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Tea Party!

"What do we do Roxas?!" Sora panicked. They were both hiding in an alley with Roxas nearest the entrance as a look out.

"Shut up Sora! They'll find us and we'll have to do that again..." Roxas stated as bad memories made themselves known. Both waited for what felt like forever before they felt it was safe to move. As sneakily as they could, the exited the alley and ran to hide in a bush located in the park. They hid there for about another five minutes before they decided to just make a run for it back home; they were faster than them anyway.

In a mad dash, Sora and Roxas sped home with all their might, determined not to be caught again. If Riku ever saw them like that, they would never live it down. Just as they rounded the corner, Roxas suddenly halted and pulled Sora back behind the corner by his collar, causing him to choke slightly.

"What are you doing Roxas?!" Sora complained as he rubbed his neck sorely. Roxas hushed him with a finger and pointed around the corner. Confused, Sora peeked around the corner to find Kairi and Naminé standing directly in the middle of the street. Sora clicked his teeth in frustration. They had to take this road to get home!

"What should we do?" Roxas questioned. Usually he was the one in charge of coming up with a plan, but everyone in a while, Sora was able to come up with something to get them out of a pickle. Sora pulled back and adopted a thoughtful expression.

"I got it!" He exclaimed. Roxas immediately hit him upside the head for being so loud. "Sorry." He said sheepishly as he rubbed his new sore spot. "Okay Roxas, all we have to do is get some big leaves and cover ourselves with them. That way, Kairi and Naminé will think we're just trees walking by." Sora reasoned. Roxas thought it over before agreeing.

"We can't let them escape this time, okay Naminé? We don't have enough people without them." Kairi complained as she squinted her eyes and stared down the street. Naminé simply nodded in approval and also observed the street waiting for the boys to walk by.

"Hey Naminé?"


"...Do trees walk?" Naminé thought for a moment for shaking her head negatively.

"They can't walk because they have those root thing in the ground, like flowers." Naminé explained.

"Then why are those moving?" Kairi asked confused. Naminé looked over to see two 'trees' quickly walking by. But these trees had feet that had the same shoes as Sora and Roxas. Naminé narrowed her eyes suspiciously and summoned Kairi closer.

"Kairi, that is Sora and Roxas dressed up as trees." Naminé whispered. Kairi gasped softly in realization.

"Those guys thought they could get away huh?" She paused before she signaled Naminé to follow her lead. They both jogged a bit ahead of the 'walking trees' and stood directly in their path.

"Are we there yet?" Sora whispered.

"Be quiet Sora! The might hear you." Roxas scolded as he continued walking. They were walking fine for a moment before Roxas suddenly crashed into something, causing Sora to crash into him.

"What happened?" Sora asked.

"I don't know. I think I crashed into a house." Roxas explained.

"I'm not a house!" A voice denied, causing both boys to freeze in shock. They both stood as still as they could before they peaked through the leaves that covered them to find Kairi and Naminé standing in front of them.

"RUN!" Sora yelled as he and Roxas both ditched their leaves and tried to take off, but Naminé and Kairi jumped on them before they could get very far.

"Let us go!" Roxas protested as he tried to get Kairi off his back.

"No way! We don't have enough people, so you have to play whether you want to or not!" Kairi insisted.

"Ms. Sora, would you like some tea?" Naminé asked with a fake British accent. She turned to Sora who was dressed in a frilly yellow dress and a hat to match. He also had on some bright red lipstick Naminé and Kairi borrowed from their aunt for the occasion. Downcast, he only solemnly nodded as an answer.

"Do you want some too Ms. Roxas?" She asked again as she turned to Roxas. He had on a silky pink gown and had a big pink bow in his hair. He also had on bright red lipstick. He shook his head negatively, causing Kairi to giggle.

"Of course you do! Who doesn't want tea at a tea party! And as a special treat, I'll give you three lumps of sugar." She said happily, also using a fake British accent.

Kairi and Naminé managed to drag the boys to their house and forced them into their dress clothes for their tea party. Normally they used stuffed dolls, but Sora and Roxas were the perfect guests for their party.

Naminé hummed as she pretended to pour tea into their cups and Kairi made fake plopping noises as she pretended to drop sugar cubes into their cups.

"Okay, tell us how it tastes!" Kairi encouraged as she looked at them with hopeful eyes. Sora and Roxas looked at each other with desperate expression before grabbing the cups. Before they could pretend to drink their tea, Naminé stopped them.

"You aren't holding the cups right. Remember how we told you to hold them?" Roxas and Sora gave each other one last glance before they both made sure their pinky fingers were pointing straight out. They slowly brought them up to their lips and pretended to slurp.

"Well?" Kairi asked impatiently.

"I-it's delicious!" Sora exclaimed as he imitated his best girly voice.

Just as he finished speaking, the bedroom door slowly crept open to reveal a seemingly stunned Riku. The hole room was enveloped in silence as Riku simply stared at the scene in front of him with his mouth slightly ajar. Sora and Roxas looked absolutely ridiculous and pitiful. Normally, he would laugh, but the scene was just too unexpected.

"Hey Riku! Do you want to join our tea party? We have one green dress left." Kairi informed. The room became deathly silent once again, only to be interrupted by Riku's slow and careful footsteps backwards and the slow creaking of the door as he shut it. One could easily could hear his running feet echo in the hallways through the door.

Riku felt so sorry for Sora and Roxas, that he dared not bring up the incident again.

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