After the emotional break down I went through, everything seemed to be fine. Miles and I were a cuple, Larry and Mile became friends, my doors stopped flying open like every FUCKIN day. Dick is just…well…he is just Dikc no words can really explain it.

Larry and Miles both had bithday palns for me


I rooled over in bed and hit my alarm.

"Damn, August 21 already…well I have a big day ahead of me, gotta get up then" I said getting up

I walked into my kitchen and got some coffee, and eat some fruit. I looked over at the time and it was only 8:19 in the morning. Miles and Larry we'rnt coming until 11:30 A.M. I went for a run like usual. L.A. in the morning is kinda nice, not to many people out…not a lot of cars. You do tend tostill have those bums that run after you and try to steal your money…and that's why I run and not walk.

By the time I got back to my appartment it was 9:15, I started to get ready, I hopped in a shower and started to hum.

*We are family…humm humm hummmm hum hum* I started to sing


The sudden bam, It kinda sounded like my front door… I listened closely but didn't hear anything so I went back to singing in the shower.

*Ahhh be my booty call, my bootycall…laa lllaaaa laa lalala And shake it like its chocolate milk-* singing rediculus songs

I then thought I heard foot steps in my apartment. I again listend.


By that time I knew it was all in my head, ok on to the next song…

*Yooooou crank that so-* still singing in the shower

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Miles and Larry both yelled together


Suddenly by the surprise I stepped backward and stepped on my bar of soap and sliped right out of my shower on to the floor right in frount of both of them. One: I was glad I landed on my stomack so my dick was not shown off the everyone. Two: it hurt like a fuck landing on my dick…..ow

"Whoa man chill out! HAHAHAHA Just kidding man what the hell are you doing on the floor?" Larry and his smary ass comments

"Heey cute ass Wright" At least miles voice made me feel some what better

Dear lord, out all the people I have to love and be friends with, it had to be these two…LUCK FICKING ME!

"Can I just ask what time is it?" I was scared to ask

"Well I could tell you hun, but umm…you could get mad…" miles reponded

"Well if you must no Phoenix its 10 in the morning, and we are ready to go but it loks like you feel like dicking around and need to get off the floor and get ready for yooooooooour big day that just awaits you!" Larry needs to learn when to shut the hell up

"Larry…get…the…HELL…OUT OF MY BATHROOM!" I yealled

"Oh I see how it is, HE can stay but I cant…your sick man…really sick"

"Larry just leave…" miles added in hi beautiful voice

"Alright alright but just so you know-"


Ok so Miles and I had some time alone in the bathroom, well he had to help me finish my shower. I got up off the floor but then I relized I left the soap on the floor. I bent over to get it..and that's when it happened. GOD I swear the way he move, rubs on my body, kisses my neck, putts it in. I go into a trip man. I want to curl my toes and bite my lip. I turned around, finished undressing Miles and pushed him into my shower with me. Dispite everything else, my Birthday moaning was great.

After we got out of the shower, we both got dressed and had to fix our hair. Soon after that, we all got into Miles red sports car that I love so mch. They still never told me where we were going.

*Its sumthin about the sunshine baby, see you in whole new light, Dum de de de dad a ohhh its alriiiiight!* we all sang

"So are you excited about where we are taking you huh Phoenix? Are ya? Are ya are ya are ya?!" Larry asked

"Whoa chill out Larry, how can he be excited if he doesn't even know where we are going?" miles scolded

"Where are we going? Are we close to being there?" I began to ask all concerned

"Yeah just five more minutes…"

We all started to sing again, and then I saw it…all the stars on the ground, limos, crazy stores, we were in HollyWood. I love HollyWood and I was in shock that we even came here for my birthday.


"Larry! Calm down son! We had a deal you could come as long as you chill out!" miles once again scolded him

"Opp sorry man total sliped my hair hahaha itas all food" larry was tryig to calm down

"You mean sliped my mind not hair….you know why do I even bother? And yes I am happy just to answer your question. Is this all we are going to be doing?" I was beginning to get snippy with Larry

"No, but for the day yes." Miles told me

Hours of shopping, trying on clothes, miles buying me anything I want, watching Larry get his Ass beat my a hobo. God my day couldn't get any better.


"Wow that made the rest of my day hahahah what about you huh Wright." Miles….gawd I love him

We walked the walk of stars and got many picture, funny pictures, nice pictures, scary pictures, and much more. I coulnt help but to think about what we were going to do that night…would we go to a bar, nice resterant, movie, concert…I had no idead.

"OMG! Is that LadyGaga?!" and there he goes again…damn larry

We all looked, the short colorful hair, weird outfit, and then…she turned around…HOLY SHIT FRANSHESKA!EVERYBODY EVACUATE L.A. WE HAD AN INFECTUS DISEASE! SAVE YOUR SHELVES.

"LADYGAGA WHEAR?' francheska turned around

"OH SHIT MAN…..RUN" Miles yelled


We all laughed and had a god time. It was getting late and closer to the second part of my day, I was excited even though I had no idea what we were dong.

"Ok can you please tell me where we are going" I really wanted to knoe now

"Why would we do that Wright? HUH HUH HUH WHY" and hes is obnoxshus

"Because I have no Idea where we are in Hollywood, its my birthday, its getting late, and I really just want to know where we are going!" now im pissded

"Calm down babe we are almost there, now just shut up and lay down in the back seat until we get there ok, I will put a new cd on just for you" Miles voice is so calming….he is so cool

At times I wonder how he can just tell me what to do and I just don't say word. I Do as he says…what the hell man. I did just what he said, I closed my eyes, laid down and just listened to cascada. It only took us like 5 to ten more minutes to get there all though it seemed like a life time. I didn't want to get up just yet as we drove into a parking lot, but I could hear the beat of loud ass music. There were a lot of people and cool flashy light that Larry would not shut up about sense we were down the street.


"Larry shut the hell up dear god that's all you have been talking about for the past 5 fooking minutes" what do I have to do to shut him up gawd of all shit please help me down here

"Well sooooorrrrry birthday ass hole! I am just trying to have fun!"

"Will you both knock it off! Both of you need to pull the sticks out of your asses and move on. We are here an I don't want to hear any fighting between you got it!" Miles yelled at bth of usS

We both just looked at each other, agreed to just have fun and got out of the car. We were a huge parking garage, but for some reason I could figure out where we were. Miles does not like bars…all thought that one night for some reason he was really drunk, and larry claims to be to scared to drink, eventhough him and I went to that bar the other week and got drunk, so where could we be?

As we were walking through the parking garage, I kept checking my watch, trying to rack my brain to think about what we possible could be doing at 7:23pm in LA for my birthday that all of us would enjoy doing with out breaking eachothers necks….mostly I mean Larrys. HOLY SHIT I KNOW WHERE WE ARE!

"Miles, were not at Univeral are we?"

"WAY TO GO WRIGHT! HOW DID YOU KNOW?! Was it the bright lights, people screaming, the money-" Larry babbled

"Well honestly, LARRY, it was the coke can you are carrying for you to get a discount ticket" I was still irritated at him but I promised my man I would behave, plus if it wasn't for him, I would have to carry my own coke can to get it. Lets be honest…I cant afford shit!

"Well how do you like it Wright? Did I do good for your birthday surprise I know you have been so excited about? Miles asked as giving me slow kisses

We all had a blast for the short time we were there, not like there is a lot there, just a lot of walking. We went on the tram ride, Larry got scared of psycho. We went and saw the 3D show, larry got scared. We rode Jurrasic park, Larry got scared. We went on mummy, I got scared…then threw up. Miles and I Bet larry he could run up all the step to the top level of the park before we got there on the moving staires. Larry did it…We thought larry died to be honest, he kinda just stopped talking and layed on the floor.

We left after that and thankfully larry just slept in the car on the way home.

"Do you think he is going to be ok? He hasn't really been himself since the staires" Well there I go getting all concerned

"He should be fine, hes eating and drinking, no reason to put him down yet" I love how miles can try and make a joke, but it always seems to be at the wrong time for me

"Miles im serious, Im not even sure he is breathing"

"Poke him with the selfie stick"

Well there I go now poking me maybe deads friend body with a damn stick, ummm he didn't budge

"Miles he isn't moving, we need to take him to the hospital"

"No he is fine, we will take him back to your place and he can sleep next to you so you can monitor him all night and see that he will be fine"

"Edgeworth, take him to a damn hospital im not kidding"

He rolled his eys, illegally flew accrost all the lanes to get off the exit to go to the ER. We carry him in there and got him checked in to a room. The nurse told us to wait out here until the got him conscious.

"Wait you wont want him conscious!" Miles yeled down the hallagian making innappropiate jokes

"What did we do wrong? It was an innocent joke Miles..I didn't think It would be this big of a deal, I KILLED LARRY!"

"Wright, calm down the nurses are walking over here right now, probably to tell us he is fine and just dehydrated"

As that was happening I recived a text from Maya wishing me a happy birthday, well I figured I had to call and tell her where we were and walked off with the nurses and I Stepped outside to make my call.

"Hey Phoenix, so how was everything today? Was Larry calm?"

"Maya, larry is in the hospital…"

"….what? from what" Maya was scared, I could tell

I procceded to tell her about everything and she started to cry, I kep telling her that he was fine now, miles was taken back to the room with him but she wouldn't stop and I couldn't understand why.

"Maya, calm down its ok, if anything I should be crying, I almost killed larry!"

"No phoenic, I almost KILLED LARRY"

I wasn't sure what to say…she wasn't there…what the fuck is she talking about..then I think back…

"Maya why would you ask if larry was calm today?"

"Phoenix I don't want to back to jail…that was so scarry and you had the blow up in the court room…I don't want to go back to that!"

"Maya you need to calm down and tell me what you did"

"Well…Larry was telling me all about the plans for your day a couple of days ago…and he mentioned how he didn't want to get on everyones nerves and wanted it to be special for you….Phoenix I cant tell you, your are goung to get mad at me"

"Tel em now!"

"I found ADHD medication aroung in my house and I told him to take one in the morning, it should help. I know it used to help ne..but I was young and I told him that he should take it when hes feeling hyper or something becaue that's how I got it in the first place I think"

I hung up on her and ran in the room where he was, but of course the doctors were questioning everyone about my Larry OD on medication that he carried in a bag that he had no record for.

"I need to get in there and talk to my friend" I told the doctor

"Not until you answer some questions sonny"

"I don't know about the pills!" oooooh shit…..what did I just do

"Phoenix…how did you know about the pills" Larry asked looking to me all disappointed

"Sir he didn't know about the pills all day I swear"

"Then how did he know now?"

"That part I cant answer"

"I texted him while he was on the phone that, that's what the nurses told me when I walked in" Miles jumped in before anyone got arrested

The doctors finally let me in and left us all alone. I was so mad and relived at the same time, why would he do this, but wow he did this for me, bu What the hell was maya thinking? Larry told us everything that had happened and he was sorry, well hugged and laughed about stupid shit through the day that larry did.

"Guys I want to say thanks for such a KILLER birthday!" I started busting up laughing so hard but once I looked at Larry and Miles…I realized I had made and innapropriate joke…

"Ah shit guys lighten up, just becayse your dying doent meaking not my birthday!"

"Actually Wright, its 1:52 am, its not your birthday…" Miles had to point it out to me…

We were released from the ER a couple hours later, and all I could think about was how happy I was that I got to spend the birthday with thses two shitheads, but Maya, she has a whole new can of woopass coming her way….

Yeah guess what…ITS to be Fucking continued!