Troy Bolton dashed into his car. That day was the day he had been waiting for ever since he had walked out of college with a degree in law enforcement. Well, that was actually an understatement. He had really been waiting for that day since he was a little boy.

Just an hour before, the police chief had asked Troy to do his first mission as a secret agent. That mission was to find a twenty-two year old woman reported for reoccurring thefts. Though the name of the woman was unknown, she was known to have dark curls hanging midway down her back, possess chocolate eyes, and be about five feet in height. After tracking her down, he was to follow her and record every movement she made.

Troy parked his car in the parking lot of Albuquerque Market, one of the places where a theft had occurred. He was planning on questioning the employees there about the woman he was keeping a careful lookout for.

Troy emerged from his car and started walking into the market when his heart fairly stopped. A young women fitting the description of the thief was heading out through the automatic doors, humming pleasantly to herself while desperately searching her large purse for something.

She doesn't look too much like a thief, Troy thought to himself as the girl looked directly at him. A friendly smile played on her glossed lips and her perfect features appeared gentle. But anything could be possible, so Troy hurried back to his car and prepared to begin the true, adventurous start of his mission.

So, this was a prologue. The other chapters will be MUCH longer. Please tell me what you think of this and if I should write this story or not. Thanks:)