Normal POV

It was your average day in Castle Oblivion when it started. The dark sky was depressing; the castle was deserted except for our fellow Organization XIII members…nothing out of the ordinary. But this is not where our story begins; it begins in a white room on the top floor of the castle. Axel was off doing his own thing, Larxene was no where to be found, and the basement members where doing…whatever they were supposed to be doing, leaving Marluxia to be lost in his own thoughts.

Marluxia looked at his reflection in the newly waxed scythe. It was the face pink-haired blue-eyed face that stared back every time. His scythe turned into a dozen flower petals as he stood up and wondered back into his room. It was always the same every day, which vastly annoyed the assassin. He had nothing to look forward to, nothing to dream of, well except for becoming leader of the organization but that's different. It was the same everyday, the opposite of Lumaria's life.

"Lumaria…" It had been so long since Marluxia had mentioned his former self. The name echoed in his mind as he had said it in a cave.

Marluxia was surprised at his own train of thoughts. Lumaria had lived in Radiant Garden and had fell in love with a girl named Renale. But who was Renale? Marluxia cursed at himself for forgetting. He was finally remembering his former life, the life he had left behind.

"What's going through your mind?" A female snapped him out of his thoughts.

Marluixa turned and saw Larxene standing in the doorway of his bedroom. She had an oddly interested look in her eyes, which surprised Marluxia.

"I was having some…strange thoughts about my somebody. I was thinking and he suddenly came to my mind," Marluxia replied, in half a daze.

Larxene stared at the ground. "I've been having some weird thoughts too, but it's probably PMS anyway. You've been around these flowers for a little too long," She said, wrinkling her nose at the scent of Marluxia's precious roses.

Marluxia was silent for the longest time, lost in his perplexing thoughts. "Larxene…do you remember?"

Larxene raised an eyebrow. "Remember what?"

"Remember…your formor self?" He asked, almost afraid of what Larxene's reaction would be.

Larxene's green eyes turned sad and somewhat angry as well. Marluxia braced himself for a huge jolt of lighting, but Larxene drew in her breath and signed.

"Yeah…I remember Renale," Was all she said.

"Sorry about bringing that up, I just wanted to know-"

"I would love to forget about Renale's life. Her life was miserable and nobody liked her," Larxene began. "She just wanted attention…" Her voice trailed off.

"She wasn't completely lonely, Lumaria liked her for who she was," Marluxia smiled slightly at Larxene. "Her life wasn't completely all that bad…except for the whole losing her heart thing," He added with a chuckle to himself.

Larxene was lost in own thoughts to even notice Marluxia's reply. Her memories of her former self were faint, but memories were still memories. She couldn't forget them even if she tried. Renale was never liked by anyone after her mother died and she was the single most anti-social person in her entire high school. But when Lumaria came into her life, she found joy for once. Larxene turned to meet Marluxia's beautiful blue eyes.

"Hey, do you remember when…they first met?" She asked, a slight blush crawling across her cheeks.

Marluxia smiled at Larxene's odd behavior; thank god no one else was around. "Yes, I remember,"

Author: A little idea that came to my mind a couple days ago. I kinda like this, but I don't know weather to continue this or not. What do you guys think? Was it any good? Hope you enjoyed!