting down on the bed and opening the drawer. In there she found a bunch of junk her mom had probably forgotten she put in there as well as a few odds and ends. She was about to just throw the contents into the trash until she saw a yellow envelope sitting at the very bottom.

She picked it up, careful to leave the stuff that needed thrown out in the drawer, and looked to see not only her name scrawled on the top but also for some reason there was Spike's. She frowned and undid the clasp on the back that was keeping it sealed shut. Inside was a plain white envelope and yellow colored one. Still wondering what this was doing in her mom's bedside drawer she pulled the plain envelope out and seen that it also had both hers and the blond vampire's names. Nervously she pulled open the unsealed flap and pulled out what looked to be a hand written letter.

Dearest Buffy & Spike,

If you're reading this, then I am probably no longer with you, and I know there won't be much that I could say that would console you. Now this letter isn't goodbye, it's about what is in the second envelope. While I was in the hospital the last time I asked the doctors to look into something for me, just incase, once I realized that Dawn was not truly mine.

I asked them to run a DNA test comparing Dawn's to yours. I had always wondering how she had ended up with the bright, blue eyes that she has. One look at seeing her with you, Spike, and I understood.

Inside are the test results. You may do with them what you will, but I thought it might help out. If not with Glory than with your father pending his reaction to what has happened.

I love you. All three of you.


Buffy wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes and stared at the unopened package. Inside was the results from the DNA test, results that were bound to change everything.

She opened the clasp on the back and pulled out the sheets of paper that were stapled together. The first had her mom's name on it under alleged parent. The percentage was high enough to confirm they were related but not high enough to confirm that Dawn had been Joyce's daughter.

The next sheet had her own name typed in the same space. She had known it from before but not to this extent. There in her hands laid the proof of how the monks had created Dawn; though they had sent her in the form of a sister, they created her from Buffy's own blood.

There was one last sheet with the paternal DNA test results. Joyce had listed him as William Summers due to not knowing what Spike's last name had been before the change. It was looking at the percentages that gave Buffy the shock of her life. Of course if they were going to use her blood, they would have used the blood of the next strongest warrior: Spike.

Dawn was their daughter.