Summery: An AU what-if series of eleven 100-word drabbles following Sam turning into a vampire. Written prior to Season Four, and then rewritten to include some S4 plot elements.

Warning: Spoilers for Supernatural Season Four. Please remember that as this is a alternate universe fic, so I have the creative license to skew details and change facts as I see fit – I do, however, try to keep this as close to canon as possible (hence the rewrite as well as the year and half this story sleep in the cyber graveyard).

Note: This story has not been edited. For anyone who would like to offer their services as a beta-reader, I'd be most grateful. Thanks.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Any and all things written related to Supernatural is simply the work of a very board little girl playing in her cyber-sandbox.




Author: White_Wanderer
Characters: Sam
Prompt: Unlucky
Rating: PG
Summary: When mistakes happen, most of them are deadly.


Drabble One: No Turning Back


Sam had become reckless without Dean. Lost and alone, he was loosing himself piece by piece – the vampire had simply taken advantage of his vulnerability.

Of all the poor bastards she could have picked, she had chosen him.

Fate had always been a cruel bitch to please.

It wasn't until the vampire found herself on the receiving end of a sharpened machete that she realized that she had turned a hunter. If she had known he had also been a Winchester, she might have thought twice.

Too bad there was no turning back.

He was just unlucky like that.