Dear Father,

If you are reading this letter, it means I am dead. I wish I could say everything that is in my heart, but there is not much time. Soon I shall have to go out to battle. It's strange. I have fought many battles and killed many men in my short life, yet for some unknown reason, I fear that I shall not survive this one. It is because of this fear that I write this.

I must be brief, for even now I can hear the servants waking and beginning to go about their daily chores. Merlin will be here soon, and I as do not wish for him to see what I am doing, I must not write long.

I have, Father, several confessions I wish to make. Some are light and of little consequence, but others I fear will displease you greatly. Please, do not let these make you think less of me. For though I do not always agree with you, I wish you to be proud of me to the last.

My first confession regards the young woman Sophia. You may have forgotten about her, and if this is the case, I will quickly remind you. Her and her father Aulfric came to Camelot after I rescued them from an attack. Now, I must confess that over the next few days after their arrival, I became rather smitten by her and fell into a boyish, and rather foolish, infatuation. I must confess that I began to ignore my royal duties in order to spend more time with her.

To make matters worse, I had Merlin cover for me, in consequence whereof, you had him thrown into the stocks...twice. When I look back on my actions on those days, I feel nothing but regret and remorse. I was wrong to do what I did, and I hope you will forgive me for having deceived you, but there is more.

As you might recall, I even came to you and asked you for your permission to marry Sophia. You refused. The next morning I was no where to be found and I later said that I had been out hunting. That was another lie. I had tried to elope with Sophia. My memory of this is very vague, as Merlin came after me and since I was being very stubborn and refused to return to Camelot, he had little choice but to knock me out with a piece of wood.

Instead of the thanks he should have gotten, Merlin was once again thrown into the stocks, in order to hide the truth. Once again, I humbly implore to forgive me for my wrong doing on this occasion.

My second confession is far more serious, I fear. It was I who helped the Druid boy escape from Camelot. I know this must come as a shock and a most unpleasant one, but please hear me out. He was only a child, a child who had done nothing to you and had not harmed a single person, a child who should not be punished for whatever crimes his people had committed or planned to commit.

I do not regret my actions on this occasion. I did what I believe to be right and I would do it again. I only wish for you to know the truth and not to put blame on anyone else.

My third confession has to do with "Sir William of Dayra." The truth is, there is no Sir William of Dayra, not really. Let me explain. The two days before the opening ceremonies of the tournament of which Sir William became champion, I discovered that the year before, Sir Leon and the other knights had let me win. They did this because since I am the crown prince of Camelot, they felt it was their duty.

This was not what I wanted. I wanted to be respected, not because of my title, but because I earned their respect. I wanted to win the tournament fair and square. I wanted to win on my own merit. Therefore, I came up with a plan.

I told you that we had had reports of a beast terrorizing some of the villages. In truth, we had had no such reports. The next morning I left Camelot with three or four of our best knights. Once we were aways from the city, I ordered them to meet me back in that spot in four days and not to tell anyone that I had returned to Camelot. They dutifully obeyed.

With the help of Merlin, I disguised myself as a peasant and headed back to Camelot. I found a place to stay where no one would think to look for me. We hired a farmer from one of the outlying villages, who would not be recognized, to play the part of "Sir William". We washed him up, got him new clothes and taught him how to act like a noble.

When the opening ceremonies began he was out there on the horse, but when it actually came to joust, it was really me in the armor jousting. When I was done, he would go out and wave to the crowned.

I was originally planning on revealing myself as the winner once I won, but things changed. An assassin had arrived in Camelot with the intention of killing me. Once we, Merlin, my hostess, and I learned of this, we thought that since no one knew I was in Camelot, besides us, that I would be safe. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

The assassin found out. He killed Sir Allanor and took his place in the tournament. His lance pierced my armor and I was wounded. I was, however, determined to keep going with the tournament. I got back on my horse, and luck it seems was with me. I won and killed him.

It wasn't until after this defeat, however, that Merlin told me the true state of things. I decided to let "Sir William" collect the trophy, and therefore, kept the truth secret, until this moment.

I have two more confessions to make, and it is only for the sake of the last, that I reveal this next one. It has to do with Lady Vivien. I was never really in love with her, or she with me. We were enchanted, that is to say that someone had put a spell on us. That someone was Trickler, King Alined's jester.

Alined's plan was to start a war. Peace would make him poor. His plan almost succeeded. I was caught in Vivien's rooma and Olaf challenge me to a dual. In my enchanted state, I was losing.

I never told you this before, because we knew that if you found out one of the kings was using magic, then there would be a war. Instead, Merlin and Gaius worked to discover a way to break the enchantment.

The spell was broken just before the third round. How was the spell broken? Merlin found out that it could only be broken when I was kissed by the woman I truly loved.

This leads to my final confession. The woman I love is Guinevere, called Gwen by most and Morgana's maid. The human heart is a strange thing. There is no accounting for its ways, especially in regards to who we fall in love with.

Guinevere maybe a servant, but she is more noble of heart then any of the wealth ladies of the court. I have yet to met her equal, and I would willingly give my life for her an infinite number of times. She is my true love and the only woman I have ever truly loved.

If you only could see as I do, Father! I know you would come to see as more than just a servant, but as my equal. Nay, not equal. For she is my superior in everything that really matters. She has the purest heart. I do not deserve such a love, but she has given it to me all the same.

Our love for each other is strong, but we did not, nor have ever considered, going behind your back. That would not be right. Instead, we were prepared to wait, but unfortunately, that dream may never be full filled.

Merlin is late, he always is and for once I am glad of this for it has given me more time to say what I wanted to. I may never see you again. Please, for my sake, think well of Guinevere. For she is my heart and my joy.

Father, you are good man and a good king. I am proud to be your son. Think well of me and know that I died fighting for what I believe.

Your beloved son,