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I grabbed my cell phone and headed for the door. I felt his hand over my shoulder and I was suddenly spun around facing Damon.

"Dont go." He said.

I smiled. "Damon I haven't been home in over thirty something hours. I'm sure Jenna is going to kill me when I get back." I replied, regardless of the fact that I was instantly flattered. He smiled in return. He kissed me quickly once on the neck and once on the lips.

I headed downstairs with Damon close behind. I noticed Stefan sitting on the couch reading a book and I almost took out one of the steps when I came to a sudden halt. I felt Damon's hand on my back pushing me forward. It was a silent message I got instantly telling me that confidently walking forward would work out better in the end. I obeyed by continuing my unfaltering steps to the bottom of the stair case. Once my foot hit the bottom floor, Stefan looked up.

"Morning." He nodded. His eyes looked worn and the dark circles under his eyes made him look anciently tired. I wanted to comfort him, try to resolve this unsettled, broken look on his face. I knew in that moment that as long as both Salvatore's existed that I would never be able to have my heart in one place. Pathetic. I was pathetic.

I almost seemed to stall for a moment thinking Stefan would have more to say but he didn't. I was on cloud nine happy. But something was very off today and I didn't like it. I wanted to beat myself up and teach myself a lesson. I even gave myself a pretty logical explanation for why I felt this way today. I had been with Stefan long enough to be comfortable. Once you reach that stage it's hard not to think of the little things. I mean one day ago I was waking up to Stefan, the next Damon. I shook away my head and all my thoughts. One thing is for sure, my mind would soon be very preoccupied . I had asked Damon to turn me, and he would soon.

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