One of my favorite times of year, winter!
Everything is so soft looking, clean, pretty. The air is crisp, everything is frosted, and cuddling is a must. I don't know anyone who could hate the winter.

"I fucking hate the cold" miles began the bitching being the debby downer he is best at being

"Miles I don't understand why, it's the best time of year! Hot cocoa, lights, Christmas, new years kiss" I said as I leand in for a kiss…

" No, its just an excuse. You waste money on people you feel obligated to buy shit for, for no reason. The electric companies love the fact that people feel the need to waste electricity, the ground is slick, hot cocoa prices are increased, and my weiner is always smaller than normal because my suit is too thin for the fucking wind chill!"

Of course he rejected my kiss and continued to be the fucking Grinch before Christmas….

" Miles, little wennies are nothing to be ashamed of! Phoenix isn't embarrassed of his, Right Wright?" Larry said with his typical over excited annoying voice of his…

Why do I hang out with larry?

" Larry… my dick isn't small…. And even IF it was…WHY WOULD YOU KNOW?" I couldn't be more frustrated with him, who does he think he is talking about my penis like its his property

" And thee yelling begins" Miles begin the attitude and eye roll.

He acts like it is my fault that I yell at Larry. Its not! Larry is a dumb ass and needs his mouth closed with a muzzle sometimes.

" All im saying is, love eachothr for the motion in the ocean, not the bees between the knees. Miles you shouldn't be a though, you and Phoenix are taking your trip tomorroe which will be relaxing and romantic!"

" Ye and its going to just be you and I (I grab Miles's hand) I also have a surprise for you"

" yes so fun, being stuck in a cabin surrounded by snow…Lets just finish packing and going ovr the house rules with Larry so we can get a good nights rest please. I want to just get this get away over with" miles expressed his hatred even more..

No surprise there though, Yea I wish he would be more open to the snow, but I think after he sees where we are staying and the adventure I have planned, he will lighten up! He is so focused on work, and after the new year he has to travel to England for shit, I just want to make sure he knows how much I love him and spend as much one on one time as I can.

The rest of the night We both packed and went over and over and over the rules with Larry. I wish he would pay the fuck attention so the house care part would have been 2 minutes not 42 fucking wasted minutes. Im still sure he is going to mess up, that's why I secretly have Maya scheduled an hour after larry is here to make sure the apprtment is in tip top shape.

1:27 am…

" Phoenix…are you awake" miles whispers



I nearly jumped 10 feet out of bed

" GEEZ WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!" my heart now racing has fast as a cat jumping out of the wet

" Can we reschedule this trip until about may? And maybe make it In wine country?" miles twiddled his thumbes as he looked down at the bed

" This is why you woke me up? To puss out of our trip I have been planning since august for us? You sir have some god damn nerves" I adore my sleep. Wy wold he think its ok to wake me from my fucking slumbeer

6:19 am…

As unhappy as miles was, we both got to the airport and boarded the plane to leave for the rockies. Miles tried to switch the flight several times since we got to the airport, even ried to sell our tickest to someone else. I thought it was nice though that this time I wasn't looking up at the sky wondering which plane miles was on, I wasn't sitting at home wondering if he was really going to come back, I lost him once and I wasn't about to have my heart broken again. No one needs to relive the court room incident….


"OK well umm….ummm. are we all ready to start?" Judge asked

"Yes judge, I am." Miles replied calmly

God every word they said sounded like they were yelling in my ear.

"Umm yeah sir, we need this show to roll on and stuff." It was hard to talk

As Miles presented his case, all I could think was…


"WHY! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME MIIILES HUH?" I couldn't control my emotions

I cut him off and everyone was silenced

"Mr. Wright! Well I never-" The judge snapped


Our flight wasn't that long, felt like it went by really quick, and it was very smooth, no turbulence, thank god! Once we got off the plane and went down to grab our luggage it only took Miles about 3 mminutes to began complaining.

Who is driving? Phoenix cant drive! Do you have to fork out more money for a Taxi? Taxi's are dirty! We all know Phoenix doesn't have the money for a fucking urber! Its cold! My dick is small! Blah blah blah
I just ignored him as we waked out of the airport, as we stood out on the curb he just kept bitching about the snow, its cold, someone is going to fall, why are we waiting? Why wasn't there a taxi? Who is the big shot who is getting picked up in a limo? Wht a show off

Little did he realize that the limo was for us!

" I am lookin for a MR. Wright…" the limo drive said looking us over

I looked over at Miles and he just shur up as quick as he could. I greeted the limo driver and he opened the door for us and took care of our luggage. Miles sat inside the limo and just could cloe his jaw, He was in too much shock. Trust me This was hard to pay for but it was worth it

" Is this the surprise? A limo ride?" could miles have said that with anny more disappointment

" It is part of the surpisse, also we have the limo for the whole trip! Champagne?" I was trying to keep a smile on my fce

Miles and I shared the champagne as we drove up into the mountains to our cabin, The drive was so beautiful. The trees were all white, there were twinkeling lights one ever building we passed, it was a small town but had everything needed. As we kept passing all the small cabins, I could tell Miles was a little bit confused. Where were we going? The Cabins are getting bigger which means more expensive? How was all this being paid for? As we approached our stop, Miles was wide eye…

"Your destination MR. Wright" the limo driver said while pulling around the driveway

We got out and grabbed our luggage. Our cabin looked like something out of a magazine, big, beautiful, pool, hot tub, Fireplace, open bar, perfect view of the mountains. Couldn't have asked for a better place to be residing in.
We settled into the master bedroom which was covered in rose petals and had wine and candels waiting for us. The master bath was huge, about the size of my apartment alone. As Miles looked around the Cabin, I drew us a bath, added some rose petals in, poured the wine and undressed and jumped into the robe.

" Oh Miles…Your bath awaits you" How can he resist me, im pretty seductive

" How is this happening? How are you paying this? Are you gay for pay?"

" NO I AM NOT GAY FOR PAY" can miles just shut his face whoel for one minute and just enjoy the good life

" But you are gay….and now yelling more…" there it is. He is being cocky again

" I AM NOT YEL…Oh wait…OK so I did yell.. Doesn't make me gay for yelling Miles" I rolled my eyes

" Sucking my Dick makes you gay though" He says with a cocky smile…

"Yeah..Your little dick was it?" I giggled

At the moment I got the look of death….

" uhhhhh… I mean you have a preety penis…Miles? Miles? Our bath is ready…"

"….Fuck…You" He glaed

After begging and pleading my case to miles about how much I love his not so little dick, he eventually got into the steamy tub with me. As I laid back into his chest, looking out the window in out bathroom, the sky was so clear and full of stars, all I could think about was how much I loved Miles and this weekend had to be perfect. We sipped our wine, massaged eachother in the tub, talked about work, talked about memories, and our future. I wanted to stop time, wanted to stay in this moment longer.

1:07 am…

" Oh god Miles we have to go to bed, I have the day planned out for us tomorrow"

" Why is it we can never do anything without you have a set plan about what we are doing?"

" Miles you know that is ot true, If anything you are the one who overly plans everything…." Always has to argure with me doesn't he? Like a typical women

We didn't get anywhere with that argument, both being lawyers and all, we had enough evience to prove we are both typical gays who like to go above and beyond with pointless shit. And yes this trip I have over planned but ita all for a reason, and if everything isn't perfect, then its not worth it all.

9:12 am….

" Good morning Mr. Edgeworth, I hope you like breakfast in bed"
I leaned in and gave him a kiss as he was waking from his slumber

Miles slowly was waking up, looked at me, looked outside, looked at his breakfast…but no real reaction…I was really confused. I brought mimosas, French toast with fresh barriers, bacon, and eggs sunny side up. He slid up in bed as I put the tray down on the bed and crawled up next to him.

" How did you sleep?"

(No response)

" Is everything ok? Do you not like your breakfast?" I continues

Im getting nervous waiting for him to say something other than just staring at the food with a blank stare…I cant start the day off like this…this is according to plan…

" Miles…I don't know what is going on in that head of yours…you need to talk to me if something is wrong…" well now this is worrying me, this isn't according to plan

" Phoenix…This is nice…"

What the fuck does that mean? Nice? That's what I get is nice!

"That's it? Nice?" I couldn't be more confused

" Wright, its more than nice, this is amazing..look outside..Fresh powder, look where we are staying…breakfast in bed, but most importantly look who I am with…a wonderful man who thought of all of this for me. I just am speechless…that and I just woke the fuck up and it taks me awhile to come together" he sounded super groggy

Sure enough we smiled, kissed, and shared our breakfast in bed while talking about nonsense. After we ate, we had to get ready to go, we were spending the day exploring the small town and ending the night up in a lodge on the mountain, with soft lighting and some damn expensice wine prepaid.


" Man watching the house is so cool! Its awesome that they trust me so much, but I don't think they though this through too much, wha is someone decided to break in at night? Or while im not here to watch the place? No one thinks of that now a days, too much trust, so im gonna do them a favore and stay alllllll dya and night to make sure nothing happens. And at my house I have Dick watching it…I hope he is staying there all day too…what if he isn't…what if I go home and he isn't there? What if someone breaks in at my place? I NEED TO GO CHECK ON MY HOUSE!" Larry ran out as he yelled about his house

As Larry runs home, maya comes in and check on the house.

" Ok Peark, I don't think youre supposed to be here with me so please don't touch anything and just sit on the couch and do..nothing… do you understand?" Maya explains while trying ot sound mature

" If I cant do anything then why did you bring me? I don't want to just sit here, that's boring" pearl sounded annyoed


As myay goes throught the house, room by room pearl bounces her ball in the living room trying to keep her little self entertained.


" PEARL! What did I tell you? I asked you to sit and do nothing!" maya was screming

" I was just bouncing the ball and Picture frame fell off the wall" pearl just sat and looked at the floor knowing she was in troule

" That's not how it happened! There is a dirt mark on th wall right here!" Maya aways has to know better

As maya swong her arm to point to the wall she knocked over a book…that hit a vase and broke that too.

" Oh MY GOD! Pearl we need to clean this up and quicj!" maya just making the situation worse

" What am I supposd to do? My mom doesn't let me near broken glass"

" you are so useless…" Maya rolls her eyes

Maya began to searn the house for a brrom and dust pan.

" GOT THE BROOM" She yells from the other room

As maya came out of the kitchen running, the end of the room hit a shel and it came off the wall, breaking everything on it and leaving a hole in the wall. Maya screamed and tried to fix the shelf but as she did, she cut herself on a piece of boken glass on the floor.

" And this is why I am not allowed to clean up broken glass"
(Maya glared at her)

"But ummm are you ook?" Pearl was feeling awkaward

" Pearl we hve to get out of here, Ill tell phoenic later but I need to go get this looked at, what if I get an infection?" Maya is such a hypocrodiract

7:38 pm…

" Ok ok so I went ot my house and fell asleep, but everything should be fine here, it has only been a few house right? And we live in a realative nice place, so things should be ok." Larry prances up t the house

Larry opens the door and walks straight to the kitchen, disregareding all the the mess on the floor and begins to cook pizza rolls in the microwave. After they are finished, he again walks over all the broken glass and blood on the floor and sits on the couch and begans to eat.

"Its so tyrpical of them to have pizza rolls, I wonder if it's a gay thing? I mean tossed salad is a thing gays like, so maybe it's the same thing as pizza rolls…..something is different in the house…now that im thinking about it…something is off….OH MY GOD SOMEONE BROKE IN! What do I do? What do I do? Who do I call? Who am I gonna call? Ghostbusters? Do they work with this kids stuff? Im gonna call dick and ask if ghostbusters will help"

" Larry youre joking right? Ghostbusters dust work with blood and broke glass! They work with ectoplasmic goo and dead people…wait is there a dead body? Did you touch the "blood" and make sure its blood and not goo?" Dick began

"Oh am I supposed to do that? What happens if it is blood thoug? Do I still call ghostbusters?"

" No then you will be brought into the startion and questioned for tampering with evidence, and ghostbusters cant help you…but hay I can come by and check it out for you" dick continued


" Phoenix you have really outdone yourself this weekend, Everything has been beyond wonderful, and you have spoiled me so much. Walking through the town with you, and I love my new watch you bought me, its stunning, I am so lucky" miles gazes in my eyes, so much love

The waiter comes by and pours some more wine, we have a beautiful table near the big window looking out to the mountains, and suddenly the sno begins to fall, Miles is in awe with how magical this night seems. We enjoy an amazing lobster dinner, and gushed all trough dinner. I love this man, even with all that shit that has happened between us in the past, being a dick in court, always knowing more than me, acting like he is better than me, showing off his fancy car to me, leaving me, teasing me and then leaving me again, BUT that is what makes all this stronger to me, we made it though all that shit, and now we are here…this perfect lodge…with all these feelings…Its time…Once again the waiter comes by to offer the last glasses of wine

" Ill take a little, but you can top off his glass with the last bit of wine" I suggested miles have more wine

" Are you trying to get me drunk againg ? we don't need to relive the last time that happened." Miles giggled

" While he does that phoenix, I am going to use the restroms"

He would want to leave right now, the last bit of wine, its about to happen, and he has to use the restroom…well he should be back soon, he never takes long…he yells at me for being in there too long…

" Have you seen the restrooms here? The focets are all stone! Its fucking awesome! Oh sorry I didn't mean to shout but they are cool, we need to upgrade the bathroom at home" Its amazing how excited Miles seemed about a damn bathroom…people shit in there and he is excited about it

" Come Come sit please, its about to happen" I rushed

" What? Whats happening?" I could tell he was confused

As miles sits, I tell him to look out the window and with the beautiful falling snow, There is clear sky still here the snow clouds havnt reached yet and there it was…the sky full of shooting stars. They were having a metor shower tonight and we had the perfect view, to end the perfect day. Oh wait the wine…Miles picks up his glass to sip some wine, I look at him and watch close…


Miles brings the glasss down from his lips and looks in his glass…

" Phoenix…what…?" He looked at his glass and looked up at me

I get out of my chair and on my knee

" Miles Edgeworth, we have been to hell and back, we have had our rival period, you abonded me, you took advantage of my love, but it onlt made me love you more, call me stupid I don't care, but in the end, I won. I won because in all that, here you are, and you always have been and I knew in the end you would be mine, you came back into mylife after leaving me, and you came to me after my meltdown, and you havnt left again. You have made me a better lawyer with all your cockiness in the courts, made me a stronger person with the emotional rollercoaters you put me on, and a better lover, and that's why in this magical moment….I ask…Miles…Will you marry me? Marry me and make me the happiest man ever? Marry me and deal with all my useless yelling? And put up with all of Larry's bullshit with me? Because lord knows Im gonna kill him one day and I need a good laywer by my side" I began while trying not to cry

" Phoenix Wright…I didn't think you had it in you…but yes, I will marry you, and I am the one who is the luckiest…you did all this for me, after all I have done to you, and I don't deserve you, but yes"

Everyone around began to clap like that corny shit in romance movies, and the waiter brought us some cheesecake to help with our celebration, but the true celebration will happen when we get back to our cabin, alone, together…if you know what I mean


12:09 am…

" Larry I don't know what youre going to tell Wright and Edgeworth…You seriously messed up and they are coming home today. You have ruined the perfect weekend for them, what did they say when you called and told them there was a break in? ecause you called them right? And at least gave them a heads up to what they were coming home to?" Dick continued to rip on him



" Miss Maya, your hand seems to be ok…it stopped bleeding an hour ago while you were in the waiting room, but here is a bandaid…and a sticker for the little pearl" The dr talked to maya

" Thanks DR. blood just freaks me out…ok pearl so when Phoenix gets home tomorrow…today or what ever, I have to tell them what happened, I cant let Larry go down for this…they barely trusted him as it was! I mean crazy enough they trusted me more than him, and that never happens!"

10:52 am…

" Phoenix…what is going on in our home?" Miles said with concern

After a spectacular night, and a quick flight home, we walk to our door with caution tape in my door way, and my door cracked open. I see flashing from the living room as if there is a crime secen in my home…fucking shit…what happens when I leave to dick heads in charge! I would have had better luck with VonDitzTiz then the two I left in charge. WHAT IF ITS MAYA AND LARRYS BODY IN THERE? What if they caught eachother in the house and started a fight? As We walk in, taking down the caution tape, I see larry giving a statement and dick taking pictures while another cop Is taking glass samples with blood on it…

" Larry what the fuck! I leave you in charge and my house becomes a crime scence! What did you do?" What the fuck happened n my house

" Wow not even gonna ask if im ok? What if that was my blood? What if I was hurt?" Larry tryied to distract us from the real issue at hand

" Well are you? Is that your blood?" Miles was trying to be curtious

"Pause…Did you eat my Pizza rolls?" Here is the real problem at hand

" No but it would have been nice to have been asked…look I messed up and I was hoping this would all be cleaned up before you got home, but omeone broke in and someone got urt, but we cant find any blood trail…and WHY do you assume I ate your rolls? I don't even like pizza rolls right! Shame on you" Larry said making it obvious he ate my fucking food….

" is maya ok? Was she hurt?" Miles began to question

" I don't know why? Wh wold you ask that?"

I hesitated to answer and quickly grabbed my phone from my pocket and called maya.

" Phoenix, heeeeeeey…umm are you home? How was your weekend? Is larry o?" Mya was trying to act cute

" God doog youre ok! Wait why are you talking like that? WHY WOULD YOU ASK ABOUT LARRY?! Maya something happened at the hosue and there us blood? Did larry do something?" Im low key freaking out

" NO….I did…I brought pearl to the house and she broke your picture off your wall, and as I tried to clean it up, more things were getting broke an di got cut, and I went to the hospital and I just needed a bandain it turns out but you know how blood freaks me out… Im so sorry I didn't men to cause all this, I hope you forgive me…"

" Don't worry aout it. I mean damn it for breaking all our shit, but at least youre ok…now time to go mess with larry.." I have a plan with this investigation and I began to laugh