'The World', a popular MMORPG created and run by Cyber Connect Corporation (CC Corp. for short), was the most popular running program in the world. People for almost every country logged into the servers to experience the thrill the game provided. But not everything in the game was fun. Over the years, the game had heralded serious consequences which CC Corp had tried to deal with.

Project G.U. was one of the ways they tried to do that. In 2014, the Ultimate AI, Aura, had vanished. She was the creation of Harald Hoerwick, the designer of the game and its predecessor, fragment. As the Ultimate AI, she had reigned over 'The World' as something like a goddess. When she vanished, the majesty and glory of 'The World' began to fade.

Project G.U. was founded to bring her back. The brightest minds in the world were brought together to work on this project. They would bring about the Return of Aura. That was the plan. The R.A. Plan.

Jyotaro Amagi stared at his computer screen in mock disbelief. He was startled, to be sure, but his disgust overpowered it. The R.A. Plan, which he'd been working on for almost a year, threatened to fall down around his ears, but it wouldn't. He had foreseen something like this happening.

The readout on his monitor had a list of files, files that contained data vital to Project G.U. Each file contained the data of the Cursed Wave, programs that had once wreaked havoc within 'The World'. Project G.U. had spent merciless hours trying to procure them, and they had succeeded, only for something like this to happen.

One of the files was empty. Tarvos, the seventh Phase, was gone.

Amagi knew instantly who the culprit was. Only two people had access to the files, and he knew that he himself hadn't taken it. The only other person, the only person who could be responsible, was Jun Bansyoya. Bansyoya had been on the Project since the beginning, and the two men had worked diligently to resolve the problem, but recently, he had been voicing his concerns about the method they were using. Amagi had brushed him off.

"Is this your idea of a joke then, Bansyoya-san?" Amagi muttered to himself. "Do you want revenge on me?"

Without all Eight Phases, Bansyoya reasoned, the R.A. Plan could not go through. Amagi had been anticipating this, however, and had created a backup. A Dummy Morganna Factor. With it, the plan could continue. He would see to that.