I originally wrote this on a different website, but my friend told me to post it so here it is! Edited slightly, with more days in between

Warning: major randomness revolving around Larxene and Marluxia... and Axel xDD

Name: Xanze (supposed to be pronounced Zahn-Zay, but if you want to pronounce her name differently be my guest.)
Nickname: Scout
Looks: Slightly shorter than Larxene, short black hair tied back in a ponytail, two streaks of gray, golden eyes, cloak (Orgy Uniform lol)
Occupation: Nobody, number 0 in the organization, explosives expert
Limit Break: Rocket Launcher/Bazooka thingy
Element: Reverse (changing colors to negative, making someone see things opposite [like they're looking in a mirror], defying gravity, etc)
Controls: The Scouting Nobodies
Title: "The Break Loose Scout"
Personality: Usually Sarcastic, but knows when to be open and is not afraid to speak her opinion. Loves to make jokes, mostly wise cracks, and can pull a clean prank. She tends to help out people with their problems, but only if she feels she should intervene. Her favorite thing is to face-palm (slapping her hand over her face or against her forehead)
Relationships: Can get along with the other members very well. Close friends with Demyx. Is the only member Saix doesn't snap at on a normal occasion. Tends to treat Zexion like a child. Shoots Xigbar a glare every time he turns his back to her-which he always does. No one seems to know why.
Weapon: A mint green colored arrowgun that looks more like a sniper rifle, named Carron.
Profile: A sarcastic yet caring Nobody with the ability to reverse almost anything in her favor, she lacks the desire for a "heart" and her true reasons for joining the Organization are unclear.

Chapter 1: Before you Close Your World that never Was

Journal Entry number… Something. I've lost count by now.
Topic regarding the newest arrival of Roxas and Xion; I'm going to rant for no apparent reason. I don't write in this thing much.

They call me The Break Loose Scout. Xemnas says its means "The Exploding Scout" because of my fondness for explosive things.

Ever since I joined the Organization 5 years ago, my number has been 0. Just 0. And suddenly now I'm the undecided 15th member, all thanks to Xion. She pops up right behind Roxas, and now I'm 15! I've been here longer!

I chose zero. I didn't want what Xemnas wanted. I didn't want what the rest of the organization wanted. I just wanted to go on being a nobody. I can't even remember how I Never Came to Be, technically speaking.

Everyone calls me Scout. Xanze is my real Nobody name.

My somebody... I don't know where she is. Possibly dead. Possibly not. But I still have most of her memories. It kinda sucks, too. After all, Somebody lost her father for the five years before I Never Came to Be… making it a total of fifteen years without him.

She probably still hasn't found him... I hope she doesn't. With good reason, of course.

I, like most of the Organization, act off my human memories. But we don't actually feel anything. Demyx can be carefree, Xaldin can show his fun side, Vexen his indifferent mood, and Larxene can switch from happy to pissy in a matter of milliseconds.

And if there's anyone I could possibly show any more hatred-seeing as I can't feel anything-for, it's that damned Xigbar. Not only does he remind me of someone from my memories, he tends to act like him to.

Well, only when he isn't around me.

The first day I was introduced to Organization VIII, he takes one look at me and turns to face the opposite direction. What was his problem? He just walked away.

Xemnas remarked to me, "Hm... He's usually not like this..."

That was five years ago. Sometimes we talk, but really only at meetings. I've adapted to his cold-shoulder attitude towards me. I don't need him. I have plenty of friends. Like Demyx and Zexion. I think he doesn't like the fact I'm his female look-and-act-alike. We even have the same weapons!

"Hey, Scout!" Axel called through my room door, "Dinner's ready! Hurry up or you'll miss out!"
"Alright!" I replied to match the volume of his tone, and cast my golden eyes up from my journal and onto the door. Axel's footsteps suddenly faded with the silence.
I briskly focused my attention back on the once blank pages of my notebook. The pen pressed against the lines again.

We are now Organization 13, and there are 15 of us.

Days before Xion joined the Organization, and the day we first got Roxas…

Today was an absolute bore. Missions, missions, and more missions. As usual… We got our new member, Roxas, but he's a brain dead zombie. Axel was forced to take care of him, but I honestly think he's going to be a very bad influence on the kid.

More so than Luxord when he got drunk at 3 in the afternoon.

Silence was silver, and Marluxia bashing was golden. "YAWN!" Axel reclined and threw his arms over the head of the sofa, his stomach growling ferociously.

"Feed me, Axel, Feed me!" Marluxia taunted from the couch opposite him.

"Shut up Pinky Princess Fairy before I feed it you!"

I was sitting next to Demyx who was plucking at his Sitar. He missed a note and the screech was so sudden I yelped and sprang up, latching my feet onto the ceiling. "Sorry!" He groaned and hit his head into the table, "I'm so hungry! When's Saix coming back with the food?"

Vexen sniggered from nearby and leaned one arm on Zexion's head-who was didn't stray his eyes from his reading. "Hey, Zexion, do you think we should tell him the story? You know... The story?"

Demyx glanced up, "W-What story?"

Zexion's body faded-a mere illusion-and Vexen fell forward onto the couch. The Cloaked Schemer appeared from the doorway, "No, we are NOT sharing with him that stupid tale Xigbar used to tell me just to get me to wet my bed when I FINALLY fell asleep as kid!"

The Melodious Nocturne shrunk into his seat, "No, I can handle it!"

Vexen grinned as he gathered himself, "Oh really now?"

Zexion plopped down and flipped open Lexicon, "I don't think you can. Come on, Vexen, lay off him. You know Xigbar tells it better than you do, and even then I find it hard to sleep!" He shuddered, "That's saying a lot..."

Demyx held Arpeggio tighter, "Wh...What's the story?"

The Chilly Academic grinned and leaned forward, "Did you ever hear of the Boy who Cried Wolf?" An arrow whizzed past Vexen's face and he jumped back as it hit the wall, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?"

"Stop being an idiot!" Xigbar barked from across the room as he sat down beside Axel, lowering Sharpshooter to the floor, "Tell him the real story! The one of Black Christmas!"

"I was getting to it!" The scientist snapped back and made himself comfortable again, "Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted-!"

"No thanks necessary!"

"-I'll tell you about Black Christmas."

Demyx bit his lip. The anticipation was obviously killing him. Vexen cleared his throat and continued, "Now, there was a mean woman who acted much like Larxene on PMS..." He was so lucky she wasn't currently in the room, "...and she hated her husband. Her husband, though, was a great man. He was very noble. She also hated her son-mainly because he was born with a rare liver disease that turned his skin yellow, but also because he reminded her of her husband."

He stood and moved to sit down next to the Sitarist, "So, one Christmas evening, when the little boy was five years old, his father told him to go to his room so he could 'talk' with the mother," he quoted with his fingers, "and while he was upstairs, the mother's new husband busted in. Together they killed the father and buried his body underneath the house!" Demyx swallowed the lump in his throat and Vexen grinned, "They heard a sharp crack and looked over to see the young boy! He had been spying on them!"

He jumped up, "Now, the boy was so scared he ran up into attic! The mother followed and slammed the door closed, shutting the pad lock! So, for more than ten years the boy was forced to live up there. One day, his mother and the new father had a daughter named Agnes. Agnes was the mother's perfect little angel, but... It was actually the boy's child AND sister! So, one Christmas, when Agnes was still young, they were opening presents. There was thump from upstairs-for the boy had figured out how to escape-and she asked, 'Is that Santa?' The mother replied sharply, 'There's nothing up there!' and realized how disappointed her daughter was. So, she tried to change the subject. With the new father sleeping on the couch, the mother heard the phone ring and went to answer it."

Demyx was biting on his thumb nail now.

"Agnes, meanwhile, stood up and peered through the tree. There was an eye staring through the bristles, watching her... So, when the mother answered the phone she heard a familiar voice say, 'She's MY family now...' and dropped the phone. 'Agnes!' She cried and rushed back inside. The girl was gone, and the new father got up, heeding his wife's insanity. They ran around, desperately trying to find her. Suddenly, Agnes screamed!"

"AAAAH!" Came Xigbar.

"AAAAH!" Demyx screamed in union with The Freeshooter, who now had a smirk dancing on his lips. I shot an arrow at his feet and he glowered back up at me. Axel and Marluxia were practically on the floor, hysterical.

Vexen held back a laugh and continued when the duo had regained control of themselves, "They ran back into the room and found the boy on his sister. She was screaming with agony, barely able to take a breath. He stood and faced his mother and step father, holding a right eye in his grasp!" He held out his fist in Dem's face, "And guess what? He popped that thing like a grape!"

"He ate her eye?" Demyx exclaimed as more of a fact than a question.

Vexen nodded slowly, "And the dad tried to attack him. The boy grabbed a glass unicorn head that was on the table and stabbed it through the step-father's eye, impaling it right out the back of his head! He then caught the mother..." He stood and moved behind the couch, "And slid a plastic bag over her head!" He wrapped his arm around the Nocturne's neck and held him in a headlock, "And once he was sure she was nice and unresponsive, but not dead, he dragged her body into the kitchen! He had gone completely crazy!" Vexen released his grip and leaned over the couch, "He then proceeded to bash her skull in with a wooden roller! Crack! Crack! The blood was splattering everywhere!"

Demyx was quaking now, "OK, I get it! Can you just say the end already?"

"But I haven't gotten to the best part! He then pulled down her shirt so her back was bare," He unzipped his coat a little to reveal the pale skin beneath, "And swapped the murder weapon for the cookie cutter in the shape of an angel! Guess what he did with that?"

"Made cookies out of her flesh!" Xigbar announced and pretended to slit his throat with his finger. I rolled my eyes.

"When the police arrived, they managed to find Agnes, still alive of course," Vexen's smirk was so broad it was scary, "But she had lost her right eye. And the cops found the boy sitting at the table, eating the cookies that were made out of his mother's flesh... WITH A GLASS OF MILK!" Demyx choked down another scream, "They locked him away in the Asylum for years...! But he got away. And you'll never guess what happened after that-"

I dropped from the ceiling and nailed Vexen into the floor, "That's enough! The kid's about to wet himself!"

Demyx cradled his legs against his chest, rocking back and forth with his face buried in his knees. "I... Don't think I'm hungry anymore!"

"Nice going, guys!" I snarled and let the platinum blonde scientist sit up and rub at the life-sized bump on his head. Xigbar started howling with laughter and pounded his fist into the couch arm.

Zexion sighed. "And that's why I avoided story time as a kid..."

Roxas entered the room a moment later, his consciousness still dead to the world. Axel shot up, "Oi, I thought you were sleeping?"

Xaldin appeared right after the statement, his expression caught between blank and unreadable, "He was. I caught this little guy wandering around." Roxas tried to mutter something under his breath but his words were slurred.

Axel hung his head, "Kids... Roxas, come here! Come sit next to me!"

Roxas made his way over, still lagging. "Hun... Un... gr... gry... Ung... Hu... gry..." I almost felt sorry for the kid. Axel got up and encouraged him to sit, which he did. Xaldin took his seat next to Marluxia.

"Ugh, the kid's hungry too..." The Flurry of Dancing Flames plopped back down next to Roxas and let his head fall back, "What's my name?"

Roxas didn't respond for a moment. "A...Ax..."

"Axel! A-X-E-L! Got it memorized?" The Red Head recited his favorite motto with little enthusiasm. After all, we were hungry.

"T..." Roxas could only repeat what came to his mind, "Tart...Muffin."

Everyone froze. Except Xigbar. He just crumpled on the floor with tears leaking from his eyes. It was too damned funny! Well, for him at least. "Tart muffin..." The Key of Destiny said again, his tone flat.

I slapped my hand over my face.

Saix then entered the room, cold and demeaning as usual, "Dinner is ready. Larxene will not be joining us because a certain comment said by a certain Nobody has left her self conscious of her appearance. I should warn that person, though, that..." He glanced around, "Hm, seems Luxord isn't here. Perhaps she's trying to kill him already..."

Axel barked a laugh, "Ha! Serves him right for getting drunk on missions!"

"Says the Tart Muffin who takes bubble baths!" Marluxia quipped, and ducked as a fireball rocketed over his head and charred the wall.

"Shut up! Bubbles sooth my muscles, alright?"

Roxas was repeating the phrase Tart muffin to himself and Saix quirked an eyebrow. "I'm surrounded by idiots..."

He turned and strode out the door.

That same night, Demyx had to sleep next to me because he was too afraid to even think of the lights being off.