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I tried to keep my eyes open; fighting the fatigue and hardships of the day that threatened to engulf me as the train continued along its beaten path under the crowded city and its inhabitants. The train faired no better. It was filled to its capacity; every corner and crevice of the train seemed to be filled with a human being, whether they were in a suit, hospital scrubs or some other article of clothing that pertained to their jobs. But what could be expected during rush hour in New York City? Everyone just wants to get home and start their weekend; go home and relax or see their family and friends, start their life.

Not me. I get to go home to an empty brownstone in Park Slope since my roommate is out gallivanting somewhere with the latest object of her affection on her vacation. Not that I don't love Amelia, because I do. She is my best friend after all, and was nice enough to suggest that we share a place together. Apparently, according to Amelia's father, moving to New York City to start a prestigious job as a photographer for a classy magazine means you get to have your own brownstone. Needless to say, she was a miracle and the first day we met, I found a friend and confidant. But more importantly, a roommate.

I wish I had parents like that. In fact…I wish I just had parents. Not that I don't love Gran for taking my brother Jason and I in when our parents died at a young age. A girl just needs her mother at certain times in her life. Like when she gets her first boyfriend, and when she experiences her first break-up and everything that goes with it. I tried not to dwell on the past as I began to think about what articles needed to go to my editor come Monday morning. Being a journalist always had its perks, but working for Sophie Ann LeClerq proved to be difficult at times. She was great to work with. She always demanded excellence for her magazine, but at times she could be a bit much.

I sighed and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding when I heard the computerized-voice claim that my stop was next. I thanked every deity as soon as I realized that I would be scot-free in no time soon, because if I had to deal with the pervert that kept staring at me, I was going to burst. He even dared to wink at me as he kept holding onto the pole. It goes without saying that it was extremely gratifying to see him stumble a little and collide with the pole when the train jerked a little bit. I smiled as he tried to play it off before finally getting up from the seat that I occupied.

I inhaled the sunshine and Spring air as soon as I walked out of the train station and took in my neighborhood and the big green trees accompanied by the colorful flowers in the park. I loved where I lived. All the various cultures and stores that were mere feet away. According to some newspaper article that was published a few months ago, this was the best place to live, and I couldn't agree more as I waved to a few of my neighbors before finally walking onto the steps of my place.

I ransacked my huge purse before finally fishing out my keys and unlocking the door. As soon as the door opened I dropped everything and pulled off my wedges that my friend Tara disapproved of, since I was naturally quite tall, and went into the kitchen. I debated on whether or not I should strip myself of my summer dress, but was glad I didn't carry out the act as soon as I saw Amelia standing in the kitchen, looking through a pretty empty fridge.

"Hey!" I said in a high-pitched voice as I threw my sunglasses on the counter.

"Hey yourself. You look extra sexy today!"

"Thanks." I said with a laugh as I went to hug her. "What are you doing here? I thought I was supposed to pick you up from JFK tomorrow?"

"I took an earlier flight. I missed home."

"Right. Now, care to tell me what really happened?"

"Ugh…do you always have to be right?"

"Yes. Now give me the details." I said as I pulled her to the kitchen table and took a seat.

"Fine…I may have tired of Bob's affections a little bit sooner than I anticipated."

"And how did that go?"

"Surprisingly well. I meet this girl in one of the local spots…we exchanged numbers."

"I bet that wasn't the only thing you exchanged."

"Of course not. This is me we're talking about after all! And you know what they say…what happens in Miami…never happened!" she replied with a wicked glint in her eye.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind." I told her as we laughed a bit.

"As if you'd ever be as fun and fancy free as I am."

"Well…no but…just…hush."

"You so need to get laid."

"Thanks for the update Amelia."

"Oh come on Sookie! It's been how long? And you've only slept with one guy your entire life! That's not normal for a woman as pretty as you."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, but…Alcide and I were in a serious relationship and we just grew apart. Besides I don't even have time to date. You know how hard Sophie rides us."

"Oh I bet she wishes she were riding you!"

"Amelia! You know that's not going to happen!"

"And why is this? Remind me again."

"Well…for one, she's my boss, and two…as many times as you try and convince me…I just don't swing that way."

"Would it kill you to do some experimenting? Gosh, you didn't even do any in college!"

"Okay, we didn't even know each other in college; you just know about the experiences I told you."

"I highly doubt you were making out with girls and having one-night stands with strangers, like you were supposed to."

"Yeah, sorry…I was getting an education and sticking to sleeping with my boyfriend…I'm so boring, I know." I said; my voice weaved with thick sarcasm.

"Yeah you really are. But don't worry. I'm your roommate now."

"That's kind of frightening."

"Yeah, you should be worried…just a little."

"Noted. Now what did you get me from Miami? And did you take any pictures?"

"Another summer-dress, some pieces of jewelry that reminded me of you…and yes." She answered my questions in the order they were asked.

"Did you have a good time at least?"

"Yes. I always find a way to have a good time."

"Oh, I know." We smiled.

"But…you know…I DID buy you a summer-dress and some stuff so…the least you could do for little ole me is-"

"Out with it." I told her.

"If you loved me, and I mean really loved me-"

"Amelia. Spit it out."

"Mind making me some of your famous chicken parmesan?"

"No problem…no wait. Damn…I didn't go food shopping last week."

"I know. I was scavenging through the fridge and came up empty."


"It's okay. I just got here anyway. Let's go to the supermarket and get whatever we need."

"Alright. But once we get home I'm starting dinner and then crashing."

"Long week at work?"

"You have no idea."

"Well you can give me all the details on our way to the supermarket."

I smiled a bit and tried to conjure up whatever strength I had left in me. I grabbed my sunglasses and made my way into the foyer where I had left my shoes. Once I slipped them back on, we were all set to go. I did as Amelia asked and told her all the details of what happened at work while she was gone. We laced our arms together and started to talk about more fun topics as we neared the supermarket. We had been laughing about one of the latest trysts that our co-worker Lafayette had gotten into when Amelia began to slow down. I followed her gaze to the bright red fire-truck that stood parked on the sidewalk like a homing beacon.

"Well, well, well…I think it's your lucky day." Amelia announced.

"What are you talking about and why are you smiling? More importantly…what are you planning? " I wondered, getting a bit worried.

"Oh nothing…just thinking about how giddy you get whenever the fire-fighters from the neighborhood come to the supermarket to stock up on some food."

"Okay I may not be sexually active at the moment, but I appreciate some eye-candy every once in awhile."

"Yeah well, it's about time you enjoy something else."

"Amelia, no!"

"Come on, you deserve a little fun! I'm not asking you to marry the guy…yet."

Amelia let go off my hand and walked past the fire-truck and grabbed a shopping cart. There were actually two older firemen in the truck that sounded their praise as I followed Amelia. She continued to smile as if nothing were wrong as she began to disappear into the supermarket. I drew in a breath and steadied myself for whatever Amelia had in mind.

"Would you stop looking so worried. When have I ever let you down?" she asked.

"Well, there was that one time-"

"Never mind! That's in the past. Now start looking for the fire-fighter whose hose you'd like to play with the most."

"You make it sound so easy."

"That's because it is. You just throw emotions into it and start over analyzing things. How many times do I have to just tell you to follow your heart."

"I thought you wanted me to follow my libido?"

"That too."

We began to fill our cart with all the necessary items that we didn't have back at home. We had gone up and down every aisle for what seemed like hours, as Amelia tried to get me to notice anyone of the many fire-fighters that were there. Some of them were attractive but none of them really held my gaze for too long and I found myself listening to the horrible music that played in the supermarket rather than looking around. Amelia left me with a huff to go and get some ice-cream as I wandered about looking for some tomato sauce. I grabbed the one I wanted and was going to look for Amelia so we could checkout when I heard some laughing in the other aisle. It was light-hearted, but masculine and strong at the same time and I found myself gravitating toward the sound. And once I did, I thanked my empty fridge at home. I took in his blonde hair that was pushed back and his impeccably strong build. I also took in his tight black shirt that boasted 'NYFD' on the left side of his chest. And what a chest it was. I wanted to run my hands over it and dip my fingertips into the counters of his abs that he undoubtedly must have. I felt my mouth began to dry as my eyes looked over his tall frame onto his suspenders that draped over his hips. And I soon began to wonder what he'd look like with just those suspenders on and nothing else…well…maybe his fireman hat on as well. Yummy.

"Fuck me sideways." I whispered to myself. Well I thought I whispered it; because as soon as the words left my mouth his porcelain blue eyes looked onto my own.

My mouth dropped open and the bottle of tomato sauce I was grasping onto to dear life fell with it. Surprisingly it didn't crack; it just rolled over to his firemen boots. His firemen boots. Oh hell, he's a fire-fighter. And a damn sexy one at that. I wonder if he has all the equipment that goes with it…and what he can do in it…well, out of it if I'm being honest with myself. He smiled at me before bending over to get my forgotten sauce. And what a view it was. I think I may have tilted my head to the side to get a better view. I don't really remember.

"I believe you dropped this?" he said as he handed it out to me. I didn't even notice that he stood up and walked over to me.

"Yes. Thank you." I said with a smile. I'm sure I seemed too eager but it seemed as if he didn't care. Well he didn't show it. It was as I reached for the glass bottle that I noticed his hands, and what large hands they were. I wonder if he throws women over his shoulder in a firemen's hold frequently.

"You're welcome." He told me as I was getting over the small contact we shared.

"Sorry. I'm a klutz." Good; this is good. You're speaking and not just ogling the man in front of you. Keep this up and try not to put your foot in your mouth or say anything too embarrassing. I thought.

"Really? I can't afford to be a klutz in my line of work."

"Oh well…you're a fire-fighter."

"Actually I'm not. I just like to dress up as one. The outfit is a total lady killer." He dead-panned as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his suspenders.

"Wha…I umm…I mean…really?"

"No. I'm actually a fire-fighter." He said and laughed; making me simultaneously dislike and like him even more.

"Well…thanks for pulling one over on me." I told him as I looked down; my embarrassment becoming apparent.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. That wasn't my intention…I don't really get to have too much interaction with women unless I'm pulling them out of a burning building, and today is the first time I've been out of the firehouse in awhile."

"Yeah right!" I said too quickly and enthusiastically. "I mean…you're tall and you're gorgeous…I mean…you're not. Well, let's face it you are!"

"You're…a very…very beautiful woman." He cut me off.

"Thank you." I said in a whisper.

"I bet you hear that all the time."

"Not really, no."

"You should hear it everyday."

I had no reply to his statement. Instead I giggled a little and bit my lower lip as I lowered my head. When I looked back up at him I was greeted with a smirk and I felt something within me that I hadn't felt in a very long time.

"Thank you." I said again.

"It's true…so…here I am spilling my guts out about my work and certain parts of my private life and you're a complete stranger. I think my mother taught me better."

"Oh I'm sorry! My name is -"

"Sookie! There you are, I've been oh-"

Amelia immediately stopped in her tracks with the shopping cart once she saw what was occurring between us. We had somehow managed to gravitate closer to one another and he had one arm leaning on the shelves showing off his bicep. How'd I miss that? Now that I'd noticed them I found it hard to look away.

"Umm…it's Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse." I held out my hand.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Stackhouse."

"Well…you know my name. Don't you think I should know yours?"

"That would be polite of me wouldn't it?" He teased.

"Yes. That would be the nice thing to do."

"Eric Northman."

"Well Mr. Northman…it's nice to meet-"

"Captain Northman!"

Son of a bitch! We were interrupted again! But this time it was by a fire-fighter. One that apparently knew Eric. And did he just call him Captain? Fortunately for me, Amelia stopped looking at Eric and me as if we were an exhibit in the museum and onto the other fire-fighter. I immediately saw all the emotions and flashing lights go off in Amelia's head, but I couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for the unsuspecting man.

"I'm Amelia."

"I'm Tray."

"I happen to love fire-fighters."

"I happen to love women."

"Take it easy lieutenant." Eric reprimanded him.

"Sorry sir; uh…shit that reminds me. We got a call. There's a fire down at the Tennis Center."

"Get the other men on the truck and let's go."

Even though as soon as Eric processed the word 'fire' I'm sure I was a mere after thought, I couldn't help but find myself more attracted. It was incredibly sexy seeing him tell others what do and get all serious. And the tone he used didn't hurt either. Tray and Amelia exchanged looks as he accompanied her to the checkout line. I turned to Eric and could see the apology written all over his face.

"Duty calls huh?" I opted to say.

"Such is the life of a fire-fighter. I guess you can understand why I don't get to spend so much time with beautiful women as yourself, now do you?"

"You really have to stop saying that." I blushed. I felt the heat rise within me.

"Don't think so…I really have to go though. You know…put out a fire; potentially save someone."

"Yeah, I'm sorry for holding you up."

"Now don't go and start any fires just to see me again. That wouldn't be smart. Safety first!"

I didn't even get to respond because he smirked at me just before running off. My eyes naturally followed his path. I nimbly walked next to Amelia, noticing that she had paid for all our groceries. I looked out the windows of the supermarket just in time to see him put on his jacket and get onto the fire-truck; holding on to handle as the vehicle roared to life and the sirens sounded. He winked at me, and I swear I climaxed.

"You wouldn't happen to be an arsonist would you?" Amelia asked in a hopeful tone as we watched the fire-truck drive off.

"Nope. Just your average hot blooded female."

"Now…I'm guessing all you got out of him was a name. Am I correct?"

"Shit." I said, remembering that I had no clue where he worked. I didn't even look over the fire-truck to see the ladder number or the engine company that he belonged to.


"Oh man." I whined with a pout.

"Lucky for you…Tray told me the number of their firehouse. Isn't that wonderful."

Yes it is!

A/N: Now remember what Captain Northman said ladies! Don't start any fires hoping to see him…even though I was asked if I did that today by a certain someone on twitter! lol And I happen to be very lucky, and have seen some of the sexiest firemen…that whole thing about scoping them out in the supermarket is totally based on me. Unfortunately though…I have no Eric fire-fighter to call my own. Anyone want to get me one? My birthday is coming up! That'd be a great gift? No? Oh well…you could always review. Because those REALLY make me happy. tee-hee. =D