I'm re-doing this whole story! Fun, huh? I hope to make it better. Anyway. Here goes everything! Oh and don't hate me, but there is character death! (They also graduate from the academy at thirteen, in case you get confused.)

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Naruto sat in a clearing, panting. It had been three hours since he took the forbidden jutsu scroll, and no one had found him yet! He was grinning stupidly from ear to ear. Not only had he perfected the Shadow Clone Jutsu, but he had also copied some other stuff down. Including the Flying Thunder God Technique, Kaze Kuiki, Rasengan, a couple of different types of sealing Jutsus, and something called the wind scythe. He hadn't learned them, but he would do it later. He almost laughed. That would teach them all! That would show them I wasn't just some stupid kid! He was going to start on the Flying Thunder God Technique, but he heard a rustle in the trees. Second later, Iruka burst out of them.

"Naruto!" He was out of breath and panting. "What are you doing? Stealing the scroll?" Naruto stood up excitedly, even though he was exhausted.

"I get to graduate now!"

"You can't…wait, what?"

"That's how it works right? I learn a jutsu from this scroll, and I graduate!"

Iruka stood and walked forward slowly. "Who told you that?" Something is defiantly wrong, he thought.

"I did." A low voice growled from the forest behind them, and they both turned to stare at the figure incredulously.

Iruka started as he saw his old friend. He didn't understand, what was happening? "Mizuki? Why would you-"

"Poor little Naruto. Lied to and abandoned by the whole village. He would do anything to gain respect, including taking advice from me and stealing the Forbidden Jutsu scroll."

"Mizuki." Iruka growled and took a fighting stance.

"Come on Naruto." The man jumped down from the tree and held out a hand to the blond. "I won't lie to you. I'll tell you everything they didn't. You only have to give me the scroll." Though he wasn't the smartest in his class, he knew something was going on. The blond grabbed the scroll and put it on his back protectively, his blue eyes shining with confusion.

"Mizuki, what are you doing?" Iruka was still trying to get to the root of the problem.

"Iruka hasn't lied about anything!" Naruto yelled. "You're the one who lied!"

Mizuki laughed, his voice echoing across the dark forest. A dark feeling seemed across the clearing, making Naruto's hairs stand on edge. "Poor Naruto. You have no idea, do you?"

"Mizuki don't you dare."

"Ever wonder why the village hates you so?" Naruto's blue eyes widened with fear and wonder. "Ever wonder why you never got adopted by the orphanages and ended up on your own? No one wants a monster like you!"

"Naruto don't listen to him!" Iruka pulled out a shurikan and got ready to pounce. Suddenly, Naruto's face was wet from tears.

"I'm not a monster! I'm not a demon!" The men both started. How did he…? "I'll show you!" the blond brought up his hands and made several hand signs yelling, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Twenty Naruto's popped up. Iruka and Mizuki looked with amazement. He had learned a forbidden jutsu…and in only three hours? The Naruto's quickly scattered, running in all different directions.

"Naruto, wait!" Iruka cried out. Before Mizuki could follow one of them, he threw a shurikan and it embedded itself in his back.

Mizuki turned with a snarl. "I'll be back for you." Then he was gone. Iruka looked around in horror. Where could he have gone? Naruto was in danger; he had to get to him before Mizuki did…

"Naruto!" there was no answer. "Naruto!"


I jumped from branch to branch desperately. I wasn't a demon, I wasn't a monster. Everything was fuzzy because of the tears in my eyes. I flinched as a clone died. No matter what they say, I know it isn't true. I tried to convince myself. Why was it so hard?

I couldn't make any friends, everyone's parents hated me. I couldn't do the simplest of Jutsus, and I was the worst in my class. I felt it too, sometimes when I was asleep. It gave me nightmares…the red chakra. I hadn't told anyone about it, not even Iruka. Another clone died. I had to focus. Mizuki wanted the scroll, and he was probably going to do something bad with it. I couldn't let him get it. I can't believe he used me like that. I ran faster, wiping tears from my eyes. I had to focus. What kind of ninja would I be if I couldn't even play a simple game of keep away?

That's it, that's all it was! A game of keep away. I played it in the village all the time, mostly when I stole something from an Anbu or glued someone's furniture to the ceiling. Or dumped paint on someone, or knocked a ninja out and dyed their hair…even when I painted the Hokage's faces! I could do this; I played this game for hours! Another cloned died and I remembered that on those times, I was well rested. Today I was tired. I could barely squeeze out those last clones.

I wanted to give up. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry softly. But I couldn't. I knew I couldn't, and I had a strong willpower. I could do this! I would never give up or give in! I promised. I flinched as another clone died. He was getting closer, and apparently he had no problem killing me. Then again, who did? I forced the thoughts out of my mind as I ran. I was really, really tired.

Suddenly I heard an explosion, and a couple more clones died. I had to go faster; I didn't have many clones left. But my legs were tired, and my chest hurt from running. I tried not to cry again. I didn't want to die. And then, the last clone vanished. I stopped on a tree limb, breathing slowly and my eyes darting around. I didn't move an inch as I heard something to my right. Then there was something flying at me. I screamed as I used gravity to fall out of the way. I slammed on the ground on the scroll, knocking the breath out of me and I think cracking a rib or two.

I saw Mizuki walk up to me slowly, like he was savoring it. I sat up, taking shallow quick breaths.

"Give me the scroll." He didn't look like the nice teacher I saw him as earlier. He was evil, and crazy.

"You're insane." I spat. If I was dying, I was dying on my feet, I vowed. I stood shakily and faced him. I had nothing left, no chakra and no way was I going to be able hit him with a kunai. I swallowed dryly. I was a goner.

"Then I'll peel it from your dead body." He brought out a huge star with an evil glint in his eye. Then he threw the shuriken at me. I fell to my knees slowly. It was like everything was in slow motion as the star glinted and twirled towards me. I closed my eyes.

There was thump, and the smell of blood reached my nostrils. Was this how dying was? You didn't feel anything? I opened my eyes and gasped. Iruka…no. He was sitting over me, with an odd, protective look in his eye. The shuriken protruded from his back. And it was buried…deeply. For a second I hoped it was just in a little, you know? Tears rolled down my eyes as blood seeped from Iruka's mouth. He slid to the ground next to me.

"Iruka no! Iruka!" I sobbed. He turned his eyes to look at me.

"Nauto…" I turned and stood up, dropping the scroll beside him.

"Don't talk. I'll get you out of here; you're going to be okay." I sobbed and Mizuki smiled at me.

"You're turn to die, punk." I looked up at him. Iruka was going to die if I didn't get him out of here…My vision turned red and I felt an odd strength come from me.

Time to wake up…I heard a low growl in my mind and ignored it. Mizuki…I growled at him, and for a second I saw a fear cross his face.

"I'll kill you." I said simply. I raised my hands and preformed the hand seals as almost a hundred shadow clones cropped up. Iruka can't die…he was the only one who cared. My clones leapt towards Mizuki and I heard him scream. I turned to Iruka and fell down beside him. He can't be…please; you're going to be okay. I sobbed as I looked at him. He smiled.

"Naruto…" He reached up and gingerly put his black ninja head band in my hand. "Congratulations."

I shook my head. "It's yours! You have to keep it because you'll get to the hospital…" He smiled bloodily. "You promised to take me out for ramen tomorrow!" I cried out.

"Naruto, I love you." He rasped.

My chest heaved. "Stop talking, they'll be here soon…Please don't do this!" One of my clones ran off to the village quickly. My heart hurt, a lot. Iruka sighed.

"It's alright Naruto…I promise." He let out a breath and his eyes became unfocused.

"No, no, no, no!" I pulled his arm. He can't be dead, he's just resting! We'll get to the hospital and everything will be fine! I sobbed over him. Blood started to pour and soak my knees. Iruka's blood. "I love you too Iruka! So please wake up!" My vision was blurry as I pleaded. I clutched his headband and bent over him. "They'll be here soon! Wake up!"

I don't know how long I sobbed over Iruka, clutching his headband like I was clutching his life. He couldn't be dead, I simply couldn't believe it. He was the one who cared; he was the one who fed me when I didn't have enough money to feed myself! He understood what it was like to have no parents, he cared for me!

I heard Mizuki laugh shakily behind me. My clones didn't kill him, but he had two broken legs and was beaten up pretty bad. He couldn't move.

"They sealed the Kyuubi in you." Shut up…I cried. "The nine-tailed fox that almost destroyed this village. It's you, Naruto." Shut up! "You're a monster, a demon." I know...shut up. I sobbed. They told me, a lot. I knew I was a demon, a monster. "Nobody could love you, not even Iruka."

"Shut up."

"You're not even human!" I know…I sobbed. Still, Iruka loved me, he cared. He was the only one, and now I have no one...I'm alone. "You don't deserve to be alive!"

"Shut up." My clone disappeared after sobbing to the ninja group what happened. They were probably on their way…the world was numb.

"You are the reason Iruka's dead. You monster." He laughed.

"Shut up."

"You are just a burden on this village!"

"I KNOW!" I cried and he stopped rambling. "I know, I know, I know…." I looked at Iruka's pale face. He's dead….Iruka I'm sorry.

I sobbed horribly, my body racking with guilt and pain. I wasn't physically hurt, thanks to Iruka. Maybe that would have been better anyway. Iruka…dead. Please no. Why did this have to happen? I clutched the big scroll to my chest. I can't let Mizuki have it…my mind was numb and everything was off. I think I was going into shock. I seemed to be sitting there for hours, and my tears never stopped. I felt a hand on my shaking shoulder and I shook my hand.

"No! You can't have it!" The hand went away and someone pulled Iruka away…"Iruka, wake up!" He didn't respond; just let the white blanket be draped over him. "WAKE UP! Please Iruka, let them know! You're okay!" I sobbed. I know I was supposed to be a ninja, but I was only thirteen. They said you mature faster when you're a ninja. Because of all the death. But Iruka…he was the only one who cared about me!

I saw the Hokage's red hat as he sat down in front of me. "Naruto?"

I sobbed. "No, no, no."

"Naruto it's okay. Can you give me the scroll now?" I shook my head violently.

"NO! Mizuki wants it, I can't let him get it, and Iruka said so!" The Hokage smiled at me sadly as he put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay now. I won't let Mizuki touch it." I looked up to him with watery eyes. Could I trust him?

I hiccupped. "Promise?"

He nodded. "I promise." I peeled my fingers from the scroll softly. "It'll be okay Naruto." I heard the Hokage say softly as he took the scroll. "I promise…"


Sarutobi sat in his office, staring at the emotionless report some Anbu had drawn up for him. Poor Naruto. He knew how close Iruka and Naruto were. The small boy had just gotten back to reality when the funeral had rolled around. He cried silently, trying to stay cool in front of his class mates. Because of the circumstances, Team placement would happen in a week. The genin were getting the week off, mainly because of Naruto. True to Iruka's last wishes, the hokage had made Naruto a ninja. And let him keep the headband.

He sighed as he dropped the report. The boy really had made progress in those hours. He had even learned the shadow clone jutsu. Needless to say they were very confused and stunned when Naruto ran out the forest, pointing out their location. And even more so when he disappeared in a burst of smoke. He sighed, wondering how Naruto was doing right now since getting out of the hospital. He didn't think Naruto even realized he had two broken ribs until they had forced him into the white room….


Naruto walked aimlessly, ignoring stares from the villagers. He hadn't confronted anyone about the Kyuubi yet, figuring they would just lie anyway. He sighed as he kicked a rock on the road. Iruka…he shook his head. He had become a ninja, but Iruka's death and the Kyuubi weighed down on him always. He wondered if the pain would ever go away…. He finally understood why everyone spat at him and called him a monster and a demon, because he was one.

No Kit, not yet you aren't. Naruto stopped dead. That voice…he had heard it before. It sent chills up his spine. Yes, be afraid boy. The blond looked around wildly, wondering if the voice was coming from outside. You won't find me out there. It seemed to laugh at him as he started and swallowed dryly.

His breath came in shallow as he realized who was talking. There was a flash of a picture, a red being behind bars before he burst off running to his apartment. He ran as fast as he could. He knew if it really was the Kyuubi he couldn't outrun him…but he had to try. He blinked harshly as tears threatened to come out.

Holy shit, he thought. What was that? He wanted to yell as he ran through the streets, terrified. He shook his head again. Okay, just calm down. I'll go home; lock the door and everything will be fine. Was this some cruel trick being played on him by the villagers? He wouldn't put it past them. He finally reached his apartment and slammed into the door, twisting the handle and throwing himself inside. He slid against the door until his heart rate finally slowed down. He sighed and took off his jacket, convinced it was a trick. He let the orange suit drop to the ground as he simultaneously dropped into his bed.

There was only one problem, actually a few. It was wet, that as the first thing the blond noticed. The air tasted of rust and mold. Also, the bed was hard, like concrete. He opened his eyes and figured out why. Because it was. He sat up on his perfectly made stone bed and looked around. Everything was…the same in a sense. There was his fridge, his table, his dresser and the hallway. Everything was where it was supposed to be.

That was the other thing that was wrong. Everything was perfect. There was no trash on the floor, and even his coat was gone. Nothing was left out…it would have been shiny if it wasn't stone. Naruto hugged himself. It was really cold. He stood slowly, looking around at the apartment that wasn't really his. He heard a chuckle, and this time it was coming from the hallway, along with a cold red light. The blond stepped towards the light hesitantly. The light was coming from the closet.

He inched forward. What was going on? Was this some kind of dream? He nodded and looked at the handle. "If this is a dream, what's the worst that could happen?" He nodded; sure of himself, and pulled open the door. Then as the light engulfed him, he was no longer in the hall anymore, or even in the closet. He was in a cage.

Black bars went from floor all the way up to the ceiling. They seemed big enough for his small body to squeeze through, so he wondered why they were there.

You're not the one who is locked up, kit. Naruto jumped, startled to hear the same voice as earlier. I'm in here. A huge red figure came up to the bars and Naruto jumped back, yelling.

"Holy shi-"

"I would ask you not to swear in my presence." The huge fox leered at him. His voice sounded different, because in here he no reason to project his thoughts to the young boy. Naruto shrank back.

"You, you're the Kyuubi!" The fox nodded and Naruto crawled back. He was in panic. The fox demon!

"Please, calm down." The boy shivered and didn't listen, still trying to get over the fact that there was a huge Fox standing in front of him. The Kyuubi shrugged and decided he might be more comfortable around his human form. Red chakra clouded him and when it cleared, Kyuubi stood in his human form. He had long red, spiky hair that went down to his lower back. His eyes were a blood red and still slitted, and his cheeks were marked with whiskers like Naruto. The man stood in a dark red hakama over a gold and red kimono. He sighed as Naruto eyes him suspiciously.

"Come now, I'm not going to bite." He almost chuckled at his joke, but he needed Naruto to be calm and understanding. The blond stood slowly and took a small step towards him. "Don't worry; even if I wanted to I can't hurt you while you are on that side of the bars." The red haired man put a hand through his hair as Naruto inched closer.

"…you're not going to hurt me?"

He shook his head. "No, quite the opposite. I want to talk to you about something." Naruto inched closer to the bars.


The red haired man folded his legs and sat on the floor, his arms in the sleeve of the opposite one. He motioned for Naruto to do so too, and he did slowly. The blond now sat a foot away from the bars. "I've been watching you Naruto." He nodded. "I am impressed with your chakra and willpower, which are slightly superior to any normal humans." Naruto raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything to the powerful demon. "I have been looking for an apprentice for a long time. Someone for me to teach the ways of the demons, and the kitsune. Now, I was waiting for a son, or something like that." The blond's mouth opened.

"Well, you're kind of stuck here until I'm dead right? Sorry." The red haired man chuckled at Naruto's sheepish look.

"Exactly. I want to teach you." There was a moment of silence while Naruto absorbed the information.


The red head eyed the blond. "It is my fault you are treated like you are. Don't you want to be a strong ninja and show the village?" Naruto nodded. "I can show you how. I can teach you things, but there is catch. This teaching does not come without a price."

Naruto took a deep breath, steeling himself. "What is it?"

"You will become a demon." He blinked. "At first, you will become half demon. Then, you will completely transform, though you will be bound to human form and not able to change into your respectable animal, like us." The blond opened his mouth and closed it again, surprised. "In becoming a demon, you will be more powerful, harder to kill and your senses will increase. You will be able to hear better, see better, smell much, much better. You may even find the power to see in the dark, although you-"

"I'll do it." The blond blurted out excitedly.

"What?" The Kyuubi stared at the boy. It can't possibly be that easy…

"I want to do it."

The Kyuubi smiled, showing his prominent K9's. "Really? Th-that's great." He felt a swell of emotion for the kit.

"When can we start?" Kyuubi blinked.

"As soon as you want."

Naruto jumped up. "Let's do it!"

Kyuubi also stood. "Very well. First, I will teach you about customs and the history of demons, as I will not have you ignorant of your own ways."


The red head nodded. "Yes Naruto?"

"Are you really evil?"

He thought for a moment. "Do you care?" The blond nodded. "Good. And no, I am not. Maybe sometime I will tell you what happened so many years ago. But for now…"

"Yes Sensei." Naruto was excited, jumping from foot to foot. He was going to become a demon, and become strong! Never again would he let those closest to him get hurt, not like Iruka.

"I will teach you while you are sleeping, and bring you here to my cage while I lecture you." Naruto nodded. "Beware that while I am doing this you will probably wake up with a headache. But it will be worth it. I have great plans for you, Naruto."

The blond nodded. "I'll do my best. Believe it!"