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Jiraiya watched the blonde teenager walking next to him, shoulders slumped. It seemed like the more they went and apologized, the more Naruto lost his self confidence. And no surprise there either, he would have to if he was Naruto. Jiraiya eyed the boy next to him. He really did look like Minato. The blonde's hair was shaggy and yet still defying gravity as per usual. He wore a black T with fishnet underneath and a red hoodie, with plain black jeans. He walked barefoot however, and when Jiraiya asked about it, the boy just scowled at him. He got the feeling the teen didn't like him much.

They had just finished giving back all the money he stole. And every time, the same thing happened. The woman would take the money, yell at Naruto and then try to beat him to death, screaming about being a demon and a horrible addition to the village. Jiraiya was appalled when they walked away from the first house. He had looked to Naruto and after a few minutes silence, the blonde spoke, never looking him in the eye.

"What did you expect, milk and cookies?" What did you expect. He honestly couldn't say, but definitely not that. Anything, but that. He felt his gut twist as he thought about his godson's life. If that was normal, he didn't want to see what would happen when the villagers got really mad at him. He clenched his fist. The Sannin thought the boy next to him would be okay living on his own. If he really was Minato's son, he could. And so far, he was proven right. But Jiraiya never imagined the village would hate Naruto so much. And living on his own in the middle of all this. He was the one supposed to be taking care of Naruto. So far, he wasn't doing a very good job. He swallowed dryly and nervously. Minato appointed Jiraiya as Naruto's guardian. And he had failed his student by letting this go on. This was why he avoided the boy so; he didn't want to see what a failure he's been.

Jiraiya spotted a restaurant to the left and looked to Naruto. He seemed to be off in his own little world, so the sage just grabbed his sleeve and began to pull him towards the place. Naruto grunted after a moment and yanked away, but still followed, frowning.

"I don't think they'll let me and Kuro in." He muttered under his breath. He really didn't like Jiraiya. With that, Jiraiya narrowed his eyes and growled a bit.

"They will now if I have any say in it."


Kuro was sitting by my side, on the floor of course. I was still staring at the pervy sage across from me. Who was he, to hold such influence to get me and a demon fox into a restaurant? Granted, no one really knew Kuro was a demon, but still. Jiraiya was just a sage right? Really, who was he? A friend of dad's…but what else? The man was busy looking at the menu with greedy eyes, and I put my head against the cold window and looked at the Hokage's faces. Dad. I wish I could have met them, although the pictures are good too. I mean, I've been fine so far, right? And I have Kyo and Kuro and Team seven…

"What are you looking at?" Damn sage made me jump. I wasn't expecting him to start a conversation. I glowered at him for a moment, but really the glare doesn't fit me to well. I wasn't used to being mad at people; I am a very nice and loving person!

I sighed and looked out the window again. "The Hokages." Jiraiya glanced out the window as well, smiling as he did. He was probably looking at Dad too. I eyed him from my peripherals and spoke again. "You knew the fourth, right?" The sage jumped, probably not expecting me to know that.

"Yes…how did you know that?" I smiled at his wary expression.

"I saw a picture with you in it with the fourth." He bit his lip, and I pressed more. "So, how did you know him?"

Jiraiya sighed and put the menu down on the table. "He was my student."

I stopped facing the window and put my elbows on the table, mimicking Sasuke as I laced my hands in front of my face. The man paled, and apparently it was working well. "Really?"

There was a pause and Jiraiya nodded. So, dad's sensei was this sage person…and then Dad was sensei to Kakashi. Wow. I looked to Kuro with a raised eyebrow and he nodded.

Circles inside circles. He said as he licked his paw carefully.

Yeah, really. But I wonder…he must know I'm Minato's son, right? I looked to Jiraiya, who was staring at me with a curious look.

I think so. The looks he gives you indicate he feels reminiscent when he sees your face, so I assume so. Why don't you ask?

Because what if he doesn't know?

Since when do you care Naruto? Kyo was watching with interested eyes. After all, my life was the only show on TV right now for him. Just ask him, it isn't like you to go the long way around if there's no need.

I nodded unconsciously, remembering he was right. I was Naruto Uzumaki man! I run in head on. I smiled as I realized Jiraiya was even more confused and actually more worried now. Not to mention, if he knew Rasengan…I hummed, keeping that in store for later.

But more importantly, he knew Dad. Meaning he knew Mom to. "So, you knew Kushina?"

Jiraiya coughed uncomfortably. "Yes. Why?" I leaned back and folded my arms comfortably.

"Can you tell me about them?" I could practically feel my eyes sparkling, begging for information. It would be sooo COOL to know more about them! I mean, I never knew them! I felt my serious demeanor slipping in excitement. "Please?"

To my surprise, the Sannin smiled. "So, you know then?" I guess he did know about my mom and dad then, and knew I wasn't supposed to know. Most people don't though…

I smiled widely and leaned forward. "Do you?" after all, most have no idea I'm the fourth's son. Ha. That's irony for you.

Jiraiya's eyes sparkled at me. "Alright, but if you want to know about them, you need to tell me about Kyuubi."

I leaned back again, thinking and eyeing the man across from me. Well, why not? He obviously knew about Kyo already, I'll just leave out the half-demon part. That shouldn't be that hard. I smiled, coming to my conclusion, and looked to Kuro. He nodded at me, but before I could start Jiraiya spoke.

"Kuro, right?" He looked to my Twin Flame and Kuro nodded. Jiraiya looked back to me. "So, he's not a normal fox is he?" I shook my head, grinning more. "This is getting more and more interesting. Alright, first we order. Then, you tell me about Kyuubi."

I picked up my menu and looked at it. "And then you tell me about Mom and Dad." He nodded, a soft smile on his face. Sweet! I get to know about mom and dad! And who the heck is this guy, to know about my family? Isn't that supposed to be some big, huge secret?


Sasuke swirled and twisted more, the sword flying through the empty air. His eyebrows crunched in frustration. It was really hard! It would take a long, long time to master the stupid piece of metal. He growled as the sword flew from his hand and embedded itself in a tree nearby. He scuffled over and jerked on the handle, trying to pull it out of the bark with no success.

"Sasuke, you have to think of it like an extension of your body." Kakashi's voice came from a tree limb, safely out of the way of Sasuke's sharp object.

The Uchiha growled and yanked again. The sword popped out abruptly, sending the boy sprawling across the grass. "I hate this thing."

Kakashi shook his head, still staring at his book. "Then you will never get it right."

Sasuke grunted as he sat up, grabbing the sword handle and glaring at his sensei. "Can't you teach me anything else?"

"Nope. I have sharingan, but real KenJutsu is something you can't copy." Sasuke groaned and gripped the sword again, staring out at the empty space around him. His black hair fluttered against his face as a breeze swept across the field. He took a deep breath, trying to focus. He had to get better. And to get better, he had to practice. To be stronger, he had to try again and again and again. But for some reason, he thought there had to be more than that. If all it took was practice, everyone would be a master at KenJutsu. He closed his eyes. Try to feel the sword, yeah right. He couldn't tell where it ended instinctively; he couldn't unconsciously know where it was going to go without seeing it. It was just a piece of metal after all. Sasuke sighed again, his arms shaking from exhaustion. And it was only noon.


I couldn't help but smile at the blond sitting across from me. He had made a complete 180 after hearing a few stories about his mother and father. I knew the brat couldn't be so…mad all the time. At first, he was angry and pensive and downright fuming about everything. Now, Naruto was smiling, a meat chunk half in his mouth and grinning at Kuro.

That fox was a weird animal. Apparently, Kuro could talk. I first realized this when Naruto ordered for him, very specifically too. The boy had then proceeded to tell me not only did he speak, but Naruto could talk back. They had some sort of odd communication ability, which makes a lot of sense considering the insane, powerful jutsu the fox had come out of.

Yes, I had pushed and prodded until Naruto finally confessed how he got Kuro. It was crazy, it was impossible. But he couldn't be making it up, I could tell. Not only was there no way Naruto could have ever learned of it to make it up, but you can always tell when two Twin Souls are united. I had stared at the fox in amazement for a while before Naruto had snapped at me, telling me that because I was annoying Kuro I was annoying him to. Figures. But still, the blonde had gotten that jutsu from Kyuubi. And not only had he used it successfully, but a fox came out.

That had to mean something, and no not just because Kyuubi was sealed inside him. Your Twin Flame is usually a human, and your opposite gender! That was the whole point between Twin Souls! And yet, here he was; the Twin and mirror to Naruto. And he was a fox, and a male. I still hadn't brought that up yet.

For some reason, Naruto trusts me immensely, or he wouldn't have been telling me all this. I couldn't figure out why though. Don't get me wrong, I love it that he trusts me. But why would he open up so much to a complete stranger? Was it because I was his Dad's friend?

Another interesting thing I had learned. My godson was being downright friendly with the demon trapped inside of him. In fact, the Kitsune was teaching him. As in, helping him train. For what reason could the Kyuubi possibly have to train Naruto? The more I thought of it, the more worried I became. Could he be using Naruto for some evil escape plan? If so, why strengthen him? And why give him such an ancient, powerful Jutsu as to bring forth Kuro? Another question, how did Naruto summon Kuro anyway? Wasn't it supposed to be impossible? Every human who has tried to force their Twin Flame to this plane has died! I had so many more questions then I had answers, and the more I talked to Naruto the more confused I became. The blonde was a mystery wrapped in an enigma which is actually a riddle in a puzzle hidden inside two thousand Sudoku squares! And yet, he was still so simple for some reason. He was wrapped in a mystery but was clear as day to everyone. My best friend's son, my student's student's student. Wow that was a circle inside a circle.

But beside that, the boy had one hell of an appetite. He was loud and happy and bold, and dare I say it, gutsy. Naruto, he was one gutsy ninja. Not to mention, stupidly smart. Yes, that's right. Stupidly smart. He was incredibly smart when he wants to be, I could tell that already. And then, he seems like the kind of boy who would charge right in without thinking. Although, that could be a good thing sometimes. Okay, maybe not. Still, stupidly smart.

So here I was, sitting across the table from the boy who doesn't know I'm technically his guardian, with my head about to explode from all this enigma crap. I sighed as I eyed the boy's shaggy hair. It wouldn't do for a ninja; it got in his face too much! Naruto could probably barely see. But apparently, he could see enough to tell I was staring at him.

He jerked his head up, his eyes narrowed. "Why are you staring at me pervy sage?" I opened my mouth to snap back when I noticed something very, very peculiar. His pupils where slitted.

It took me a second to absorb that information while the boy glared at me. More questions popped up. Why did he have slitted eyes? He was still…human right? I swallowed and leaned back, immense worry in my eyes.

"You haven't been telling me everything." Lie to a Sannin, what was this boy thinking?


The water hovered and inch from my face, swirling in a loose ball, droplets hitting the ground here and there. The bucket sat at my feet, half empty and the other half drifting at eye level. My left hand was out, almost touching the blue sphere as I focused, beads of sweat dripping down my face.

Unlike structured Jutsus that told the element what to do, this vague 'control' thing was to…unclear. The person controlling it had to force the element to his, or in this case, her will. This was a hell of a lot harder than it sounded. In fact, the sun was setting already. It's pink and purple hues danced across the sky and the crystal orb cast quite a rainbow of colors on the grass near my feet.

Yamato was still sitting, watching my every movement. I was actually very proud in my progress, because in one day I had managed control over the small sphere. Not completely, but now I could at least hold it in the air for a few moments. Which was better than nothing. All I hoped for was to learn this jutsu and get control of my kekai genkai! But really, it was going to be hard. It was a kekai genkai after all, which means it would come naturally to me but it would still be very difficult.

But no worries really. I could tell, right now Naruto and Sasuke were probably training to get stronger, and I couldn't let them pass me up anymore! I had to learn this to get stronger before the next mission so I could protect them! I will work all night if I have to, all week if I must. To make my mom and dad proud, to make Kakashi proud, to show Yamato his faith in me isn't misplaced! I feel like Naruto's grown on me, teaching me strength just by getting stronger himself. And Lee to, he worked so hard that even him, with no chakra, could be strong.

I won't be weak anymore.

I won't be feeble and pathetically relying on my other teammates.

I had to protect them too.

I too, can have the will of fire!