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School was finally over. Surprisingly I hadn't been kicked out of class, (besides the fact I'd been absent most of the time fighting monsters.) Annabeth and I were supposed to meet up before we went to camp half-blood. We were going to see a movie and meet up with Grover. It would be nice to see my best friends again.

"Percy, do you have all your stuff ready?" my mother asked.

I nodded. She smiled at me and walked away. Paul Blofis was visiting for the third time this week. Which was kind of bugging me, but besides that he seemed like a nice guy. He'd even asked for my permission if he could propose to my mother later on. Paul hadn't done it yet, but I had a feeling he would soon. I never did have my father around, so this would be a whole new experience for me. That is, if my mother actually agreed to marry him.

I looked outside our apartment balcony just as a car pulled in. I figured Annabeth was REALLY early, or Paul had just arrived. And you could probably guess who it was. Answer: Paul.

I decided to take a small walk so he could be alone with my mom. I slipped on my shoes and headed for the door.

"Where are you going Percy?" My mother asked.

"I'm just going to take a short walk, I'll be back soon, I promise. …Oh, and Mr. Blofis is here."

"Ok then, be careful dear. I'll be waiting for you." She smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Which I have to admit that made me a little embarrassed, but thankfully no one else was around.

"See you later, Mom." I said as I walked out the door.

I'd passed by a few shops and headed to the beach. The beach was always my favorite place since I was little, but you can blame that on my heritage. Being a son of Poseidon, (One of the big three) you could probably figure that out.

I stopped on the curb and waved to a taxi, I paid the driver and asked him to take me to the beach. He nodded and stepped on the gas. Just then I got a call on my cell phone. I know what you're thinking... Demigods should not have mobile devices. It makes it easier to attract attention. But in all honesty, the phone wasn't even mine. My mother wanted a way to remain in contact with me while I was at home. It wasn't safe, that was for sure, but it beat worrying her.

'Annabeth…' I thought. I picked it up and answered.


"Hi Percy! How's it going?"

"It's going fine. I just decided to take a walk by the beach since Paul was visiting my mom. Sally, remember?"

"You are so predictable, Seaweed Brain." I would've said, 'Watch it Wise Girl' or some other snappy insult, but I just ignored the topic. Besides, Annabeth always won the fights anyway.

"So…are you still visiting tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yep, I should be over at your place by 1:00 or sooner depending on the traffic." She sounded really excited. That's probably because of all the architecture in New York. Which, by the way, Annabeth loved.

Then Annabeth said something that changed my mind.

"Oh… Will Rachel be there?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

I'd told Annabeth about Rachel a few months back. She was a human who had the rare ability to see through the Mist. In other words: Monsters. I assumed that she lived near the Hoover Dam, but I wasn't sure.

That really got me pissed. Of course Rachel wasn't going with us; I'd only known her for ten minutes. It's not like I'd been keeping in real contact with her, or anything... Though I could have sworn I'd seen her the other day. Let's just say this, for some reason, Annabeth didn't seem very intrigued by our chance-meeting. I feared what would happen if they ever met. "No, not really. Why? Did something happen between-"

"Never mind," She cut in. "I just thought you'd want her along so she could help us find Luke."

Luke, Luke, Luke. It's always about him. Never Percy. Not at all. Abruptly, I felt a pain in my gut I'd never felt before. Like my head was going to explode out of rage. Why was it always Luke? Then I realized the feeling. Jealousy… Yeah, that was it. It was hard to believe, but with all the attention Annabeth had been giving Luke lately, it just got to me. I'm not saying I liked her or anything, but…

"Percy? Are you still there?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was just thinking. Hey, um… Could I call you back a little later? In about an hour or two?"

"Sure, that'd be fine. I'll talk to you then." Annabeth hung up. So did I.

I put my mother's cell phone back into my pocket. We arrived at the beach shortly afterward. But little did I know, I'd never have the chance to speak with Annabeth again.

I got out of the car and walked towards the water. It was cold, but it relaxed me. It was a good thing I couldn't get wet or drown, my mother would have been really upset. That's one of the perks you get when your dad's an Olympian.

I stepped into the water and tried to think about good things, but I just couldn't. The Oracle's Prophecy, Nico, Luke... and the feeling that I was useless. In fact, it bothered me so much that I was about to go back up to dry land.

A bunch of fish zipped past me, yelling in frightened hushed voices: "Swim away! Strange ship approaching!"

A strange ship? Since when did fish care about the boats? They came by all the time, it's not like it was a big shock, or anything. Why would they care about…I poked my head just a little bit above the surface.

It was The Princess Andromeda. I had to get out of the water, fast. This was not good news. I had to tell-

Suddenly I heard a raspy voice, the same one I'd been having in my dreams. "Percy… Walk deeper into the water…" Needless to say, those words completely spooked me. Too late.

And that's when I ran.

I got off the beach as fast as my legs could carry me. There was no way I was going back, no way in Hades. If Luke wanted me to join Kronos that badly, he'd have to work on his people skills. No matter how quickly I ran, my body just couldn't carry me as fast as I wanted to go at that moment. I didn't stop for what seemed like eternity, and only to catch my breathe. I was going home, then I'd alert the others.

My feet ached. I hardly looked where I was going. My eyesight had become groggy from the cool wind blowing against my face. Everything was a blur, cars zoomed, people talked, and then suddenly a person screamed.

I tripped to a stop, somebody was in trouble. Whoever it was, I knew I had to help them. Kronos could wait for just a few moments. A horn honked behind me. By the time I'd looked around I realized the person wasn't the one in trouble, it was me. I turned just as a huge blue blur hit smacked against my face.

The feeling was incredible. It had all happened so fast. Yet, I could make out every moment in graphic detail. The sudden 'crack!' the metal made as it collided with my side, the agony of my fragile bones breaking under the pressure... Nothing hurt at first. The shock wore down in it's own time.

Then next thing I knew, I was on the ground. Bleeding, hurt, and on the verge of death. People began to surround me, asking if I was okay. I wasn't. I could see my open flesh and muscle even from the awkward angle I was twisted at. My whole body ached, yellow spots danced over my vision. What was happening? No, I knew I was going to die. No amount of nectar or ambrosia could save me now.

My eyesight darkened, and the pain slowly died down. "Annabeth… I'm sorry…" I whispered. Then I stopped moving. Perseus Jackson was dead.

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