And one of these days we'll no longer betray
Ourselves in any way
We won't all look the same way down
And one of these days we'll no longer betray
Ourselves in anyway
Then we'll all take the same way out

She awoke with a gasp and a violent shudder as she shot up from a surprisingly, dreamless sleep. Anko sat very still to evaluate her soundings, every shadow, and every ray of light. The buzzing feeling she had had in the back of her skull since she first stepped out of that hospital was…dead.

"Itachi?" she whispered out, regretting her decision to do so. Nothing—not even a pain.

She arched her neck and tried a different route. "Kisame?" Again—no answer, no pain, or form of existence that the two were still with her.

"What's-" a groan from the man with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist cut off her outer thoughts.

"Damn!" she cursed under her breath as the drunken memories of the night before it ran though her subconscious. She tried to remain calm as Orochimaru nuzzled her hip, but she was caught in between disgust, jumping up and doing a "HELL-TO-THE-YEAH" dance, or just throwing the son of a gun off of her.

She took in a deep, angry, and fear filled breath and slowly slid out of his unrelenting embrace. She snuck looks at him as she searched for her clothes, but they were in shreds and completely unwearable. She cursed and looked around, her desperate eyes landing on Orochimaru's closet. She covered her shivering body as best as she could with her arms and rushed to his closet.

"Why the hell is this man so damn girly?" she cursed under her breath as she searched for something other than a kimono. She sighed in frustration and subconsciously pulled one off the hangers and wrapped it around her and tied it quickly. She found a pair of sandals at the bottom and put them on despite how larger they were from her own tiny feet.

She looked back at the sleeping Orochimaru, her heart and core aching at the sight of his two-thirds naked self.

"Okay, Kisame, Itachi, one of you get out here and tell me what I should do." She demanded, closing her eyes to await their faces. But after five minutes, nothing happened. She slowly peeked through her eyes just in case they wanted to give her a heart attack that early in the morning. "Where…?"

Kisame had been with her last night, and Itachi…had died?

An insane, but happy smile spread over her lips.

"They're…They're gone…" she covered her mouth to cover her shriek of happiness. "Yes! Yes! YES!"

She hurried out of the room only to immediately collide with Kabuto, sending them both back a few feet and a clipboard to the side. They looked at every inch of each other's bodies, their eyes wide. Kabuto was only wearing an orange towel with green seaweed pair of swimming trunks…tight fitting trunks.

"WHAT THE HELL!" they yelled at each other in union.

"Why the hell are you half-naked?" screamed Anko.

"Why the hell are you in one of Lord Orochimaru's robes?" bantered Kabuto.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, trying to figure out each other's secret. They were both just really weird, or just had sex. Can you guess?

Kabuto didn't try to conceal his surprise and slight disgust. "You did it with Orochimaru, didn't you?"

"I was drunk." She answered simply. She took a guess at Kabuto, snickering at her up-coming joke. "You…had a beach party?"

He frowned. "I got so sick of everything that went on last night that I got drunk and somehow ended up waking up with Sasuke dressed like THIS!" he emphasized by pulling at the shorts.

Anko stared at him strangely. "I'm sorry?"

He pouted like a child unable to get their way. "Yeah, you are. It's all your damn fault."

"Now wait a minute-!"

"Ever since you showed up at that hospital, my life has been nothing but hell!"

"And you think mine's been a picnic?"

"Well, it's been a lot better than mine, especially since you got laid by Lord Orochimaru!"

"Why you son of a-"

"I wish you had died in that hospital! And I bet that if you hadn't fucked him, Lord Orochimaru would say the same!" he screamed as loud as he could.

She froze, a bit shock that he would simply go up and say it. She knew that he had wanted her dead the whole time, but he had never openly showed it like Sasuke. She was angry and hurt now, not from the medical ninja himself, but that she hadn't fulfilled his want.

She blinked back a few frustrated tears and stared at the raging teen. She lifted a fist to angle with his face; he winced knowing what was coming. He closed his eyes to await impact, but they flew open when he felt soft arms encircle him. He stared at the spikes that was her hair and then at her forehead as she looked up at him with insane eyes.

"That's not going to be your priority after today." She released him and walked away. "I'm going to get some breakfast."

"What?" he called after her. He sighed as disappeared behind a corner and bent down to retrieve his cold clipboard. He rubbed his goose bumped shoulders as he made his way to the next lab to further heal from the long night before.

"I'm just a medical ninja. I didn't ask for all these nut jobs, and strange women…"

"What…What the hell is this?"

Kabuto's, Itachi's, Sasuke's, and Kisame's peaceful, sweaty faces looked up in an annoyed gloom at the Snake Sannin. They were all in a large tub filled with red water, naked, and…turned on…by Orochimaru's completely nude self.

Kabuto smirked seductively at his master and reached for him, his hand suddenly coated with pink water. "Come on Lord Orochimaru…join us."

His hand gripped his member, causing Orochimaru to gasp in disgust. He felt a presence behind him and turned to it.

Anko was standing behind him, clothed in a towel unlike the rest of them, with a knife gleaming in her hand.


She slung it at him and all he saw was red.

Orochimaru dug his nose deeper into the softness under him as he slowly woke up. He tightened the grip he had around it and his eyes opened when he felt nothing but air. He sat up, the covers sliding off of him, and saw that Anko was nowhere in the room.

Her clothes were still scattered around the room along with traces of her scent, but no physical scents of Anko. He sighed and after a little stretching, went to his closet for clean clothes. He noticed as he searched that one of his kimonos, a silky purple and white, was missing. His stomach turned for two reasons: One, Anko was walking around in nothing but that and was doing God knows what. Secondly, it was his mother's wedding gown.

"Damn!" Orochimaru yelled as he quickly pulled on a pair of trousers and T-shirt and sandals. He almost broke his door down and fell on Kabuto when he burst out. He took a moment to observe his strange wardrobe. Oh, God.

The medic now had a gray t-shirt over his body to go with his swimming trunks, which he had yet to change out of. "Uh…Morning, Lord Orochimaru—"

"Have you seen Anko?" he ordered, his eyes averting from Kabuto.

"Yes, sir, about half an hour ago. I wanted to talk to you about her-"

"No time!" he yelled as he ran past him.

"Lord Orochimaru?" the medical ninja called after him.

The coffee Anko pressed to her lips actually had a taste from something other than blood. She ate the soft toast and enjoyed its buttery taste, but readied herself for the disgusting taste to fit at any moment. She looked around, expecting the unwanted, monstrous faces of Kisame, and maybe Itachi if he wasn't truly dead, to jump out and attack her and scorn her for Orochimaru still being alive.

She smiled as she ate in peace. They were leaving her alone, even if it was just for a moment. Everything's almost perfect. The disgust hit at that thought hit. Nothing was perfect, could never be perfect for that matter. Yes, her demons were gone for the moment but her want, the person she needed, couldn't belong with her.

She got up and put her plate and glass in the sink, washing them with sad movements. She'd be gone by the time Orochimaru found out, gone and out of their lives, his life.

"Leaving so soon?"

Anko glanced around and saw Orochimaru at her doorway. Judging from the position he was standing in, he was not going to let her walk away just yet.

"Yeah." She replied emotionlessly. She straightened her form and turned to face him, crossing her arms and looking down. "There's not much of a reason to stick around, the delusions are gone," one of her arms rubbed her shoulder "There's still some pain, but it's manageable." She turned back to her bag.

Orochimaru, after closing and locking the swinging door quietly, crept up behind her and gently touch her shoulders. "You want to stay, that is clear to both of us."

Anko gently pried herself out of his grip. "I went too far last night; I can't stay here and not expect hell to break loose."

Orochimaru wrapped his arms around her; his grip wasn't a restraint, but it kept her still.

"The delusions are gone," he started, repeating her words from before. "You can still feel pain, but can take it." He planted a light kiss to her neck. "You know that if you stay you might not be able to keep your control in check because of the demons around you." His hands slid under the folds of the kimono and massaged the soft orbs that were her breasts. "Let me help you…"

Anko pulled herself from his addicting touch. "I can't."

"That's because you're not trying." He emphasize by grabbing her again.

"Let me go." She commanded as he gave her a disapproving look, picked her up, and slugged her over his shoulder.

"You stop, Anko."

"Put me down, you!" she screamed, banging her fists on his back.

He smirked at her childish behavior and gave her bottom a playful slap, momentarily stunning her.

"Bitch!" she screamed as he pinned her to a counter top. His lips made individual marks around her flesh and his hands held her waist down to better keep her restrained. She kept fighting anyway.

"Get off me right the fuck now!" She husked.

"I rather fuck you right now." He rasped at the goose bumps on her neck.

She threw him off of her and was pulled back down before she even had a chance to run. Orochimaru was on top of her now, his teeth sinking into her neck to distract her while one of his hands tried to capture her hands and the other went to the tie around her waist.

She knew what he was planning, despite the pain. "Don't do this!"

He pulled his fangs out of her and met her stare. "I'll do whatever it takes to make you stay, Anko, that includes fucking you until you're paralyzed."

She bucked forward as another attempt to get free, vain like the others. She wasn't sure what else to do when he opened the robe completely.

He smirked. "Anko. it's very unladylike to run around without anything under your clothes."

He undid the opening of his own pants and positioned himself over her awaiting opening. She flinched violently when he thrust inside her roughly.

"Stay." He commanded hoarsely.

"No…" she moaned.

He began to thrust in and out of her slowly. "It's so much easier this way, Anko. I can keep you safe from anyone who would dare try to hurt you again."

She growled. "You couldn't even protect yourself, I'm better off alone…or even with Itachi in his nightmare." She subconscious added the last part, but it still affected the man above her.

He increased his speed. "Make this easy on yourself."

"No. For the last time, NO!"

He smirked angrily. "…You asked for it."

Without warning, he shoved two of his fingers into her tight depths and pumped them along side his hardness, earning a nice scream from her. He started tearing off his shirt with a free hand while sliding them up the counter to better support them both. He noticed that her hips were springing to him slightly, and despite how good it felt, still had to show her that he meant business. He held her hips down and drove into her even faster.

"Ah…AHH!" She couldn't help but scream. There was so much pain, metal and physical, in the situation, and yet the pleasure outweighed it.

Orochimaru bent down and let his moans and groans fill her ear. They turned her on so much for some reason, but she didn't want to be, so she screamed to block them out and let herself be heard. Orochimaru covered her mouth with his shifting palm. "Now you're not going to try to ruin our fun now, are you?"

She glared at him and cursed him through his sweaty flesh. His head went back into neck, ignoring her stutters of anger. She felt the pressure building again, and once for she didn't know what to do with it.

"Come on, Anko." He groaned. He was just as close and wasn't sure his body could put up with much more persuasion. "Stay with me."


Enough. Her scream echoed through the base as her self-restraint crashed and her reaction filled Orochimaru.

Orochimaru could only get a few pumps in before his peak crumbled down as well and his load shot deep into her belly with a yelp. He stayed very still with exception of his heavy breathing. His body was begging for rest, but his mind was set on completing his mission. He was a bit taken aback by the heavy sobbing under him.

"I-I'll…I'll stay! I'LL STAY!"

He lifted himself off her slightly to watch the silver tears taking turns running down her flushed cheeks.

"I'll stay." She repeated hoarsely.

Orochimaru closed up the kimono to cover her quivering chest as his love became hysterical.

"I'll stay, I'll stay, I'll stay, I'll stay…"

He wrapped his arms around her and picked her up to take her with him to the floor, holding her tightly to him as they rested.

"I'll stay…I'll stay…"

"I can't…Itachi?"

Sasuke stared at the ceiling, lost in the sound of his heart monitor and the feeling of individual droplets entering his IV. Over and over again.

His entire body was shaking and soaked in sweat. He was in so much pain, felt so much anger fill him up, but it was great to feel something there. He was sick of the emptiness.

His eyes quivered and a hoarse scream broke through his throat as another wave of pain flowed through him. He searched for one of the many medical instruments Kabuto had a habit of leaving around.

His frantic hand found a small scalpel and gripped it as if it were a lifeline. He readied himself to use it if the pain didn't go away anytime soon, but it settled in waves, slowly bringing Sasuke back into a defenseless, weakened slate as his hold on the knife became looser and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

"I can't…keep doing…this…"

He opened his eyes slowly, only to see the dark ceiling looking back at him. No Itachi or Kisame, unlike Anko.

"That bitch." He grumbled. She got what he had wanted for so many years, to take Itachi out. To watch him die. Die.

He let out another long gasp of pain, the feeling of needles stabbing every inch of his body stronger than the last time. His hand entangled itself around the tool, lifting it to the IV on his opposite arm where the fluid, the only thing keeping his body from shutting, flowed.

He pressed the sharp end to the plastic tube, his thumb holding it steady for a neat cut. His eyes were still focused on ceiling, his blurring vision tracing the black, swirling patterns the shadows made. "I'll see you there, Itachi."

No one would ever know.

His heart monitor began picking up speed as the blade pressed deeper into the tube. "Brother…"

A cold hand clasped down on the one Sasuke was ending his life with and removed the scalpel quickly.

The touch sent life through Sasuke, and enough strength so that he could turn his head to meet the person willing to save his life.

His eyes widened in disbelief, but as soon as the angelic face smiled and touched his cheek, he didn't care if what he was seeing was an illusion or not.


Her smile hadn't changed at all. "I'm here to take you home, honey."

Sasuke's eyes changed but his smile did not. "Home?"

She nodded to an area beside him.

He turned and his expression went into one of horror stricken.

His scream went unheard for everyone else in the base was mixed up in…other matters.

"Ah! Damn it! Be careful! It stings!"

Orochimaru laughed softly at Anko's childish—well, more like teenage, since she was cussing—manners as he gently thumped his chakra into the most serious bruises on her back and sides.

They in the process of making a recovery in the shower with Anko pinned to one of the walls, her back to him, a position he wanted to try again one day when the memories of the past two days were forgotten.

She hissed again and this time grabbed his arm and twisted them so that their positions were switched, her hand to his throat with the full intention of choking him in mind.

"Do you want to see how it feels?" she growled dangerously.

He smiled warmly and ran a hand up her hip. "I'd like to try something a little different…"

She pulled away, giving him a full view of her body, and crossed her arms, "Don't press your luck, we've fucked twice."

He stepped up and tilted her chin to him and locked her in an unexpected kiss. It ended just as soon as it started, leaving a lingering need for them both. His lips traveled up her neck to kiss the skin of her ear before whispering in a dominant manner. "If you ever try to leave again, I'll kill you, do understand?"

Her own lips were making seductive trails on his collarbone. "Your attempts to make me wantto stay are very inconvincible, Sensei."

He wrapped his arms around her, his hands going lower than necessary. "Just wanting to make things clear." He added with a bit of dark humor. "My torture is nothing compared to that of our dear deceased Itachi's."

Her eyes lids closed half way. She no longer wanted to kill herself at the mention of his name anymore. Yes, he still had a very strong effect on her, but he was in the same place in her heart that Orochimaru had been years before, dead.

A shudder ran through her as images of his normal, lively, expression ran across her mind and then ones of his rotting, hateful one. She crushed herself to Orochimaru for comfort. "Want to go for a third time?"

Orochimaru nodded, but he knew her game. This was going to be how it was for now on, her coming to him to do whatever necessary to take the memories of Itachi out of her mind. He didn't have too much of a problem with that, but he was the one who used, not the one who got used. Still, he was willing to pretend this was for his benefit.

So she let him in once more, giving every bit of herself to him, the man who kept her safe in his arms from the world.

This was her home now…

She awoke an unknown amount of time later, wrapped in clean kimono with Orochimaru's arms wrapped securely around her. He himself was only covered at the waist by a towel.

She smiled and was about to go back to sleep when a thought hit her. Sasuke.

Taking one glance at Orochimaru, she slid carefully from his grip; similarly to the way she had that matter.

She made sure no four-eyed weirdo was outside her door when she stepped out. She strolled to the medical ward they had been in the night before, which to her slight surprise wasn't too hard to find.

She hid outside the door for a moment to think about what she wanted to say to him, but when no great ideas came to her immediately, she decided to go free style.

She walked in proudly. "Hey, Sasuke."

She didn't receive an answer from the unmoving Uchiha. He looked as though he was still asleep for his head was turned to the side and he wasn't moving like an awake person, an advantage to get a few things off her chest so that he couldn't hold them against him later.

"Look, I know we've had our problems. You've tried to kill me once or twice and I've wanted to gut you like a fish many times, but I want you to know that I'm willing to let it all go if you are." She smiled, satisfied with what she proposed. "What do you say, truce?"

She stared down at him and frowned. It wasn't going to work like this. She sighed and shook him slightly; ready for any weapons he might throw at her. "All right, wake up, I got to do this right."

He shook with her movements but did nothing else.

"Sasuke." She sighed. She was getting annoyed by his silent treatment and resorted to shaking him violently. "Wake up, damn it!"

A metal tool grazed her leg and landed at her feet. She stopped and stared down at the scalpel; he had had some good times with those things.

Her instincts set in and she quickly yanked the sheets off of him. She covered her mouth to muffle what could have been a scream or a sob.

His hair was gray, almost white, and his eyes were as large as saucers, his pupils the size of pen heads.

He had died of fright.

It took a moment for the dark images of Itachi's death to leave her mind and for her sanity to get back in check before she pulled her hand away from her mouth and found the guts to step closer to Sasuke's corpse.

Now that she looked at him more clearly, she could almost say that she like him better this way. After all, there was a hint of a smile on his white, dead lips.

She smiled herself and lifted a hand over his eyes to gently close them. "Tell Itachi I'll kill him some other time, okay?"

Sasuke groaned as he slowly sat up. His eyes instantly met red and black skies; there was no ground under him. No solid objects anywhere.

"Hello?" he called out. Amazingly enough, he didn't' even receive and echo.

His senses sparked and he turned around to see his mother walking to him, the same gentle smile on her face as before.

"Mother, what is this?" he demanded, more harshly than he wanted to be.

"Why it's home dear." She said coolly.

"What-" a black hand shot out from nowhere and grabbed his neck, forcing him to the ground. Within seconds, more hands appeared and captured his body.

"Mo-" one clammed down on his mouth to cut off his voice.

His mother started laughing, softly at first but then it turned to maniacal, uncontainable chortles as she fell to her knees, her head level with his.

He watched in horror as him mother-the person he loved most in the world—fell apart. His horror reached a new level as his darkening eyes saw Itachi's familiar legs step behind her and grab hold of her hair, yanking it and causing her to shriek with the laughter as if his harsh treatment felt good. He brought a knife to her neck.

"Itachi, no!" he screamed. His pleas meant nothing as the blade went into his mother's throat and slit it open.

Itachi smiled at his little brother. "Looks like you have it, too."

Sasuke finally broke. "NO!"

His mind was filled with nothing but their laughter and his screams as the black hands slowly suffocated him.

"Is this…is this what dying feels like?"

So don't give up on me
We can still Pretend
This is all just a game
That'll work itself out in the end