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"Ccch. I've spotted them in the park on the springs partner. Over."
"Ccch. Understood. What is the best way to sneak up on them? Over."
"Ccch. From behind. No one looks behind when you ride on the swings. Over."
"Ccch. Well, what are we waiting for, let's go! Over."

The two undercover soldiers carefully crept through the underbrush of the small section of the island park. They snuck along as silently as possible, looking down to make sure they did not crunch on any leaves that would alert their targets. Camouflaged with a bit of mud streaks on their cheeks, there was no way anyone could spot continued their sneaky approach, stopping patiently at the edge of the underbrush. Observing their prey, one looked to the other in a prepared fashion.

"Ccch. The targets still haven't noticed our position partner. Permission to attack? Over."
"Ccch. No, don't shoot until we're right behind them. Over."

Nodding, the younger one continued forward in a crouch, the older soon following. Today, they would make their targets surrender.

"Well Namine, what do you want to do now?" Kairi asked, coming to a stop on the swing. So far, they've done everything possible on the playground. Today felt pretty slow on the island, but Kairi was sure there was something else to do. Coming to a stop as well, Namine looked thoughtful before turning to her twin

"Why do I have to think up the to do list?" She responded with a small smile before starting a soft rhythm of swinging again. Sighing, Kairi followed suit.

"Well, you come up with some fun stuff at times like these you know?"
"But so do you."
"But... I don't feeling like thinking." Kairi sighed.

"ATTACK!" A voice suddenly yelled from behind the sisters. Turning around in surprise, Kari and Namine were met with the sight of a partially muddied Sora and Roxas rushing at them, water guns orders, Sora began to violently sprinkle the water at the two unsuspecting targets. Screaming from the sudden soaking, the girls quickly abandoned their comfortable swing seats and ran for their dryness.

"CCCH! Roxas! The targets are moving! Over!" Sora yelled into his imaginary walkie talkie, starting to chase the girls.

"Ccch. Roger!" Catching the girls off guard, Roxas slid in front of them, also pepper them with water from newly acquired water guns.

"C-cut it out!" Kairi stuttered, trying to shield herself from the cold water that now soaked her dress as Namine ducked down in attempts to remain dry. After a moment, Roxas and Sora let up, looking at the two girls.
"Ccch, looks like both the targets have surrendered partner. Over."
"Ccch, looks like it. Victory!" Roxas exclaimed. Laughing, Sora began to run off.

"Hey, don't leave your partner. behind soldier!" Roxas yelled after him, but laughed just as humorously after. Furious, Kairi stood up straighter, soaked from head to toe.

"We'll get you back you big bullies! Just wait and see!" She yelled after them, helping Namine up before heading home to wash up and change.

A week passed by calmly. Sora and Roxas's prank of the sisters forgotten by the brothers days later when Kairi and Namine provided no quick retaliation.

Roxas calmly laid on the Play Island beach next to his brother in their usual napping spot, sleepy watching the puffy clouds rolls by. Slowly closing his eyes, Roxas began to fall into a nice dreamy was just on the edge of sleep before a dark shadow suddenly dimmed the light behind his eyelids. Confused from the sudden sun blockage, he opened his eyes upwards to see an evilly smirking Kairi with a massive water gun equipped in her grasp. It was three times bigger than the ones Sora and himself wielded only days ago.

Surprised, he sat up with a start, though quickly realized Namine was in front of him. The usual quiet kind eyed girl had a grin even more devilish than Kairi's. Her usually calm and collected blue eyes now burned with the fiery want of revenge as her hands tightly gripped her massive water gun tighter.

Shocked, Roxas absently slapped his brother next to him, not wanting to face this terrible fate alone. Releasing a slightly annoyed groan, Sora sat up sleepily, looking weary eyed at his brother.

"Roxas, what's the big... idea..." Sora began, but quickly went quiet when he noticed exactly what he was woken up for.

"We did say we'd get payback didn't we?" Kairi announced cheerfully, pointing her gun at the two. "Did you think we forgot about it?

Both boys began stuttering uncontrollably as they tried to formulate a way to get out the situation, but were promptly silenced by the sudden click of Namine's gun.

"We sure hope you're thirsty." Namine added quietly.

It was evening now as she waited patiently for her boys to return home for supper. Hearing the door creaking open slowly, she curiously looked to the door, finding the usually cheerful boys solemn and strangely soaking wet.

"Did you boys go swimming without your swimming trunks again?" She asked with a small chuckle, heading down the hall and getting some towels to dry them off.

"No..." They responded in unison, but explained No further.

Today for the second time, the boys realized that girls are scary.

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