Minerva's Wish

Minerva has a wish. Will it come true? Will she find happiness or will it end badly? Read and find out.

Minerva rushed down the hall to her quarters, she was fighting back tears in her eyes and didn't wish for anyone else to see them. She rounded a corner near the headmaster's office and bumped into someone, she felt herself caught in strong arms and pulled upright again. She looked up into Albus' bright baby blue eyes that were twinkling merrily at her. The twinkling that Minerva loved so much ceased when he saw the tears glistening in her eyes.

"Min, love, whats wrong?" The word love threw off Minerva's last bit of self composure, and the tears came, Albus held her and rubbed soothing circles on her back as the tears streamed down her face and sobs racked her body.

Albus calmly waited for her to calm down a bit before asking again.

"Nothing Albus," Minerva replied, while wiping the tears from her eyes.

Minerva couldn't tell him that he was the reason she was crying, she had been in love with the man for so long and all she wanted was to be loved back, to have his child, but it seemed that the love she had had for him for over 50 years would remain unrequited.

Albus couldn't help but be worried about Minerva, his Tabby, he had secretly been in love with her for over 50 years, since she had been a 6th year asking him for help in becoming an animagus. He believed that someone as perfect, as beautiful as Minerva could love someone as old as him.