"What do you want for lunch Charlie?" my mother Renee asked.

"I don't care." Charlie, my father answered, and me I'm Isabella Marie Swan but call me Bella, I'm also nine years old.

That's how it sounds on a regular day at my house. All days were the same routine except for today I just have a feeling. Then it started. "Do not yell at me Charlie!"

"Why can't I you're the one who does nothing right."

You can hear her throw things and there was something I thought he would never do. *Slap* He slapped her.

"You know what Charlie? I WANT A DIVORCE!"

"Fine then, get the hell out of my fucking house!"

No, was all I think. Why did he do that? I went back to my room with tears in my eyes thinking about what happened. Just then I saw head light enter my room, I went to look out of the window and what I saw was the back of her car. She didn't even look back or even tried to slow down. All I can think now was why my life was messed up. Ever since that day has been doing drugs, drinking a lot to, this makes him violent and mean. It scares me so much that he might do things to me.

I hid in my room reading my books. I've read them like ten times already. I would like to get some more though. As I was about to get my book my door swung in.

"What the hell are you doing?" he slurred. He's drunk, this is bad really bad.

"I asked you a question bitch." Ouch that one stung.

"I'm just reading Ch-dad."

"I have a new batch of something you can try." Uh oh, he's going to make me do it again. By the time I'm twelve years old I will be a drug addict.

"OK." I said.

"Good girl, now come with me."

I've never been down stairs the only time I go is when I need to go to school.

I can barely see because all of the windows have blinds or covers so no one can see what's going on in this house.

I saw Charlie go over to the sofa and sit. In front of him is a little coffee table, you can see all kinds of drugs there, there is: cocaine, meth, weed, and some other ones I haven't seen him use. I know what you're thinking how I know this stuff well, Charlie's made me do them and I'm becoming an addict.

"So which do you want to do?" he asked really calm. This is bad.

Maybe I can turn invisible when he's not looking at me. I know what you're thinking what in the hell? I'm right. Well ever since I was four or five I started to do things that normal kids don't do at all. I've been able to talk to plants and animals. One time I came across a cat that got ran over I wished that the cat would survive and then this weird blue light came from my hands. I put them on the cat and the cat started to breathe again. Wow I know. Ever since the cat has been following me everywhere, I named her chew. I know what you're saying what the hell I'm I. Well I'm a witch.

"Did you not hear me bitch?"

"Yes I heard you and I was thinking that you can pick for me."

"Sure." He had a big ass smile on his face. This cannot be good.

"Let's see, well I have this new on and I was wondering if you wanted to try it out?"

"What is it?"

"It's called Ecstasy."

"What will happen when I take it?"

"Well the physical effects are: rapid eye movement, blurred vision, teeth clenching/muscle tension, faintness and chills/sweating. The psychological effects are paranoia, nervousness, insomnia, drug craving, and heightened sense of touch."

"Wow" was all I said.

"OK then do you want the pill or do you wants to snort it?"

"I'll take the pill alright."

"OK, here you go." I took the pill and swallowed it and sat back and let it take over. I saw Charlie snort some ice.

I know I know you're saying what the hell do you think you're doing? Am I right or am I right. Woo I can't see a thing, a few minutes ago Charlie passed out I hope he's okay. Even though he makes me do drugs I still love him and all his drugs. I wobbled myself up to my room so I can sleep. As soon as I laded down I was a sleep but not before I noticed my calendar, my birthday is tomorrow. Woo ho. I sarcastically said to myself