In between 'The Virus' and 'Orochimaru's Nightmare' This story is about what happen after woke up in the hospital and how she is dealing with the memories of the nightmare realm.




"…Is this what dying feels like?"


"Itachi!?'' Anko breathed, sitting up in hopes that he was there. Alas, he wasn't. She let her eyes wonder around the almost empty hospital room. Anko hated hospital with all her being; the sanitized rooms, the 'healthy' food, the nurses who really wanted you to die so that they didn't have to deal with your ass any more, yeah she hated hospitals.

The room was bathed in yellow sunlight; it was like a new beginning. Anko frowned at this. She had been use to seeing Itachi's red that it had started numbing the colors she saw in her eyes. Itachi…was he really dead? She couldn't even remember the details of how she had gotten acquainted with him in the first place. There was a mission that required her to sneak up on one of the remaining Uchihas'. Something went wrong and she wound up in Tsukuyomi staring into Itachi Uchiha's eyes.

Anko shuddered at the strange memories. It is believed that you lose 17% of your memory when you sleep; Anko was well aware that she and her memories were a proven case to that myth. Her thoughts wouldn't form the way she wanted them to in her head which made her angry and for some reason scared.

The door opened followed by the scent of food that hadn't been properly cooked. Anko concentrated on the person that entered "Go away."

Orochimaru smirked "Sorry love but we have much to discuss. I thought a talk over breakfast would be the trick to ease your mind." He laid a tray with fried eggs, crinkly bacon and deformed toast. "Thank you but I had crap for dinner last night."

Orochimaru chuckled "I may have to talk with the staff about better breakfast choices." he shoved the tray into her "Still you need to eat something."

She shoved the thing back to him "No thanks." she growled

Orochimaru was beginning to lose his patience with her "Anko, if you don't start eating I swear I will shove every bite of this down your throat."

Anko narrowed her eyes at him. She knew he would do it but she was not going to relent to him "Try it."

Orochimaru grabbed her jaw with one hand and a fork with the other. He stabbed the fork in the greasy eggs and tried to get them into her mouth. "Eat it EAT IT!" Anko kept pushing him away. She finally grabbed the tray and lunged it at his head, causing the food and dishes to get in his hair. She pushed him back and watched him fall to the ground. "Ha!"

Orochimaru slowly wiped the food fragments off his face. While he was glaring at her, he stood up and grabbed the fork with the full intention of stabbing it in her throat. Anko sat up ready to fight him.

"Is everything alright?"

They both stopped what they were doing and turned to the voice at the door way. There stood Kabuto Yakushi, staring worriedly at the people before him. It was unnatural to see his master lying on the floor in hair with a women he was sure would only be a distraction to there plans...but of course he didn't go against what his master had decided. He extended a hand to help Orochimaru. While he was picking bits of egg out of his hair, Kabuto walked up to Anko.

Anko gripped the sheets to resist attacking him as well. To her surprise he extended his hand to her "Hi," he smiled "You probably don't remember me too well but I'm-"

"I know who you are!" she snapped "You were a spy for six years in the Chunnin exams before Orochimaru attacked."

Kabuto was quiet. She really did pay attention to her surroundings. He was about to pull away when Anko grabbed his hand shaking it in the form of a greeting "Long time no see." she said huskily. When they stopped, Kabuto noticed that her hand along with the rest of her body was trembling. He released her hand and glanced back at his master for an answer.

Orochimaru just shrugged "I did tell you she was fucked up."

Anko shot him a glare "Hey!"

Orochimaru turned to leave, motioning Kabuto to follow him "We'll be back later Anko-chan." Kabuto said.

'Anko-chan?' The door closed before she could ask a question.


"Here," Kabuto said giving her some clothes folded up neatly "I took the liberty of getting you these from the basement."

Anko said nothing as she unfolded the shirt.

"Sorry but they didn't have anything in a size four."

Anko paused "How-"

"I checked the clothes they took from you when you first arrived." he stated smiling "I got you a five but brought a belt so that they'd fit more comfortable."

Anko stared at him questionable "Why are you doing this?"

"For you journey, we checked you out this morning so you're ready to leave as soon as your dressed."

Anko laid the shirt to the side "What..." she wasn't sure how to ask him questions.

Kabuto looked so serine and kind but his next words portrayed the side of him no one else knew "You didn't think we were just going to let you go that easily did you?"

Anko stared at him in disbelief; Kabuto saw her shock and tried to reassure her "I didn't mean it the way you must be thinking. I meant that, with Itachi dead..." Anko couldn't look at him. Kabuto continued without her eye contact "We have reason to believe that the Akatsuki might want vengeance on you."

Anko glanced at him, she was furious now "They...I..."

Kabuto saw her unsureity, this was the part Lord Orochimaru said he would enjoy...the part that required messing with her mind. If he was lucky, he would get to see her cry. "You still have your doubts that he's dead don't you?" he asked pretending to be sincere "Orochimaru told me everything, even though-"

"It had to be hallucinations!" she exclaimed, more to herself that him "I...I fought him, I was in Tsukuyomi but he...he..." she was beginning to crash "It was for my sake he promised that! He said he no you he...Itachi he..." she couldn't breathe SHE COULDN'T BREATH.

Kabuto grabbed her chin and made her keep her mouth open like Orochimaru did when she wouldn't eat "Anko," he said calmly as thought he was giving her instructions to a task "You're going into shock, you need to calm down. Take slow deep breaths...see that's better-"

"Don't touch me!" She jumped out of bed despite not knowing what to do "I'm not going anywhere with you I don't want to go there!" she tripped over the pole of her IV. Kabuto tried to help her up but she trashed until he got away from her. She sat on her knees panting heavily. She blinked. Once. Twice [feet walked to her]. Three times [this time Itachi's crouching in front of her but she doesn't see him because she refuse to see anything but the tiles.

Anko stared at the floor as the light began to fade. 'Itachi...what did you want from me.'

Itachi touched her cheek "Nothing you couldn't return."

Kabuto picked up the call button that Anko had let drop to the floor when she had gotten up. He pressed it for assistance but he knew it would be Orochimaru who would show up instead of a nurse. This was going to be fun.


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