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The sharp crack of the gavel against wood made him jump as the judge called order. "Miss Tatou, if you would please refrain from damaging the courtroom's furnishings with your writing implement."

Alfredo found that he was bringing a literal meaning to the term 'hot under the collar', as his adam's apple bobbed against the half-Windsor knot of his tie, his gaze directed not-so-discreetly in the direction of his opposing council as she spoke. He was finding her thick, rich French accent incredibly distracting, sending his mind reeling and his fingers back over his notes as he struggled to remember what the case he was defending involved.

"My apologies, your honor," There was that accursed accent again, as she fiddled with the aforementioned destructive pen, her long, slim fingers twisting it to and fro and finally stuffing it behind her ear.

"Very well," The judge gave his opposing council another wary look before turning his attention to Alfredo. "Mr. Linguini? Do you have anything you wish to add?"

Sometime between looking at his notes and the current moment, his eyes had wandered across the isle once again, traitors that they were. His ears, obviously in cahoots with his eyes, had become deaf to the judge as he watched tufts of her dark hair float to frame her face as she turned her gaze curiously towards his.

"Mister Linguini!"

"What?" His head swung back towards the front of the room, and he could feel his face turning red. "I...uh...I...I request a short recess, your honor."