Tails' Revenge

By CutelittleMouseygirl

Chapter 1: Behind Blue Eyes

No one knows what it's like, to be mistreated. To be defeated

"Hey, Sonic!" I called out to my friend, waving. He didn't even bother to look up at me. I wasn't discouraged at this as the blue hedgehog was often tired after work. I jumped up onto the stool in the kitchen so I was eye level with him.

"I made your favorite for dinner tonight." I told him, hoping that it hadn't been a hard day. If it was, then-

"*Smack* don't you know how to shuddup?" Ow. Yep, it was a hard day. I'm used to this type of treatment, as hard days happen a lot.

"Ow! Sonic, I'm going to work in the garage for a while okay?" I told him, rubbing my eye where I'd been hit. Sonic only grunted in response, as he'd turned on the TV. I sighed and wondered if it would ever be happy and fun to be with him ever again. Like when I was little. We used to be gone for weeks on end, spending our nights where we happened to be at when it got dark.

"HEY, TAILS! WHERE'S MY PHONE?!?!?" The yell from the den got my attention. I yelled back,

"TRY YOUR PoCKET!" Darn. There it goes again. I have to face the fact that I'm not gonna look or sound cute forever, but I don't like it when my voice cracks.

My name is Miles Prower. Scratch that, I'm Tails. Tails Prower. I live with Sonic The Hedgehog. I'm fourteen years old, and I'm left at home all day by myself all the time, and the time when Sonic is home, he's either asleep or bossing me around. If I don't do what I'm told-

"*Whack* Snap out of it, and find my phone darn it! I'm expecting a call from Shads!" Owch! That really hurt. I think he just hit me with the TV remote. I cautiously reach a hand up to my face. I look at my glove and it's no longer white, now smeared with red. I almost scream. But I know that Sonic doesn't like it when I scream, and I don't wanna be hit again. I instead look up at him helplessly and hope that he feels sympathy.

"Wow… that looks painful. I can find the phone myself, just don't bug me!" It sort of worked. As I head into the bathroom to wash the cuts on my head, I wonder how on earth a remote could've hurt me that badly. I then realize that was no remote.

"How could he? My big brother, hit me with his own claws?" Yeah, hedgehogs have claws in our world. And yeah, Sonic hit me with his. At least it can't get any worse, right? He made me bleed, he can't do much else!

Okay, so I was wrong. Now I'm out in the garage for the night. I chose to come out here. Sonic invited Shadow and Knuckles over to our house today, and immediately, Knuckles asked about the bandages on my head. When I told him that Sonic had scratched me with his claws, he started yelling at the blue hedgehog about child abuse and other stuff. He said some things that Sonic would never let me say.

Shadow bent down to have a look, saying that he could give a "professional opinion". I wondered if he was drunk. Shadow's decision was that "He'll live through it, so let's go watch TV." Nice guy, Shadow. Knuckles looked like he was gonna kill Sonic, but then he backed off and turned to me again.

"Tails, why do you still live with Sonic? He treats you like a rat! Why don't you stay with me? I'll make sure he doesn't hurt you." I shook my head. I know for a fact that Knuckles doesn't have anything that I could use as a workshop/lab area on his island. OOWWW!! Shaking my head was a bad idea. I got dizzy and fell backwards. I didn't see or feel Shadow catch me; I just heard his voice close to my left ear.

"Ohh… Did I do that?" I pretended to be knocked out, wondering what they would do.

"Alright you guys, he's knocked out. Put him in bed, and leave him alone!" I heard Knuckles trying to get ideas out of the hedgehogs' heads. But that just put worse ones in.

"Yes, Shadow, let's put Miles to bed." Grr… It's Tails! I was handed from Shadow's strong arms to Sonic's oily-smelling grasp. I tried to stay limp and harmless. I heard Sonic snicker, then… I don't even wanna remember.

I dream about when Sonic was fun. I've never done a wrong, but he hurts me anyway. I bite back hard on my anger; I can't let any of this feeling show through. My one true dream is vengeance, but I can't, he'd kill me.

No one knows what it's like to be hated, to be fated, to telling lonely lies…

I hear the song that recently has become my theme playing on the old radio in my shop. I walk into the lab area and stare at a shelf of chemicals marked "untested" I take a vial of some glowing neon pink stuff and feel it in my hand. Sonic won't buy me any feeder mice to test these on.

My Love is vengeance that's never free…

An idea so evil that it would probably scare even Dr. Eggman flashes into my mind. I grin evilly, no longer Tails Prower, innocent punching bag for Sonic The Hedgehog. I'm now Tails Prower, the scientist with revenge in mind.

"Prepare for Tails' Revenge, Sonic The Hedgehog."